Hypnosis: The stepping Stone to lucid dreams

My dad gave me a book about Self-Hypnosis, and after reading part of it, i got excited. I had tried hypnosis before, and it worked well. It says that hypnosis is the path to the subconcious, a machine that defines what your fears and superstitions are (like stage fright, if you only had the concouis mind then you wouldn’t have stage fright). It also covers reprgramming your computer(subconcious), so i figure:

Why not use Hypnosis as a stepping stone to Lucid dreaming? It would provide a much surer way of getting a lucid dream. I seriously recomend going to the library and checking out the book “Self Hypnosis and other mind expanding techniques by Charles Tebbetts”. This i will try myself, tommorow (or when i feel like it).

this is something i am currently undergoing. I am awaiting funds so that I can go to a hypnotist and learn self-hypnosis techniques. I believe that self-hypnosis is the counterpart to lucid dreaming, where:

Lucid dreaming = concious control of subconcious
and hypnosis/neurolinguistic programming = subconcious control of conciousness

I am currently planning to get myself in a cycle where using hypnosis i can go “hey subconcious, you should lucid dream more often.” and then when lucid, I can go ‘hey conciousness, you should hynpnotise yourself more often.’

reality. hack hack hack!
let me know how it goes, and i’ll respond when I finally get around to a hypnotist.

actually, learning self hypnosis is good. that way you don’t have to go to a hypnotist all the time and pay the fee.

Yes, but the problem with self hypnosis is that you can’t really go ‘okay im hypnotised… right now!’

you need a reference point. I will be attending a hypnotist probably 3 or 4 times to ensure that i understand properly what state i need to be in to be considered ‘self hypnosis’.

I have entered an unfamiliar trance whilst watching and participating with a series of hypnotist lectures that i currently have, which felt like sleep, but I was quite aware. However i can’t say this was a hypnotic trance because I simply have no idea what it was as yet.

Instead of dishing out the money, just go to this site.

If you are easily offended, i wouldn’t recomendend it. most of it is perverted, but try the virtual hypnotisit. it can do weird things! and the virtual hypnotisit is not perverted, unlike the rest of the site.

Hi shatterspike1!

Have you already tried this program? Does it work well?

Another suggestion is getting LaBerge’s newest book, which comes with a CD. There are 2 inductions on the CD. They aren’t necessarily called hypnosis sessions, but they are. The scripts follow the classical hypnosis model of progressive relaxation, visualization, and suggestions.

There has been been some scientific study showing that hypnosis can greatly increase the likelihood of lucid dreams.

When you say “self-hypnosis” I immediately think about suggestions and the like. And, well, the first time I decided to try that out I was aiming at entering the hypnogogic state.
I did not know much about it, but it sure sounded interesting, so I thought I’d try it out.
While I was falling asleep I continuously said to myself, in Swedish of course: “As my body falls asleep, my mind stays awake.”

The results surprised me… I had never before experienced sleep paralysis, and neither had I read much about it. You can pretty much say that I didn’t know more than the words. So when I got to experience it (I concluded afterwards, after reading up that it was a period of sleep paralysis) I got more than frightened by it. But still, a lovely experience, being new and all, of course.

Anyway, I have not attended any real self-hypnosis classes and believe it is not much harder to do but simply getting relaxed and then let your mind work its magic. Being used to the sensation of physical relaxation and being able to conjure it with thoughts alone is a good skill. Just remember how it was to be relaxed, and let the feeling spread throughout your body. Then start suggesting, affirming or whatever you fancy. That’s what I do, and I have to say I get results aplenty from it.

Ah well, that’s all for now.

The program works very well…with it, i got frozen! i mean, it was weird, i couldn’t move, but i manged to get my friend to unfrezee(we were watching it at my house).

Direct link to virtual hypnotist for those who don’t want to go through the perverted site. :wink:

I’ve heard good things about Virtual Hypnotist, but for some reason have yet to download and try it out. Definitely on my todo list.

It doesnt look safe (for my computer) to me

StEvE, in what way? You don’t have the right hardware to run it? Or is there something else that looks like an issue that concerns you?

I’m really interested in that but a little bit skepticle as i don’t know exactly what’s involved. Would binural beats come into it or is it more down to the person trying to control their thoughts?
My local library doesn’t have that book but i’ll see what else they have on hypnosis next time i’m there

Um…yes, it does have binuaral beats, but you can turn them off. I uninstalled it off my computer because i didn’t have the space.

My computer is a pentium 2 (very old) and there are no specifications for what the minimum requirements are for this program. Also, the fact that it says “100% spyware free!” everywhere looks a little suspicious.
Did you download it, Zatoad?

Hm. Shoudn’t the hypnotic trance be something similar to WILD-gone-wrong trance? You know, when you’re (my case, thus not exactly WILD) meditating and enter a kind of a blank dream, or a semi-concious state?

The claims to 100% spyware free are probably true. I didn’t get any spyware from their site, and i also tried the hypno chair thing. it was weird…

Just do it to LD.

i’ll download it now, see if it works…

I just installed it, but it doesnt work.
I tried opening it, but it said “Run time error 76” and “Path not found” ???

OK i got it to work, but i deleted it.