I just watched a presentation by Blair Robertson, a Canadian hypnotist. Since I am interest in altered states of consciousness, this totally inspired me to get into hypnosis, it was an AMAZING show, just hilarious. I was also thinking and hypnosis is not only entertaining, it can with soo many of lifes problems that ur sub conscious has the answers for.
If anyone knows anything about it or has some valuable links, it would be greatly appreciated

I can only speak for myself but I have learned that hypnosis is good for relaxation, and/or suggestions to overcome addictions and phobia’s. However, my experiences have proven that hypnosis is useless for inducing LDing. Hypnosis cannot dictate to the subconcious to have a Lucid dream. I wish this was so, but my experiments and research summarize otherwise. I am speaking of course on audio hypnosis. Visual hypnosis of a special kind is slightly more effective for LD’s.

Actually thats what i stumbled upon too.I hate to admit it cuz i hoped for hypnosis being helpfull ,but most authorities told me that id just waste my money,and that it cant be done right.
I still dont get it all cuz i see it this way: if u can gve a suggestion to your mind to delete the habit,why cant it be done otherwise?to learn a habit?like remembering dreams or being counciouss in them?


grr every site i go to tries to get me to pay money

Relaxation is a part in achieving WILD incduced lucid dreams.

May peace be with you,

I’ve been getting so little sleep lately that every time I go into hypnosis I can’t fight the drifting off… can’t even suggest to myself to stay awake.

does anyone have any techniques on hypnotism? or links? anyone?

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.p … highlight=

I hope that’s not a bad link. If so,

ld4all.com/forum/?https://www.ld4 … highlight=

Check the whole thread. Lots of good stuff, especially when I decide to go to dummies.com to find a nice way to enter hypnosis.


Usnig hypnosiss and binaural beats to induce lucid dreams worked like a charm. Check out that website clarkkent posted and then google the net for sbagen. Use focus-10-a.sbg in conjunciton with the lucid dream curse on warmmymind.com.

I am not really succeptabel to hypnosis, but when I combined it with the binaural beats I entered the wierdest states of counciousness and had a night full of dreaming. Including a full blown very long complicated lucid dream. The lucid dream actually got so real that during it I became convinced that it was real, and stopped doing crazy things!

I also had a cup of mint tea :smile:

haha sounds awesome

you mean focus 10 at the same time the hypnosis session is playing?

hmmm sounds good enough. focus 10 it is. Are you a very good meditator, by the way?

thanks for the information.

and are you supposed to fall asleep with the focus 10 on or is it like a normal hypnosis session?

also, for you non-geeky people who can’t run a command prompt…
a GUI.

I found that I feel asleep tiwce while doing this… lol… so You haev to really concentrate on the speaking… and it definitely works liek a charm.

I’m not very susceptable too but the binaural beats work well. (I found I needed to take breaks from using them however)
Hmm… I might try this focus file…

Edit: I’ve installed sbagen and created the wav file from the focus file.
Now I’ll combine it using a wav editor. By the way the lucid dreaming file isn’t one of the ‘curse files’…

I’m mixing them both at 100% volume - I don’t know whether the beats or the hypnorecording should be lower… oh well I’ll try…

Now I realised that there was an option to mix an mp3 in sbagen… Didn’t see that… Oh well, I’ll try that for another file and see if it works better…

the mp3s don’t seem to be high enough quality though… i found that you should listen to the focus file at medium volume…

i have the hypno file on max volume in the program, and then play the sequence file USING sbagen, not an mp3. Then I adjust the omputer volume, to a comfortable voume.

sbagen produces a wav file which is then converted to an mp3.
It retains the binaurals according to what I read with bwgen, so it’s got to be the same for sbagen…
Anyway, I’ll see if it’s more effective…

Well I listened to this mix mp3 I made consisting of the warpyourmind file at full volume and the focus 10 beats at 25% volume. I went under soon after the counting began. I woke up at the end… So I’m positive that tonight I’ll listen to the file again, to reinforce it before sleeping.

I just downloaded that sbagen program and i was wondering how you listen to it in bed do you just turn it up loud or is their a way you can copy the files to a music device like cd player or midi disc it says on some to use earphones but they wont reach my computer from the bed any tips?

Just got a great idea about applying hypnosis and binaural beats more closely to lucid dreaming.

I think that binaural beats and hypnosis could be used to VILD. This is basically what occurs the entire time I am listening to the leading voice and the beat file, but I always get jolted out of teh trance.

I can’t do it tonight because I have a test tomorrow, but then I am going to create my own hypnosis mp3 that brings me down and then incuabtes the dream scence and the dream.

I think this would be more effective than just VILD, because the binaural beats create the appropriate brainwaves for the neccessary state quickly and regularly. I also think that the hypnosis will work well to induce a specific dream scence, because it will be suggesting to your subcouncious.

I also think about the posibility of just listening tothe LD curse with the beats and then VILD my dream scene with jsut the beats or even without, because at this point your waves have already been altered.


a LD hypnosis file from warpmymind.com