I am new here..[pre-cog, OBE and LD]

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hi all…i am new here, and i just wanted to share some of my experiences in a short form.

i have a very strong ability to see the future, but only in 20 to 45 sec “clips”. Think of watching a video on youtube, thats my most accurate decscription. It started when i was 9. I had a dream that i was walking up the hill by my towns community center, towards my grandmothers house. I was walking home from trick or treating, with my best friend travis. All costume details, the orange lighting of the street lamps, everything was 100% accurate. In the dream, a large early 90’s grey Lincoln towncar with a white roof came flying down the hill…seemingly right at us. It slammed the breaks, stopped right next to us…rolled down the window, and a black man smoking a cigarette just looked at us…for about 10 secs. That was my dream, that is exactly how it happened, and that is where my dream stopped. Like i said…a small window. The dream happened in January, the event happened on halloween. The man looked at us, and then drove away.

That is just one. Some are clips of conversations. I remember one when i was in 11th grade. I was in art class, and we sat 6 at a table on stools. I knew what my prom date was going to say she was going to order from Foxes Pizza for lunch. Her clothes were 100% accurate…black track pants with a yellow green and blue tye dyed shirt under a grey GAP sweatshirt. GAP was colored white. This was the first time experimented. I told her what she was going to order for lunch. i was right. I wierded her and my friends at the table out, but im a good talker and quickly soothed it over.

The most prominate one was when my wife (then girlfriend) called me as i was on my way to work. I told her i dreamed her car was hit from behind by another car. 35 mins later i got the call. she was FREAKED OUT! that dream happened the night before the accident…the most close one in the timeline of dream coming true.

I can also have out of body experiences. These havent happened in about 2 years. But when they did happen, i was floating above myself, watching. During this…my “spirit” could pass through walls…and see my parents. One time…my mom walked down the hallway to the bathroom, past my room. My spirit…left me just enough to go through the wall and watch mom…while laying down. The only part of “me” that moved was my head turning to see her walk.

I also see shadows…but never right in front of me. Usually out of the corner of my eye, or in a reflection. The reflections usually come from the glass of a photo…never a mirror.

As far a “lucid dreams” go, I have dreamnt of being naked…of falling…then just walking in a beautiful field. Falling used to haunt me…making me wake up sweaty and in a panic state. It happened one night again…and for some reason, i just told myself to stop…and i did. Like in looney tunes. so i through that and other expirences… i know i have some control. But i want more.

Thanks for reading…and i welcome all feedback.


Well, those are called deja-vues.
Some people from this forum also get them from time to time.
My brother had a few deja-vues also.

So, don’t think you are alone…it is nothing paranormal.
About OBEs…yeah, we discuss about them here too.

OBEs haven’t been scientifically proven, but many people get them and I believe them.
I got many lucid dreams, but I never got an OBE.

And about the shadows…I think it’s very interesting.
You see, recently we had a discussion about that.

Here you can read about ‘‘shadow people’’.

Enjoy :wink:
You will find this forum very friendly.

thanks for the warm welcomes…

i have read some other peoples messages, and i am glad to find others. i took a risk and talked to my mom about it when i was a teenager, and she used to have precog. dreams.but then she said she lost it. i dont want to lose it becuase i personally find it fascinating.

i have always been amazed by these things. i am enjoying this site!