I am starting a lucid dreamteam. (more explained on message)

Lol, me too i can actually spell that. And i can actually answer that question for you too! ^^ first of all you have to intend on doing it that way or of course it won’t work. Second of all, by saying it over and over again to yourself in a way that is comfortable and easy, it gets stuck in your head, and if done correctly, while you are in your little dreamland, your subconcious will repeat this sentence and re-awaken your concious, because that is what you requested of yourself. does that make sence?
Anyway, lol have you don’t the WBTB one at all?

BTW how do you turn this flickr.com/photos/24471966@N … 3/sizes/t/
into an avatar? I tried using this one, but even though it’s 100x100 pixels, it’s 12 KB, and it’s only supposed to be 10 KB. When I tried to use the 75x75 one it said that the URL wasn’t valid. :sad:

Can you right click with your mouse? if so then click on the option “save picture as” then when you go to put in an avatar, click on the blank space and it should bring up yur computer pictures

No, I don’t type my dreams here in a journal. I rarely even write them down when I wake up unless I was lucid or I found it particularly interesting.

I know that if I don’t think it’ll work it won’t work, but it just doesn’t feel right just saying the same thing over and over because when I do that, I start focusing more and more on just the words and not the meaning.

Oh, really? well you don’t have to do whatever you don’t want to but i think it would help progress go a lot further and faster if you wrote down everything you dreampt about, whenever you can. Thats what i do and gosh it helps alot! lol

Well, i see what you mean. thats alright though, it just isn’t you. So have you tried the WBTB one? there are other things you can try to. LIke the rope one i suggested yesterday, you could twist it a little bit by visualizing it. or you could vizualize yourself floating off in your bed towards a dream, or visualiz falling into one. ^^

Is the team still open for applications? If so, count me in.

Why yes it is! You are most certainly accepted! Lol welcome^^

Okay so here are our members so far:
Me (Shapeshifter) (am on netlog as well)
KTfox (is on netlog as well)
Karuni ( is on netlog)
Tundra (is on netlog as well and is a co-admin)
Zukoca (not allowed on netlog till is eighteen)
Tcc (is on netlog)
Fencer299 (not yet on netlog)
Loco x DrummeR92 (not yet on netlog)
Techguy (is on netlog)
Son_of_finrir (from netlog)
enternamehere (from netlog)
madiiiiiiiiii (from Netlog)
kay_13 (from netlog)
Germanphysco (from netlog also does not participate in our group projects and expeiriments but does the advertizing for us)
Xx_Quack_xX (from Netlog)
dark_paradise_lover (from Netlog)
sweet_cindy91 (from Netlog)

We are coming along GREAT!! sweet.
let’s keep growin. Soon we will be doing our quests. we should discuss what our main goal for this month should be.

I’ve tried WBTB maybe once, but I’ve never really tried it, it did’nt really appeal to me. In fact, the only one that DID appeal to me was WILD, but I’m still trying to figure it out. Yeah, I probably should try out WBTB sometime…

whats up everybody, i was wondering if i could join as well?

im pretty new here, i just learned about lucid dreaming about 3 months ago,
ive had 5 lds so far, only 1 of them was a successful WILD. the others have been from RCs and such.

I’ve split a post asking a question about the forum to it’s own topic, “Setting your Avatar” in Helpdesk. Since this topic is in Quest for Lucidity, it needs to stay on topic. There are other forums for discussing things that don’t fit here :wink: :dragon:

Hey WannaB LD, welcome to the club! You might want to change your username after spending some time on ld4all though. :smile:

Hey! Welcome to the group! ^^ And yeah, you’ll wanna B changin it to WillB or Am, lol

(just some lame humor of mine hehe)

[quote="zukoca"] For my avatar, where is the blank white space that takes me to my computers pictures? I'm clickin' everywhere but I got nada. [/quote] Yeah now it ain't letting me do it either.... there are other avatars to choose from as well, though, thats how i found the cat eyes for mine, maybe they will have something similar? [quote="zukoca"] I've tried WBTB maybe once, but I've never really tried it, it did'nt really appeal to me. In fact, the only one that DID appeal to me was WILD, but I'm still trying to figure it out. Yeah, I probably should try out WBTB sometime... [/quote] Yeah i had like two or three opportunities to do WBTB last night but i couldn't, i couldn't even get myself to lucid dream. some punks were two houses down blaring rap mucis and i couldn't sleep. i ended up with nothing but a few partial dreams and one "full" one that doesn't make any sence, lol

okay wannaB LD i have added you to our member list ^^

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I tried the WBTB with WILD this morning. It didn’t work out so well. See, everyone in my family seemed to have got up just this morning. :confused: They usually wait 'till at least 5 in the afternoon…
Anyway, I got up and listened to a hypnotic mp3 to help me go into SP, but my sister kept insisting on reading poems aloud to me. :grrr: I would’ve punched her, but that would’ve been counter-productive to my goal. Ah well, maybe I can get up earlier tommorow.

I keep a notebook by my bed… :tongue:

Wish me luck!

Lol, sweet! good for you tundra, and welcome back, i was beginning to wonder. lol okay so now i will add you to our members list as well.

Posted: Thu 31 Jul, 2008

Shapeshifter wrote:
Okay so here are our members so far:
Me (Shapeshifter)
WannaB LD

okay we’re coming along pretty good.
okay as soon as i straighten all this out i am going to type in who is using whatmethods and what methods have been used and whether or not they work well for that individual.

Well hopefully you will have better luck tonight, lol.
i know how it can be, there is no part in my house that noise doesn’t get to. our walls are sooooo not soundproof

Thanks! =D

Have you guys tried the “Floating Bed” technique yet? I tried it last night and it was working well. I started to see HI but the SP got way too uncomfortable so i gave up.
Im going to try again tonight.