I am starting a lucid dreamteam. (more explained on message)

dild can be used as a sub method with rc or just being aware of your world irl and the difference in your dreams so dild is a tech depending how you use it. Good luck

ive been trying everyday and it wont let me join your clan on your website…

so does it really matter. can i just be on the dreamteam without being in your clan? because if not ill keep trying im just saying… i pretty much tried everything and i still get some error message.

WILD, MILD, and WBTB have not been working very well lately for me. I experimented with listening to music. A few times I woke up 3 hours later and had some kind of nightmare. 3 hours isn’t enough for WBTB so I would just go back to sleep.

I think for now I’ll go back to doing RC’s as that was how I got my lucid dream about two weeks ago.

Lol, it doesn’t really matter but what kind of error is it saying?

lol, cool. if thats what works then go for it.

it says the admin does not allow you to register

Things have been going well so far.

I’m currently in an LDing contest with another member, and I’ve been having more than one Lucid Dream every night…things seem to be going well!! :tongue:

I’m going on vacation for three weeks. >_< It might be a bit hard for me to participate with the team, especially if there’s no internet at the hotel. Hopefully I’ll be able to login every few days and check up.

so basically you can LD every night?
thats awesome. i cant LD at all. do you have any tips or adice that might be helpful?


I wouldn’t say that, I can rarely remember them in any detail.

Erm, perhaps getting an earlier nights sleep sometimes helps. Daydreaming I’ve found can increase the chances. Personally, reality checks have never really worked for me, but if they help…it’s sure worth a try!!
Eating bananas and cheese can help, as does drinking hot milk before you go to bed…

Erm, WBTB’s are a really good way…

but what method do you use?


Luck… :wink:

WHAT!? What button or whatever are you pushing on?

well thats cool

good luck

oh and my advice to you is that you should try to wake youself up after each LD to try to recall it as much as possible… instead of waking up in the morning and trying to scribble ALL of them down in your DJ

I will have to write down the bananas and cheese and hot milk, lol, i shall try that. as for the day dreaming, i do that all day, lol

Hey, thats A-O-kay, lol

I had an LD this morning! :yay: I didn’t do anything in it, but I was still somewhat lucid. I think my best method right now is doing RC’s to get DILD’s. I’d still would like to have a sucessful WILD someday.

Sweet, lol. i didn’t even get into REM sleep last night. i just could barely sleep. lol, but i will have better luck this time.

Had two LD’s last night. Can remember them both in detail…

Oh wait.

I can currently remember ONE in detail, I just need to recall the other one!! blushes

i haven’t had any lds for a few nights because i have been so busy i haven’t been able to remember to use any methods… grr, but i have been having a whole load of dreams, so thats gotta count for something

Same goes with me :bored: , busy schedule and my DR hasn’t been good as it used to be earlier.

Yeah. The good thing is that i have been having cool dreams to keep me from getting too dissappointed, lol ^^ has anyone completed the quest for this month. the one on this sight.