I can LD at will!!!! part II

I only end up dreaming about thinking about LDing when I do this.

Tonight I will try to MWILD… I got a couple of trashy europop songs I might loop…

Yea Spirtual it really is great! And I do think that they give people more confidence which is always good :grin:

Odd, same thing happened to me, but I didnt get to the visulation part, are you visualizing?

Hi Pedro, i read your posts becouse there are very interesting :smile: really! but i still think that your method is MILD, you can do any LD method as MILD, WILD or any other method when you first going to sleep or using the “returning to sleep” after 5-6 hours of sleep, waking up for a while and back to sleep, it’s not making it another kind of method, it’s just that when you are using any LD method together with the “returning back to sleep” then it’s increase very much your chances to succeed, for example some people can do WILD when they first going to sleep at 23:00 at night, but you have MUCH more chances to succeed with WILD if you sleep for 5 hours, wake up for 30-60 minutes and then going back to sleep, either way it’s still WILD!

I didn’t say that you can’t use your two friends for this method, when you are doing MILD you can imagine ANY situation you want that is going to make you understand that you are dreaming, for example when you do MILD you can imaging yourself just looking at an elephant crossing the street that makes you understand that this is a dream, this is what MILD is all about, to imagine again and again and again something in your head before falling asleep so that you will dream about this situation at night in one of your dreams and understand that you are dreaming! this is why it’s called MILD which means - “Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams” becouse you create a LD by using your MEMORY, the situation you imagined when you went to sleep.

Don’t be offended, i just think that your method is nothing other than the MILD method, i will continue reading your posts becouse then are very interesing :smile:

Last night after reading your posts i tried something similar and i ALMOST had a lucid dream (after a Loooooooong time!!! :happy: ) and also i had VERY interesting dreams! what i did was that when i went to sleep - from the moment i entered my bed, i stared asking myself in the head “is this a dream?? am i dreaming now???” then i opened my eyes for a few seconds and looked at my room to see if this is a dream, i did this again and again untill i falled asleep, and as i expected at one of my dreams i really asked myself suddenly if this is a dream :happy: but for some reason i was not sure about the answer and the dream did not become lucid… :ack:

That’s all folks :wink:


I don’t care how it is called, MILD, VILD, BILD or woopeedoopee, or if it’s a totally independent method or a variant, the most important matter for me is: does it work?

Maybe I’ll do both of them :wink:

I still see it as a different form of MILD since MILD is about thinking a lot about LDing/RC’s, so VILD is a more ‘extreme’ form of MILD, for me.

I didn’t have success in visualisng when I tried VILD. I tried MWILD unsuccessfully so far (but I could always try another song) but when I woke up later I tried to WILD and I got some bits of dreams… but they abruptly stopped and I found myself back in bed.

So I think the time after you wake up during the night is the time to try VILD, too, not just when you go to sleep.

pedro, you tech sound interesting, i will try it, but maybe you should be a little more humble your aproach to dealing with people and presenting your ideas. you seem very cocky, you come off as one of those type of characters that are really full of themselves.

How can you accuse someone of being cocky with an avatar like that! … lol :smile:

Trying VILD again tonight!

Why VILD is different than MILD for Gamers

OK in advance for people who dont know The Zone is a dreamlike state that gamers can slip into (some at will some not) where thier entire reality becomes that game

VILD is similer to the time I was continually trying to do this one platform part of Phendrana Drifts (really cold snowy area in the first-person adventure game Metroid Prime) I was so focused that I was eventually doing the same part over and over, eventually i sipped into The Zone.

That is similer to VILD with one exception: YOu form the situation in your head.

according to LD4Alls Def. of MILD the two things are completly different. When doing VILD you visualize the dream


i’ve never done VILD successfully,. i’ve tried it properly 2wice though.,.

but both times i ended up having a LD …, even though it wasn’t directly how its supposed to transform from a vision to a dream., it was late late in the dream when i turned lucid, both times

A lot of you guys are saying its just natural for some people to ld every night. I believe (unless it is scientifically proven then you can rub it in my face), that it is strictly a mental thing, more than just saying to yourself ‘im going to ld every night’. It is a very subconscious mental understanding, like if a persons been lding every night their whole life, it is just locked in their psychi that it will continue on like that. If you were to reassure yourself; i mean REALLY reassure yourself in every aspect, that you would ld every night, you would.

I think he ment more along the lines of you dont phyically see them on your eye lids, because u dont accually use your eyes. Like I can imagine my sister for example, with my eyes open. If for example im looking at a blank tv it doesnt look like shes on tv, it doesnt just project her image on your eyelids, you see it in you mind.

ps. sry Daysong if im incorrect lol, but thats how i feel about it.

Why is it different? Don’t you still think about it? The situation in MILD is a lucid dream so it’s a more general form of VILD, for me. If you think otherwise that’s ok. The important thing is to try VILD and if it works for you, then that’s great.

Actually VILD isn’t that completely new. It was already proposed independently before by Guido Gardini as part of a self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion technique where as you are going to sleep you visualise balloons with LD written on them, a big poster saying ‘THIS IS A LUCID DREAM’, etc… The difference with how Pedro formulated it is that he visualises persons (rather than objects) who remind you to do RC’s.

sognilucidi.it/portale/modul … =0&thold=0
Google translation:
translate.google.com/translate?u … uage_tools

:mrgreen_hat: Hurray for me! I got an LD, i did the thing as I was falling asleep, but i didnt WILD, i was in a dream later in the night, and I remembered to do a reality check, just cuz, which a never do. I think that the thing i did while falling asleep at least helped me remeber to remember to RC. The great thing is it ended my SUPER DROUGHT (bum bum BUM!) :grin:

Yeh Neo…, the same thing always happens to me when i try VILD …, ; i turn lucid later in the dream by an RC ( the hold nose one )

it happened again thismorning… i wonder if there’s something goin on there… :shrug:

The only time I’ve been pissed off with someone on this forum is when you post to everyone who I am as a person…even thought you have never met me. That pisses me off. Firstly, you are wrong but I can’t prove that so forget that one and think what you want. Secondly, if you have a problem with someone you don’t need to post it to everyone, keep it to yourself or private message the person. Thirdly, wow are you psychic or something??? Does it help with the LD’s? You must be if you THINK you know who I am as a person but have never met with me, never spoke to me (not even online) and had NOTHING to do with me…EVER. Impressive.

I might not like certain people but I don’t parade it around the forum. If I was going to, I’d say something along the lines of… TheSeeker is a stupid fucking bastard who has nothing better to do than judge people he doesn’t even know. What a stupid fucking cunt.

That was just retalliation. Won’t happen again.

lol :cool_laugh: pedro, I would probably of turned the other cheek, but that works too :content:

IMO you over reacted alittle, he seemed just to be trying to help and maybe went a little to far.

P.S. Probably should have just PMed him that…

Hey, if I could LD at will, you can bet I’d be parading around telling everyone to bow before me. Let him have it. :content:

Haha, indeed.
I tried it last night, no results, but i think I just wasnt tired enough, i ended up giving up and just falling asleep :sad:

I thought thats how you’d react.

I rest my case.

LOL :cool_laugh: This looks like it will be fun :wink: