I can LD at will!!!! part II

Ive done it 2 times in a row (no reading though)
I become uncomfortable, and when I do

  1. I start the RC contest imagery, which I never fall asleep during and is incredibly stupid in my opinion. The idea is good, but the contest - i dont like contests.
    2)I then fall Asleep after a while. Following your steps, I fail. Trying to curve it a little bit, I fail :sad:

read your thread before bed, and while I didn’t follow the method as I was too tired , I had a short LD in the first hour of sleep. Felt really wierd when I woke up, totally heavy all over, could hardly move. Never really had that. Infact , last nite I ran the gamut of dreams, LD, wet one (ooer) and normal school friend type dream. will try your technique for sure.

I haven’t gone lucid yet, but it’s definietly working. I am starting to appear with my friends (and my third person problem seems to be going) and if they ask me to look at my hands I’ll most likely realise I’m dreaming. I don’t read though.

Well, sadly the LD I had was a one off LD. I’m still trying though.

:sad: i wish i could ld at will

i still havent even had my first lucid dream that i can remember

Try the LD Test preset I mentioned in the Brainwave generator thread…
It’s very effective - a guy actually had more than 10 LD’s in a night with this apparently… I have had one so far with this one…
I just was aware that it was a dream thanks to the beta spikes.

The VILD technique sounds pretty cool. I’ll have to experiment with it.

A book I just got today that talks some about lucid dreaming also mentioned a technique that’s similar to VILD. The author calls it “Conscious Dreaming” though.

Pedro: Your technique sounds great. I can’t wait to attempt it tonight.

TheSeeker: Please stop. This really was great thread, but your trollish comments only serve to degrade the community and make you look quite ignorant. It’s for your own good.

Everyone else: good luck!

Pedro read this!

I’m sorry to say but Pedro’s method is just a MILD.

You can do any LD method as MILD, WILD or any other method when you first going to sleep or using the “returning to sleep” after 5-6 hours of sleep, waking up for a while and back to sleep, it’s not making it another kind of method, it’s just that when you are using any LD method together with the “returning back to sleep” then it’s increase very much your chances to succeed, for example some people can do WILD when they first going to sleep at 23:00 at night, but you have MUCH more chances to succeed with WILD if you sleep for 5 hours, wake up for 30-60 minutes and then going back to sleep, either way it’s still WILD!

When you are doing MILD you can imagine ANY situation you want which is going to make you understand that you are dreaming, for example you can imaging yourself just looking at an elephant crossing the street that makes you understand that this is a dream, this is what MILD is all about, to imagine again and again and again something in your head before falling asleep so that you will dream about this situation at night in one of your dreams and understand that you are dreaming! this is why it’s called MILD which means - “Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams” becouse you create a LD by using your MEMORY, the situation you imagined when you went to sleep.

It’s just same as in WILD which you can do in many ways - counting in your head, concentrate on a clock ticks, concentrate on some image that you hold in your head, in all this cases it’s still a WILD and not another method. I’m sorry but you just can’t call your method something else but MILD.

LucidGuess :ack:

Going to have to second that after rereading the mild technique on page 78 of exploring the world of lucid dreaming. Step four is “see(which I guess means visualize) your self becoming lucid.” Descriptions I have read of the mild technique also involved selecting a predetermined action to carry out once lucid because very often the dreamer will remember to do this action in a dream before becoming lucid and then realize they are dreaming because of it. In Pedro’s technique VILD, the predetermined action is being in the room with friends. I don’t see how this is much different from mild because according to EWLD, mild involves visualizing a scene and visualizing your self becoming lucid in that scene.

Continued in Part III