I can LD at will!!!! part II

Part I

well i am impressed tonight i will try it and i got good hopes for it. very well done. until tommorow :happy:


Well, I tried it last night and all I can say is. W-O-W. Granted, I didn’t get it like it said I would but I became lucid (highest lucidity in all my 10 dreams, I think its the most lucid you can get, I was like god ^_^) twice in one night! Both were my best and longest.

But I got lucid by RC’s, but nevertheless I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t tried VILD I wouldn’t get lucid.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful :happy:.

With this technique all I get so far is a thought dream about LD’s…

Perhaps if I keep trying I can get an actual dream…

You lot are so lucky, all I ever had was one LD and that was only for a few secs. I haven’t had any success with this technique, but I keep getting distracted when I try to incubate the dream. I think the problem is that I find it very hard to get to sleep, so I’m laying there for quite a while. By the time I have fallen asleep my mind has wandered.
Oh well. I’m gonna try it again tonight and see if I have any success.

I will try again too.

I also will try to re-incubate every time I wake up after a dream…

Ok here goes…


I’m the same as you, it takes me a while to fall asleep which is why I read a book for a long time until I’m almost asleep!!!


Well done becoming Lucid! U got there by using RC’s? That is the idea…except I incubate the dream so that i will 100% do an RC no matter what so I always become lucid!


Thanks a lot! Nice compliments lol. I experimented and tried to find what I thought would be the best method for me and I’ve shared with everyone…don’t know if that makes me a God…but I won’t complain :wink: Oh and don’t be scared to try it!


You do not tighten muscles and stuff and then fall asleep while doing it! While you are trying to relax you should concentrate on a certain area (toes first is good) and you hold them tight for a while then let go…let them feel heavy, this relaxes your toes greatly. The 60-point thing is just a guide to what parts of the body you should concentrate on and in what order! I just do my legs and arms and stuff I talked about in the huge VILD post. After relaxing one certain limb you leave it alone…that is it relaxed. You don’t keep doing it or try to fall asleep while doing it…

One more thing… Yes, you do fall asleep. It is not WILD. You are not conscious the whole time…there is a tiny bit where you aren’t. You do not go into the dream lucid… You are obviously conscious when you are thinking about the “scene” and you are awake. But as you start to drift to sleep you lose consciousness and eventually you enter a dream! As soon as you enter the dream this will be the first time that your scene isn’t a thought…you will BE THERE this time but you won’t think “oh this is different from all the other ones…” You will just go with the dream the EXACT way you have been imagining it…until the RC’s…OMG IM DREAMING!


I’m sorry to say this but your incorrect. You cannot visualize a member of your family on your eyelids? I can. I can see their face perfectly and see what they are doing…which is exactly what I want them to be doing. And it becomes easier to “see” something like this through practice. And in VILD you have to constantly think about it every night before going to sleep so that sounds like good practice to me!


You are right, I should call it a “scene” and I will in future…but technically you are still incubating a part of a “dream” even if it is only a small part it is still the dream so I won’t edit anything I’ve said… lol. VILD should be slightly easier for you since you get tired very early! Keep trying!


I have been LDing for months except not very often and hardly ever! This last month I have been to LD extremely easily as I was experimenting with my ideas and in the last few weeks I have finished and perfected it and I am LDing at will every night that I try. You did confuse yourself a bit in your post but I think you are one of the few people who have tried to describe VILD and done it correct! Your right about how you do become dreaming and not conscious and more and stuff… I knew what you meant lol!

When I first read ‘I can LD at will’ I was like “No way! This I have to read!” Well it wasn’t exacly as I thought it would be. For me I thought LD at will would be just simply going to bed and have LDs… no special techniques or anything. I guess I’m just too lazy for any kind of special preparations before falling asleep, that’s why I don’t do no VIDLs, MILDs, WILDs or whatever and especially no WBTB. Never done them, really. And I still get LDs quite often (10 last month). So I’ll just continue like this… :content:
But I’m really surprised some people put so much effort in it. I think it’s cool, it sort of shows how important LDs are to you :tongue: So I hope this method works for all of you who will try it. And if this really allows you to have LDs every night, then congratulations! Especially to Pedro anyway. You should have a lot of interesting things to write in your DD now :wink:

OH MY GOD! Look at how many people have looked at this topic! :smile:

Theres only a few other ones that have more than this and tey are stickies and competition rankings and stuff! Kinda cool having a popular post…thanks for taking a littel look at it guys! Another thing is THANK YOU to pasQuale who has made VILD an acafksdbsjdbfksdfb (can’t be bothered remembering how to spell) anotherwards its like MILD and WILD and can now be recognized as an lucid induction technique! Cool.

I will write my own little description later though…

I was helping out at the MTV Awards in RL the other day and I had a dream that I was there last night and did all the same things but added extra cool stuff… hehe. My next aim in my dreams is to screen test a movie im making… I am a film-maker and I’m making a short film just now and it is all planned…just need to film it now! I am going to see what the film looks like by watching it in my next lucid dream…should be good, if I notice anything I don’t like I’ll remember to change it in RL!

I’m not fussing. Pedro, your idea gave me a new teqnique idea. What if one could pick a common dream scene, and play a scene over and over but after a while they think about the dream place and let their thoughts wonder. Hopefully you will dream about the exact place and, become LD.

Now do it in a repeated pattern, so everynight, every two nights, and hopefully your brain will dream the scene every night without fail. Like planting a dream ready to go in your head.

Hi Pedro, i’m sorry to say it but i think that your method is just a MILD, it is not anything new, here are some parts from the MILD technique as shows in the FAQ of the Lucidity Institute site -

"MILD - The MILD technique employs prospective memory, remembering to do something (notice you’re dreaming) in the future.

While returning to sleep, concentrate single-mindedly on your intention to remember to recognize that you’re dreaming, do it repeatedly like a mantra. Put real meaning into the words and focus on this idea alone. If you find yourself thinking about anything else, let it go and bring your mind back to your intention…

See yourself becoming lucid, As you continue to focus on your intention imagine that you are in the dream, Imagine that this you recognize that you are dreaming… Look for a dreamsign (your 2 friend in the VILD method… ) something in the dream that demonstrates plainly that it is a dream. When you see it say to yourself: “I’m dreaming!” and continue your fantasy.

Repeat it until either you fall asleep or are sure that your intention is set. If, while falling asleep, you find yourself thinking of anything else, repeat the procedure so that the last thing in your mind before falling asleep is your intention to recognize that you are dreaming"

I think that you can do this method much more simple, instead of trying to imagine your two friends comming to you and telling you that you are dreaming, you can do this instead -

  1. Ask yourself with a real intention if you are dreaming now.

  2. Imaging yourself looking all around you for a while and check REAL GOOD if this is a dream.

repeat this two simple steps again and again and again AND AGAIN untill you are falling asleep, in your next dreams you will probebly remember to do this test and you will understand that you are dreaming.

Good luck :grin:


This sounds good too, I wonder if this would work as effective as the one Pedro is using :confused: Gotta try one tonight. :smile:

You are right, LucidGuess, MILD and VILD are quite alike each other…

but there is actually a method that’s not linked with lucid dreaming but is used when practice normal dreaming, that’s called dream incubation (or something). (maybe you knew that allready). Pedros method is based on that ‘dream incubation’, but MILD is based on self suggestions which is not the same thing. That’s why i think you could say it’s two different methods.


In the MILD method you imagine yourself inside a dream (for example the last dream you remembered when you waked) and you imagine that for some reason you suddenly understand that you are dreaming, and this is exactly Pedros method, it is another way of doing MILD, i don’t think you can call it a new method.

Sorry :cry:


We could call it a submethod or a specific form of an existing method (MILD).

At first I also thought it was just a form of MILD, but IMHO this isn´t true:

When doing MILD, you use your memory.The trick is to remember that you planned to do something, just like in RL when you tell yourself “don´t forget to pick the keys when you leave the house”.It´s just “don´t forget to go lucid when you dream”.You don´t have to think about it all the time, but it´s inside you until the task is completed.
So, the visual part in mind is just a strong form of setting your intention.
What you dream isn´t important here, you just got to connect the “general dream feeling” to your task (going lucid), so it isn´t about incubation at all.

VILD however doesn´t use this.No intention is needed.The trick in this technique is to incubate a situation that will make you go lucid.So IMHO this is an “independant” technique rather than a subform of MILD.

MILD: Memory (Intention) triggered
VILD: Visual (Incubation, which usually is done visually) triggered.

Hey, we could call both techniques IILD :tongue:
No please don´t do this… g

Did the method last night! I was up at 2 going to 3 and I feel asleep! I had a great dream though! I had a dream that everyone around me was lucid and we were flying around, and the more you became lucid the better you flew! But, I didn’t even notice falling asleep it was very odd, I closed my eyes for what seems like a second, and when I woke up, my lamp was still on and the book was on the same page. Can’t wait to try this method again! Great Method Pedros!!! :cool: :grin: :cool_laugh:

nice Salu_Lucid :ok:

itz time to see more posts like this now.,

posts like those give everyone more confidence which increases their chance to go lucid :cool:

more :content: More :happy: MORE ! :cool_laugh:

It works the other way around for me: Seeing other people posting about their successes only disencourages me and convinces me even further that everyone on the forum are so much better than myself at this…

Whoah whoah whoah sorry Lucidguess but you are wrong. Not only are VILD and MILD different but your post kinda proved it too lol.

You described MILD.
Firstly you mentioned “returning to sleep”. VILD is applied BEFORE sleep. Not returning to sleep!

Secondly you said something about not using my two friends but instead just imagine myself becoming aware and therefore lucid. Our dreamselves (before we’re lucid) act strangely sometimes and theres no garentee that we will become lucid. But since I’m ALWAYS asked to do the RC’s by my friends I always become lucid since I do the RC’s.

Also, dream incubation can be used for MILD but it is not required. VILD is all about using dream incubation to cause lucidity though!

If you believe VILD and MILD are the same then you don’t need to read my posts then coz there are plenty on MILD so just stick with them.

I’m not “advertising” VILD btw. I thought I’d be nice and let people know how I manage to become lucid. If VILD doesn’t sound any good or you just don’t like it general then I urge you to ignore it and do what seems right for you. That’s the best idea.

I donnot beleive it is MILD. I have done MILD before with moderate success, but when I did what Pedro said, they are nothing alike. Is hard to explain. ^.^ still no luck, but success is just getting up one more time then you fall down ( or in this case, going to sleep one more time with intention then you wake up. You get idea)