I can LD at will!!! Part I

Part II

I apologise before hand for the length of this post!

I’ve done it! I’ve been developing a technique over the last week and I can now LD at will!!! Different methods work for different people so it might not be the best thing for you but I’ll say it anyway as hopefully others can do this! I had 3 lucid dreams last night!

I go to bed at a reasonable time, not too late but not too early…if you know what I mean. I usually go at about 11.00pm unless I was extremely tired then I may go earlier. I read a book for about an hour (book about LD’s is good! LaBerge’s books are good). Hopefully after about an hour you should be having trouble reading the book and keeping your eyes open… I use a little lamp at my bed to read the book so I don’t have to get up and turn the lights off because I wake up really easy. Put the book down when you get this tired and find a comfortable position.

Don’t go over the top when your trying to be comfortable, sometimes the harder I try the less comfortable I am!!! Just lie the way that seems natural and also try to lie like you ususally do, don’t try anything totally different from usual. As you lie there shut your eyes and try to make a dream infront of you. Just imagine the dream and visualise you are in it. Don’t visualise seeing yourself in the dream, imagine you are seeing it through your eyes like you will do in the dream. Imagine your dream to be in a friendly room of your choice and imagine your friends being there. They come over to you and ask you to do RC’s. Everyone is having a RC competition. Visualise yourself doing what you are told and do a RC. Now see yourself realising that everythign around you is a dream!!! This is going to be your little day dream you ahve to think over and over when you are lying there tired.

Don’t concentrate too hard, just calmly think this dream story is really happening to you. Over and over again. When you’ve finished and you’ve seen yourself become lucid start again. Start from entering the room and everyone asking you to RC again.

IMPORTANT: Make sure it is the exact same room you imagine and the exact same people and make sure the same people ask you the same questions. The key is getting an exact ituation into your head. Keep doing this and when you start to think of other things forget about them and bring your attention back to the story.

This might not work for everyone (i asked a friend to try and it didn’t) but I can encubate any dream story I want…100% of the time. I hadn’t ever used it to become lucid though! What happens is you eventually drift off into your little story and you don’t notice the transition. You just think your still thinking about it I guess, it’s hard to explain. You know theres a difference but you don’t suddenly feel it till you wake up. That is if you don’t do a RC!

You will do the RC and become lucid. Now remember these things…

  1. Your dream-room is probably a nice colour but doesn’t have much in it so do not read to check reality. I do these two which are checks I’ve seen on this site but I always do both.
    Firstly: Shut one eye and try to see your nose with the other one. If you can’t see your nose then you are dreaming.
    Secondly: After doing this RC (no matter the result) hold your nose and try to breathe through it. If you can then you are dreaming. ALWAYS USE A BACKUP RC INCASE YOUR DUMB DREAM-SELF DECIDES TO MAKE UP AN EXCUSE FOR YOUR STRANGE RC…

  2. If you have not woke up yet and you have done the thing you really wanted to do then try to wake up. Seems like a waste but I can LD whenver so it’s ok. Try going to sleep in your dream and you should wake up. WARNING: You may get a FA though so remember to RC. By waking yourself up you can insure that you will remember the dream. Scribble it down.

  3. Keep doing the exact same process all night! I got 3 last night.

When you become aware you are dreaming you become lucid. But when I become aware that it is the EXACT dream I want it makes me totally more lucid than I used to be! That’s why I think this method is best for me (as well as the fact that everytime I tried it I became lucid!).

I’m going to begin a diary in “Dream Diary” now called Pedro’s Dream Diary so check it out! Shoudl be a good read since I have several a night now!!!

I totally couldn’t have accomplished this without this site (especially the forum) and all the different ideas people post in! The 2 nose RC’s are the best! Also do read LaBerge’s books as they give good knowledge on the brain/dream systems and also some great inspiration! So get it!

ONE MORE THING (sorry guys! well done if you read it all, thanks!):

I guess I’ve got aa lot more lucid time on my hands so if anyone who isn’t lucid enough needs to do an experiment or anything then send me a private message or something and I’ll put the results in the dream diary!

Ok I might sleep now after that post!

If there’s a miricale method, I want to hear about it. I’ll try your method. By the way, if I ever start to feel sleepy in an LD I focus and really try to keep awake in my LD. Whenever I fall asleep in an LD, I always wake up.

I don’t understand what this FA is, I don’t beleive I usually get False Awakenings, because dreams are usually based around school. (Alright, it is a waste of dream, but I can’t control it. Yet!)

I always make sure I wake up because I went to sleep. This is because I don’t want to wake up because the dream ended, I want to wake up because I WANTED to! This means I’ll definitely remember the dream!

FA’s are weird and I hate them personally! Not anymore but when I was struggling to get lucid they were a pain! Starnge that you’ve not had one…

But basically when I get an FA its annoying! I’m having a normal dream and then I wake up! I usually think to myself “damn, i wish I got lucid in that dream… oh well!” and then I REALLY wake up!!! That last “wake-up” was still in the dream!!! Pisses me off coz I’m usually thinking about lucid dreams in my FA and still don’t become lucid!!! Search for a post of mine called “A Fake Dream With Fake Lucidity”, that was the most annoying FA I ever had!

Trust me that is a miracle method for me!!! I hope it works for you or even if it doesn’t it might give you ideas to find the best method for you!

Its very nice to read such stories for two reasons…
firstly it makes me happy that one accomplishes easily not that easy task.Congratullations Pedro:)
Secondly its nice when he takes the time(a lot of time in this case) to share it with us…and to share it with such a enthusiasm and joy:)
Thats very motivating,ive been trying it yesterday(u mentioned it before) but not much luck.With more description now ill be tryin again.
thx Pedro:)

Cool post. I might have to give that method a go…

Thanks for sharing Pedro, I’ll try it out. I think that I can now ld at will too. For me, I simply do WBTB and then WILD. I havn’t been able to incubate a dream of my choosing yet, but then again I’ve never tried. Last week I had a ld every morning for five nights in a row. I can only do it, though, when I’m well rested otherwise I don’t have the motivation to drag myself out of bed.

Yea this sounds like an interesting method, and I’ll give it a go, since I seem to be hot on dream recall and breif LDs this week. One thing I learned about all LD induction techniques having in common is…

  1. Intention: Keep your mental voice active as you attempt any method. Describe what you are doing and what you plan to do. Describe what you are visualizing too.

  2. Visualization: Seriously, visualization is a major key to all LD methods. You have to be able to see as clearly as possible the dream you want to enter, or the dream you were just in.

I’m sure both of these are the major ingredients in his technique.

Well I’m gonna try this method and see what happens. The only method which I used so far was the MILD method which was slowly working. Post my results tomorrow.

I’ll try using this method today. I don’t know if it will work in my case, because as soon as I think about trying to sleep, I can’t sleep all night. If I’m lying there imagining things, I can’t sleep. Oh well! 4 day weekend coming up, so I’m gunna have lots of time :grin: thanks for taking the time to share your tecnique!

I’ll have to give this a try… I’ve been having a lucid dry spell for a LONG time… at least a couple weeks, probably more…last night I ate 3 bananas, drank double mint tea, a took a b vitamin complex pill and did mild when I went to bed… I’m getting that desperate :tongue: even the “holy grail” technique(laberge interview) didn’t work for me… this sounds like it might work for me though. Thanks pedro!

Bless you Pedro!!! Like an above poster said, not only did you find a great method, but you took the time to post it! I’m gonna try this method tonight! I’ll post here what happens!!! :happy:

Your a genius Pedro. It works so well. I’m going to be LDing everyday. :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:

I’ve relized something, it not only takes intesion, but also takes autosugestion and visualizing what you want to work.

I couldn’t fly when I wanted, I had to visualize it to get it to work.

You had a LD Techno? Congrats!!! Thats so exciting :happy: , care to tell us any details about what you did? Like how long was it, and like what book(s) did you read? Grats!! :grin:


That sounds like a great technique, I’ll definately try it.

Like lots of people said, thanks a lot for taking the time to tell us this method, it’s much appreciated.


OK, I need to start my Dream Diary up again, so it’s a bit fragmenty, but…

I relized I was dreaming Spontaneusly or else I managed a WILD. I am (and was) unsatisfied with my method of getting through walls. So I am working on it. My current method is peircing the wall with my fist, dragging my fist down. And then peeling the wall back and climbing through. Although this means I can get through the wall, it is easier to use the door. So I am finding a method where I walk straight through. I am also trying to fly. But I went back into ND as I was enjoying flying and so didn’t manage to wake myself up. OH well, there’s always tonight.

It took me to 11 to get to sleep, but I felt refreshed after the dream. :smile:

Lets called your method PRILD Pedro initiated lucid dreaming. lol.

:smile: I am very glad I can have my LD’s now but I’m even more glad that everyone gave me such a positive responce there!!!

Thanks a lot, I really hope the method will work for others!!! I’m sure if it doesn’t it can still give u some motivation of some sort though!

I’ve had VERY long LD’s and I’m nearly running out of ideas for them now!!! Except practice skills… so if anyone needs any experiments done just send me a private post!!!

Good luck everyone who reads bout my success and tries it themselves!!!

“… so if anyone needs any experiments done just send me a private post!!!
Good luck everyone who reads bout my success and tries it themselves!!!”

Id have a suggestion.If you`re so kind could you please go out there and find my DreamGuide?I dont know where she is or what shes doing but i have hella lot to complain to her:)Once you done expressing my dissapointment please tell her to contact me as soon as possibile:)Even make her to!

I believe that we are all connected some way but I don’t believe that we are in our dreams sadly… BUT if you want me to I will!!! Got lucid time to burn… By the way, do many of you’s use verbal commands for staying lucid? Instead of saying “MORE LUCID” or “INCREASE LUCIDITY” say to yourself the theory of the mind model. Think about the whole process and then think about how it applies to what you are experiencing in your dream!!! You won’t just stay lucid…you’ll get more lucid and the dream will be so much more “clearer”!

OK guys, I have to admit I’m totally surprised by your posts coz I thought I was gonna get a hundred saying shut the hell up and ask why I blabbered on for so long!!! So uv all made me feel good! But i was wondering…I’m thinking about my making my own site… I’d use it to show everything I learn from my dreams and all the best methods and tech’s I can find plus I’d fully describe in total detail how I get lucid dreams. Would anyone here look at it often though? Does it sound interesting? Coz im not wanting to waste time on something that nobody will really care about but I would really like to do it. I really want to start some kind of online research into it all. Any comments? Don’t care if they are “no, sounds crap”! As long as I get some kind of comments…

Dont do it for us.Do it for yourself:)Only this way you will have fun a can be sure you will keep going with your site:)
Anyways…yeah id be checking it(especially if you put "my girlfriends pictures gallery"there:)
Seriously…go for it…you might try using themes from your lds for a graphic design-i mean you could even think it out while you sleep:)
good luck:)