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Every method known so far is somehow connected with MILD or WILD just because those two are very wide techs.Especially MILD- everything one does during the day in connection with dreams is MILD.
But its hard to expect that everyone will study those terms closely everytime he/she wants to mention something that works for him/her.
New names for techs are very needed cuz if we only use MILD and WILD then we will be lost in our conversations very quickly.
Same goes for every -ILD out there-they are just some sort of modifications of main two,but we call them differently for the sake of quicker understanding what were about. For this forum needs it is much better if we call some outstanding from the crowd techs by new names. If youre about to write encyclopedia of lucid dreaming then you might classify them “properly”.
just the thought
take care:)


I know exactly how you feel, for I have the same problem. It’s actually different for me, because I visualize alot better when my eyes are open…I tend to “drift off easier this way”.

Anyways, back to what I was going to say. All you need to do is write down your dream sequence that Pedro described. Next, record yourself saying this dream scene in a microphone on your computer. Convert the file to Mp3 and burn this onto a CD. When you go to bed, put this on repeat and listen to it with headphones. Believe me, you will be able to visualize 10X better when you have a voice guiding you.

I accept what you are saying, maybe you right, same as the name you gave to the method of WILD with a music, i forgot how you called it. I don’t know maybe you are right.


For those who believe this is the same thing as MILD:
Its not :smile: I suppose the scientific study of LDs is a relatively new field, therefore it wouldn’t be blasphemy if we added a new catagory to the mix of LD techniques! Visualization is but a very small part of MILD, and memory honing techniques are not really a part of VILD at all! I think all of us here are pretty into LDs, therefore we can distinguish these techniques from each other. Obviously, someone who is just learning LDs is not going to be able to tell the difference, but that is not really an issue.
Those new to certain styles of music usually do not refer to the styles by their proper genre name. Instead, they lump them all into one category, for example techno, dance music, and electronica, into “Electronic Music” or something similar (Perhaps “Dance Music”). This is not entirely incorrect, but it is imprecise and misleading to those who know better. By naming this new technique VILD we are opening the flood gates for better classification of individual techniques. MILD will not work for everyone, neither will VILD for that matter. Lets keep these new ideas coming, and label them as such!

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Can I give a big thank you to all the people who said “No MILD isn’t the same as VILD. Vild is using dream incubation and Mild is using auto-suggestion”. You are 100% correct. For the others…read these posts and see what they are saying!

Also, MILD works well for some ppl and for some ppl it will be better than my VILD stuff. BUT Mild aint good for ME!

VILD can get me lucid at will and I can’t get lucid hardly ever when I rely on MILD alone so how can they be the same if they have opposite results?

Oh well, this is pretty dumb coz this started into a bit of a fight and I got carried away with some people so I apologise. I did lose it a couple of times i think in this topic. But I don’t care if ppl don’t like VILD, I just thought I’d show poeple how 'm so succesful and maybe it’ll work for them too. I put quite a bit of hard work into putting it down into all those words!

I declare this the end of this thread (enough’s been said methinks lol). I mean WOW it was cool, the first part’s been viewed by more than 2000 people! And this is the THIRD part!!! Must be a record of some sort! Thanks to everyone that looked and even more thanks to everyone who made a post! Almost every post was real interesting and I learned a lot of things from this whole thread!

But anyway, thats that. Bye bye.

hehe, I remember this topic. Yeah, there were some arguments toward the end about the classifications of VILD and MILD…I guess that means we’re getting more scientifically-minded :tongue:

I’m not very good at VILD. I can visualize both stills and “animation” pretty well, but I’m bad at keeping it going when I’m about to fall asleep. My mind is always wandering :grrr: . However, I use VILD-like tactics sometimes when I’m already inside an LD, to help things appear.

When you VILD do you imagine the RC (or both RCs) showing you are in a dream or do you imagine them turning out to be real-life?

Could this be autohypnosis? When I gave up on my first try it continued in my mind for at least a minute after I was hoping to stop.

I don’t know why you’d want to visuallise them being real life becuase that would increase the chances of you not becoming Lucid

No its a lot more simpler than people make out!

I can incubate a dream to start the exact way I want it. Well I decide that I want it to have me in a room with 2 friends who play a game with me which forces me into doing RC’s. It’s a perfect and flawless technique if you can visualise and incubate that scene in the first place. If you can it is fool-proof and it’s never failed on me yet! Sometimes one of my RC’s fails but I always do several as a habit so I have always became lucid. It has nothing to do with how real anything is. I just choose a certain dream scene that will cause me to 100% do RC’s and therefore have lucid dreams. Simple.

I never said it was complicated. I was just asking if it might be autohypnosis because I had trouble stopping and that was a bit disturbing…

wooow…the method looks great!
i will try tonight…

(PS.dint post here for an loooooong time :smile: )

Hey good luck, I hope you read my technique fully and understood everything!


The whole essence of VILD is being able to incubate a dream so if you can’t do this then my technique won’t work exactly the way I’m intending. But on the bright side: ANYONE can learn to incubate dreams! I coulnd’t and then I studied it and experimented and found the best methods…maybe I’ll make a post on visually incubating dreams…


I have never incubated a dream before and I don’t feel like practising on other dreams… :wink:

One problem when I started is that my friends have so many mannerisms that I can’t leave them out without hesitating. I will in future try to incubate dreaming of a room with “LUCID” written on it and I’ll try to remember that writing on the wall indicates dreaming! Hopefully the writing won’t come out too clear :wink:

Yeah that will work too but don’t worry about mannerisms!!! My two friends I use are so extremely…umm you know what I’m saying! So I just left them way they would really be…its more natural and easier to think of!

Right then. But considering I’m handing in my IT coursework tommorow, I will have to skip on this night and possibly the next too as I wind down. Then of course I have Friday and possibly a later opportunity to try WBTB.

I personally hate mannerisms, especially considering that so many people have asked me word-for-word at school, “Are you, like, really clever?” I ask them how much clever I have to, like, be. Idiots :cool:

this night i was too tired…so i made evrything wrong :smile:
just felt asleep to erly :smile:
ok…going back to bed…LD (trying :razz: ) time! :happy:
ps.wow pedro…18 LD in december??? holy…

I’ll try the method. But I’m not sure the mthod is for me. I wanted to learn WILD, and I am having better success each time. I also wake up with an “LD feeling” although I couldn’t remember the dream.

So how do we incubate a dream. Do we sit on top of it! Is it like you said, imagine the dream repeatdly.

Hey Worm, yeah I was quite chuffed with my 18 I guess… Cept I think I could probably get 60 in one month if I really wanted! I never manage to have more than 2 LD’s in a night (just the way I sleep) but if I tried everynight and got 2 everynight I’d should have nearly 60 in one month. Or at least 50ish!

Bran Muffin’s Big Ol’ VILD Post

Alright, I’ve been trying VILD for about a week now, and believe I’m making progress. I’m absolutely determined to get this to work!! I have to! Then I’d be able to LD at will, which would be awesome possum!! :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:

THe major problem I have is I drift off into my visualization, which is good, but I keep realizing I’m drifting off. I can’t seem to relax enough. I keep hoping I’m going to get to work and I keep ‘waking up’ right when it starts to work the littlest bit. I sort of answered my own question on how to relax, but maybe you had the same problem.

I have some problems with my mind wandering as well. If I concentrate on it too much I stay awake, but otherwise I seem to drift off but I’m thinking about oranges, or bananas, or castles with cupcakes and reefs with sandy pineapples and the like. :sad:

Is it just a matter of practise? What should I do? :confused: