I cannot stop my lucid dreams

I have been a lucid dreamer for about 12 years. When I entered puberty I began lucid dreaming. I have heard antecdotal notes of my youngest sister in her childhood and her very disturbing waking dreams. During my own childhood I don’t remember this type of activity, but according to my parents, I was a very frequent sleep walker.

Additionally, I joined this forum about three years ago. I had a lapse in my dreams. Nothing at all. Suddenly I began lucid dreaming very regularly. At least two times each week. This has continued for about three years. I have begun drinking often before sleep, taking adderall during the day, and stealing ambien at night, because I cannot stop my lucic dreams.

I know that initially, about three years ago, I seeked my lucid dreams; however, at this point, I only want to sleep.

This is not a warning to other about lucid dreaming. I have learned so much about myself, humanity, reality, spirituality and anything else you can imagine. Continue your dreaming, but I need help with getting a solid night sleep. I will never forget that I am always dreaming, but I wish that I could.

While one man sees dung, another may see fertilizer.

This makes sense to me right now… I can’t say it will when I read it again tomarrow.

Have you tried “going to sleep” in your lucid dreams? Or does that simply cause you to awaken in real life?

I think you should appreciate your “predicament.” Realize that many people struggle for years to achieve what you are so eager to stop doing. If you truly believe lucid dreaming is impacting your ability to get a good night’s sleep, try getting more hours of sleep and keep reinforcing the idea that lucid dreaming is NOT important to you. Sooner or later, your subconscious is certain to catch on.

Keep in mind that whether you become lucid or not, your brain is still roughly as active during a dream as it is during waking life. I doubt lucidity is degrading the quality of your sleep, but then again, I haven’t been lucid multiple times every week for years. :wink:

Yup, all I’m seeing is fertilizer.

That’s what I see too, but if you want to stop them I know a way that always kills my memory of dreams that night. Smoking, and I dont mean cigarrettes. I’m not saying to break any laws, but I am saying that it stops my recall and my night is complete darkness+rest.

Not sure if I’ll go into more detail, they get a little touchy about it. I never thought lucid dreams would effect sleep.


You’re an extremely healthy person, almost anyone would feel jealous :smile:
Try directing your energy somewhere else. Work hard during the day, go for a (long) walk, in other words do something to waste your energy away. You can try playing a video game right before you go to sleep, it often dumbs the ability to lucid dream on the given night.
Don’t worry that lucid dreaming impairs your health, though :smile:. Spontaneous lucid dreaming happens only to people who are more healthier than average. So if your health gets damaged, you’ll stop lucid dreaming soon.

Will video games lower my chance of LDs ? :eek:

100% No , it will not stop your LD. I am an example. =]

Start autosuggesting: “I will not have lucid dream tonight”
(+ visualizing an ND o_0?)

This might work as a method of reverse-psychology autosuggestion for those on these forums who have a mental block and can not successfully perform an autosuggestion to get a lucid dream.

I seriously believe that if they did the above technique they WOULD have one. I’ve read several articles on reverse psychology in the past and have learned it is a VERY powerful thing on the subconsious.

It really depends on what kind of video games. We conducted a study on www. society.net a year back that dealt with the influence of video games on out of body experiences and lucid dreams.

We ended up discovering that first person shooters boosted the frequency, clarity and longevity of lucid dreams while simple games like pong tended to have no affect whatsoever.

It all boils down to what games you play. So far we know of none that decrease the ability to lucid dream, but we do know that all FPS games boost it.

Nope. :smile: Not according to our 2 month study on www. society.net.

EDIT: Gah! Parental controls took the word (a)(s)(t)(r)(a)(l) out of both web links. The link should be www. (a)(s)(t)(r)(a)(l)society.com, minus the parenthesis.

Gotta (h)(a)(t)(e) parental controls…

wtf you cant say astral o_0?

Can’t say FPS video games enhance lucid dreams? Well it makes plenty of sense, doesn’t it? :smile: After the study was over I was trying to find reasons why it might be like that, but then I just decided it just made sense - even though I couldn’t explain it.

EDIT: Oh, NOW I understand your question. You meant WHY the #@!* can’t I say (a)(s)(t)(r)(a)(l). Well, cause my parents are obsessive with they’re religion and beliefs and pretty much want to hinder me from exploring things like AP, OBEs and TK, so they pretty much put all of those things into the parental controls. They don’t have a problem with lucid dreaming though. They USED to, because they were confused (and they’re confused about OBEs and TK). However, they eventually saw the lucid dreaming made me a better, nicer and more successful person, so they decided it was okay if I practiced it.

You probably haven’t played enough. Many dreamers I know use fps games to get their bodies and minds tired.

I find it very curious that you can’t stop lucid dreaming. It’s generally very easy to lose this ability. Focus on anything else. I have the feeling JustAnotherOne is right: direct your energy towards sport or a physical exercice. In the same way you intented to have LD’s, just intent to practice another thing.

I often become Lucid but chose within the dream not to do anything about it and allow myself to just slip into an ND.

Being stuck lucid would be a nightmare for me, but until this post I would have thought it as an urban legend. Can you not chose to loose lucidity within the dream?

Cool. May try it someday if my rate of lucid dreams does not get more frequent.

I think the original author of this thread should respond with the answer to this question:

What is it about lucid dreaming that you consider it hindering your ability to get a good rest?

If sleeping in an LD doesn’t do anything, why not just peacefully float in the middle of nowhere absorbing the awesome emotion of peace and tranquility?

… have you ever tried the opposite of like positive thinking before youe dream …“iam not going to ahve a lucid dream” type thing? atm im having lucid a good 2 days a week and i remember everyday except for fridays a dream. i tihnk just telling your self not to do it might work or opening a window or summit ,making really cold …maybe your head wil do summit different(im on about changing the setting of your sleeping envrioment). usnure wether it will help you

does that mean one mans trash is another mans treasure

if it does it doesnt make sense unless somebody wants unstoppable LD s

I’d like to have unstoppable LDs, I wouldn’t try to stop them anyway :smile:

torik if u get constant lds try and imagine that eventually you’ll have done everything and then the dreams become misery and rather anoying ???