I don't realize I'm lucid, I know I'm lucid


I have had three lucid dreams and in all of them I did not come to the realization that I was lucid dreaming, but I automatically knew. What I mean is, there was no surprise of like “Oh, I’m dreaming!” I just knew somehow…

Is this true for anyone else?


yo, i have that too.

I do reality checks constantly, however; because i was in my house every time, so i got confused as to wiether i was actually dreaming or not.

I have sort of the same thing… except it’s more of an unconscious realization (if that makes any sense because that contradicts the entire meaning of an LD). I can control the dream and have a slight realization that I’m dreaming but not a full realization.

Maybe that’s what you’re saying too.

They are most likely DILD s. This happened to me one time and I got a lucid dream. I just suddenly said “I’m dreaming!” and I had a lucid dream.

Yea but they’re talking about not needing to realise you are dreaming, just instantly know all of a sudden.

This has been the case for me too but my good LD’s always had a point of realization.

I had my last few LDs because of that, but they were with WBTB + WILD. :smile: Sometimes after giving up WILDing as well, you fall asleep and just know you’re dreaming all of a sudden.

It’s nice to succeed anyway, after giving up. :tongue:

This is normal for me and is how i become lucid most of the time, i don’t do reality checks as they can back fire ive found. One good example was when i realised i was dreaming and i think it was proberly the only time ive done an RC in my dream, i though ooooh i am dreaming i’ll do a reality check looked at my hand tried putting my finger through it and it failed.

I did another reality check i think it was looking at my nose or something and that failed so paradoxly i did not become lucid lol.

as for the rest of the time its almost like remembering something ive forgotten to do… like i am dreaming great i forgot about that. just clicks .

Yeah this happens with me a lot too, i call it semi-lucid. I often find myself using my lucid powers like flying in a normal dream and as someone said before its like having an unconscious realisation, you haven’t had a full realisation just a semi. In a way its better, because your powers are less limited, you aren’t trying to force your powers on they just happen on more of an unconscious level, and since you aren’t using so much of your consciousness its easier to stay in the dream.

I had a LD like yours, but only 1…

In my first few LD’s, I did reality checks to discover that I was in the Dream World. Lately, tho, I have been bypassing that. I just seem to know it’s a dream, without having to verify anything. It’s a cool feeling, like I’ve graduated to a higher level of oneironautics or something.


The Rev

Yep. In my last lucid dream, I kinda just automatically knew I was lucid. which is great because then you don’t waste any dream time in a normal dream, thewn have a lucid dream that lasts only minutes.

Ya that happened to me, I just automaticly knew I was

That’s usualy called FLD which can be just as fun as a normal LD, only not that vivid and you dont ACTUALY realise you’re in a dream… :content:

wait, you don’t realize your in a dream?

Yeah… you say you’re in a dream but you mind doesnt actualy realise the situation… It’s really weird… cant explain it… :shrug:

wait, i remember now, my teacher was drawing weird stuff on the board, and I knew I was dreaming, but it seemed like I teleported somewhere and I forgot about that and I did whatever I wanted even at a low lucidity level. :content:

I wake up in my dreams everynight, :content: it comes pretty natural. This usually occurs when your falling of a high building or a cliff :eek: then you jerk in your sleep and your like “whoa!” This is actually a god way to induce an LD you usually realize tht your dreaming before u hit the ground, when this happends you are briefly LDing( last abut 2-30 seconds untill you hit the ground) so when im falling off a clif and i realize im in a dream, i just think a bout flying, or bieng somewhere else and Vola!! your in an LD :grin:

UPDATE: Hey, this post is a little old, but I’m up at 5 lucid dreams now and in all of them, I automatically know I’m dreaming. Its as though I don’t need a realization because I know. Someone said was a false lucid dream, and another said its “Semi-lucid” but this isn’t the case at all. Things are incredibly clear. I know exactly what is going on and I perform lucid tests with full realization of what I’m doing.

There just isn’t a point where I come to realize I am lucid dreaming. I just start the dream “knowing,” and things are perfectly vivid, clear.


According to me, it’s a ND because you have the sensation that you are lucid but you are not :

In fact, when you’re hooked on something ( football, music, etc…), you’ll probably have a dream related to these hobbies because they have hit your subconscious ==> You do NDs.

I think this is the same thing for LDing : when you’re hooked on that, then you’ll do NDs related to LDs but it will be a sensation which is a falsification of being lucid.

I’m French, so I don’t know if you got it.

No, its anything but a normal dream. It is a LD. There is no other way to describe it other than I realize that I’m dreaming and that I have a sleeping body in RL.

I know what you mean about being hooked on something and dreaming about it, but this is not the case at all. It is a 100% lucid dream. I have had dreams before about lucid dreaming where I have not actually become lucid, I think that is what you were referring to.

You’re English is quite good :smile: