I flew out of my dream scenary...

I had a LD last night, and this LD really wanted me to be lucid. It started out when I was at a football stadium, and suddenly the sky got very dark, and there were tornados(DS) I ran It was a very powerfull storm. Then as I was running back toward the stadium to warn everyone, I saw a plane crahing(DS) I knew I was dreaming, and I didnt even have to do a RC. I started flying toward the storm as I got closer I begin to turn right, but I decided to go streight instead. When I did it was like I flew out of the dream, and into a yellowish hue, there was nothing around me. It was weird, because something was pulling me toward the right, but I fought it, and flew streight. I should have went with the flow. Like I said I think this dream was trying to show me something. Has anyone ever done that?

Hey there

Ive never done that before, what was it like?
Ive had a dream with tornadoes before, what does it mean?

ConstantDreamer :grin:

I dont know what tornados mean, for me I allways get the feeling of excitment when I see them in dreams, so for me personaly it might be a posotive meaning.

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Concerning tornados, I remember what Flo said about. She said they were very interesting and powerful dreams. She adviced to go into them. I remember too that she said it could put you into what she called the “intermediate state”.

A post about entering a tornado from an energetic point of view.

I spoke about the intermediate state here. It may interest you. It’s what you describe: an energetic void.

I had once a dream in which a strong wind pulled me toward the left. But I was afraid (I didn’t know as many things as I know today :shy: ) and I woke up.

In one of my LDs I was sucked up into a tornado. I flew round and round, faster and faster. Then I shot out and my head went thru a black curtain-like wall (only my head). I knew the rest of my body was on the side with the tornado, but the other side was a complete blank. I was forcing my eyes open trying to see, but there was nothing there. I also had the sensation that my head was in a vacuum and I couldn’t breath or the life was being sucked out of me. I thought I was going to die, so I woke up.

I always end up in a blurry white empty void, it’s like the starting and ending point for my LD’s. Dust mote: Only your head was sticking through? lol kinda humorous. :tongue:

hehe nice dream ^^
well if you have 100% lucidity and fight the tornado that tries to move you it could also disappear, at least thats what happens to me when i fight things that try to move me away or something like that.
So it doesnt work for me that the tornado still goes on :tongue: