I give up. It's just far too hot.

This is driving me insane. I know I whined about the heat last year as well, but back then I was living in a house with air conditioning, so it was only a minor inconvenience for the most part. Not a single day in the last 2 weeks has dropped below 35 degrees – save for a brief few hours preceding sunrise. It’s unacceptable. I’m certain humanity was not designed to function at these temperatures. I actually burned my left hand last week just by changing gear while driving a short distance to the local mall. I didn’t bother indicating half of the time because the god-damned indicator stick was untouchable the entire journey. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

The most serious problem of all, though, is the lack of sleep this is causing. I went to bed at 9pm last night, and didn’t manage to get to sleep until nearly 3am. There was a fan pointed directly at me, and I was wearing virtually nothing. Still, lying in the same position for 2 minutes would accumulate an uncomfortable amount of heat, and sweat, and I had to move again. This continued for 6 mentally anguishing hours, and resulted in a very inadequate night of sleep. I’m now sitting here at work, tired as hell, and all I can think about is crawling under the desk and falling asleep.

I know most of you are currently experiencing winter, but does anyone have any tips for countering this uninhabitable climate? I haven’t recalled more than a scant dream or 2 here and there for the entire duration of summer thus far, and I don’t favor my chances of having another LD until early March, maybe April. Who designed this god-forsaken planet, anyway?

Someone kill me now.

Try a week in Norway :wink:
Personally i prefer hot over cold countries, but aircondition is a must, specially in the bedroom…

Aww Atheist. :sad: Here at my apartment, I freeze my butt off. :bored: Brrrr! Stupid heater doesn’t work properly and I actually would rather to be hot than being cold. Air Conditioner is a must, I agree with Tomas! I can’t live without Air Conditioner!

Cold showers.

While many find the idea of a cold shower frost bitey, it raises your body temperature somewhat so when you get out the heat doesnt feel as hot. It’s obivously only a temporary thing but it’s better than nothing.

Also a cold shower before bed might cool you down just enough to get to sleep, if your naturally quick to get to sleep.

I generally prefer summer to winter, but I swear it’s not usually this hot. I’d buy an air conditioner, but it would be useless for 9 months of the year, and I don’t know how long I’ll be living in my current place.

That’s it. I’m moving to Europe. Anyone got a spare room? I can’t pay in actual money, but I’m sure we can figure something out.

Dark Matter, that’s not a bad idea. I was going to try it last night actually, but I put my hand in and backed out at the last moment.

i can’t believe you guys prefer summer over winter. Well Atheist… why not buy a house on both sides of the equator and live Winterwise all the time??

Yeah, that’s stupid. You COULD move to Sunny California (near the bay mind you or you’re gonna get it)… yeah, that’s stupid too. Get air conditioning. I don’t have air conditioning, but… have you seen that Sierra Mist commercial where the guy freezes his boxers and then puts em on? Try it try it!! But make sure to get a little mister and spray whatever article you’re going to freeze first… makes it last longer. You don’t mind being a little wet do you? And obviously you want to mist and freeze a white shirt. And put it in a ziplock bag… but I haven’t tried that yet. Or you could just mist yourself.

Great idea Infection, but what I’m after is a long-term solution to the heat, rather than a quick and temporary experience of wearing frozen boxers and literally freezing my - ahem - off. Also, my room has a lot of sensitive electronic equipment about the place, so a fine mist would quickly cause some very expensive problems, not the least of which would be the suicide reflex at losing my PC.

Short of forking out hundreds of dollars for an air conditioner that won’t fit in my cupboard for the 9 months of winter, I think it’s a matter of “put up or shut up”. There isn’t much you can do about the universal position of the sun relative to the angle and rotation of the earth. Maybe if that gaping hole in the o-zone wasn’t also directly above my apartment…

you could try doing what homer simpson did - put up a tent around the freezer.

As pleasent as it is pausing in front of the open fridge each time I go to grab a Coke, it doesn’t really help with falling sleep.

I need the equivilent of a hot water bottle, but cold. Like a bunch of rubber icepacks around my bed, and stuffed into my pillow. That would be [color=blue]coooool[/color].

There’s nothing as satisfying as turning over a pillow half-way through the night and laying your head on the now cool half. It’s one of those little unmentioned pleasures.

forgot to meantion. What about a commercial fan?

i used to make tumble dryers and when you bag the dryers (package them) they shrink the bags using 200deg. Celsius ovens (hence the term shrink wrap)

but the fans they have are big and powerful, they are just a little taller than the average PC tower (base unit) they aren’t heavy but probably cost about £50 - dunno what that would be in $$aussie.

But they are very powerful and during the winter you can obviously move it out of the way. and take it to your new house when/if you move. If you know a fatory thats likely to make them (my tumble dryer factory also made their own fans lol - and if u have a tumble dryer that doesn’t work it probably came from my factory.) you might be able to get one cheap by dealing directly with the factory.

Just a thought.

I’m sat in front of a hot radiator trying to keep warm! :cool:

I do have a fan, but it probably would be useful to get a bigger one. I was actually thinking about those water condensing air conditioners, which radiate cool air without blowing anything directly on you. Something like that would probably cool the entire place pretty well. I just don’t have any idea what they cost, or whether they’d be worth it for only a couple of months use.

The problem is that my place is entirely brick, inside and out. This means it’s insanely well insulated, and air doesn’t really get in or out. With a computer that’s always on, it seems to just accumulate heat in there. My screens have holes in them, so leaving my window open ensures a large swarm of bugs will find their way in during the night.

well to battle the heat (thank god i live in england and only have to put up with it for a week or two) in a totally brick house since im in england. I found working next to those ovens at the factory made the summer seem cooler. 200C down to 40C it’s nothing.

So umm get a job in a factory lol. My comp is in my bedroom so i always turn it off at night but during the summer it really made no difference as it was hot but barely any breeze - even my fan (regular one) don’t seem to make a difference even if i was right infronta it. The air just refused to move, thankfully bugs aren’t a problem where i am so at least i could leave the window open.

Also hot drinks do help as it makes your internal temp hotter than the outside giving the impression of being cooler. It’s all in the mind lol but it works - doesn’t work too well if you have to boil the kettle on a stove or cooker hob though lol.

Feys assortment of suggestion:

-usually the coldest room in the house especially in summer.

~~~Evapourative Cooler 
-hmm...the moisture created by it will not be good for your electronics, but maybe if you leave all of your doors and windows open the air will circulate a bit more and not be so damp. 

(fix your flyscreen!!! it only take a needle and thread and a spare bit of flyscreen material to fix it on the cheap)

Also, you could make large ice-blocks to put into the coolers water reservoir, making the water a little bit cooler. Quick easy way - fill coke cans 2/3 of the way and freeze standing upright. Have plenty of them available cause they melt quickly. They will get you through the falling asleep stage at least. You can pick one up for as little as $200 new.

~~~Simple spray mister to wet your face while your fan cools you down.
-not really effective but feels nice.

~~~Block out the sun
-use foil on your windows to deflect the heat during the day, you'll have to open them for fresh air when you sleep but the foil usually stops the room getting rediculously hot during the warmest part of the day.

-hehee...this one is just an afterthought. Have one right next to your bed to keep your cool drinks in...and ice cubes.

~~~Pure wool or wool blend quilt
-if you have a pure wool or blend filled quilt, lie on top of it, it shouldn't trap as much heat as synthetic fibres.

~~~Desperate measures
-sleep in a cool bath. you can use some kind of bean bag filled pillow...like the ones you use in swimming pools as chairs. Don't fill the tub up too much or you may have troubles. 

~~~Try changing your sleep patterns
-an afternoon siesta under some shade out in the sun is very relaxing and is much better than trying to get to sleep in a hot stuffy house. 


If I think of any more crazy ideas I'll post more.
I have survived 5 years of sleeping during the days during summer (night shift worker) with no air-con so I know how bad you need some tips.


Wanna trade? You come to Florida and I’ll go to Australia. See if you can get our respective governments to let us just do an even trade. :smile:

You may want to buy just a small room air conditioner. You never know when you will need it again. I know they sell some smaller ones here in the states for less than $200 USD. Also I’m assuming your car doesnt have AC either or else the thing wouldnt be so hot? You might want to look into getting a little generator that can work with a small air conditioner for your car.

My car doesn’t have AC either (never had it to begin with) so I’m looking into something for this summer. I’ll be glad I did on a day it hits over 100 lol.

the weather is really hot at the moment over in new zealand as well
although its still cooler than australia its uncomfortable non the less

i think alot of it has to do with global warming seeing as winter is getting alot wetter
and that big hole above us as well

really isnt all that much you can do without getting a air conditioner
opening windows is a big help but im sure you’ve already done that :cool:

Fey, wonderful advice. :content:

I’ve already been somewhat creative with empty Coke cans. I accumulate quite a few, so I figured I might as well make use of them. I cut the base out of a few, and now I’m able to make ice cubes. I know, I could just buy an ice cube tray, but I wasn’t about to go anywhere near my car last weekend. I also filled a couple of them half full and froze it overnight. Makes for a nice, cold drink of water as it slowly melts.

My screens are getting fixed shortly, so I can leave the windows open at night. I was looking at evaporative coolers the other day, and they do claim to be unsafe for use around electronic equipment, so I don’t think it’s an option unless I can find somewhere to set it up where this isn’t a problem. As for sleeping on the tiles in the bathroom, last night at about the 4 hour mark I was seriously considering it. :smile:

Davion, I’d honestly love to - if not for more than a few permanent obligations over here…

Bishy, my car didn’t come with AC, and I haven’t been bothered putting one in. Usually by the time I’ve had enough of the heat, summer’s almost over and it’s back to 9 months of scraping ice from the windscreen before driving to work in the morning. I’m still looking for a suitable air-con for my room that isn’t too expensive.

Public service announcement for the Americans:

He’s referring to Centigrade of course, about 95 degrees Farenheight :cool:

God bless you Monitor. I wasn’t about to go convert it as I forgot the formula. I wish we could use metric and all of that good stuff… hey, 95 degrees at night is really tough. I’d consider the tent connected to the refridgerator, but when you get out of the tent, it’s going to be hell.