i got a problem

Hello all, im new here ^^ i looked on your site a few months ago but didn’t get very into it, tried something about a waterglass to remember the dreams, worked too but anyways.

My problem is when i go to sleep, i will almost allways wake up in middle of night, like after 1-3 hours after i fell to sleep, wake up with eyes open, but nothing else! im there, i know im awake, i can see the roof, but my mind and body aren’t doing anything i want! im just a football fan watching the show! So i end up continue dreaming, but not real dreams like the big trips to afrika, flying, walking on the water… not anything fun at all… i end up lying there thinking, just thinking, but the same way i would do in a dream! I would think when i rolled over and see the clock: aw the pain in my shoulder is killing me!(this happend when i had a infection in my shoulder) Hummel (a person i had played computer game with the same day,Hummel is his nickname) had made my shoulder hurt! It would just be fair if he took the pain himself.Perfectly normal thought it felt like, but its just not possible. So when i saw the clock: aw he turned back time to make my pain even longer! damn you!

another very typical one is a saturday or sunday me going into that state: looking at clock, seeing every miniute pass, waiting for parents to come wake me up and say i have to go to school, thats like a nightmare, i really dont like school. and when i wake up for real im almost ready to sit and cry when i realize i had been awake all night waiting for school on a sunday!

It tears on my mind, my body is healthy and fine, just not my eyes, i look constantly drugged / not slept for 4 weeks-ish. My parents want to send me to doctor to find out the cause of that. and as i said, my body is fine, but my mind is so damn tired of all this. I dont know what to do, i hoped anyone of you guys/girls would be able to tell me what this is, and what i could do to prevent it / make advantages out of it.

Thank you for all help you would possibly give :help:

Sounds like you’ve got a bit of a Sleep Paralysis problem on your hands. I’ve never had it myself, so I can’t give any advice for it, but there is a topic you can search around in.

Part 1

Part 2

They go over Old Hag as well, though I don’t think you have that. Hope it helps. :smile: Btw, welcome to the forum! Introduce yourself in the Gathering whenever you get around to it. :wave:

i haven’t read it all, not close to it >_> but i dont think this is my problem, all these people know their awake and can control themselves, like : close eyes i dont want to see the old hag!

but i can’t do ANYTHING, im just a supporter! im a supporter watching myself dreaming, but just on the radio! poor me not having a TV so i can watch :sad: eyes open, and listening to radio thats it…

it sounds to me… but I could be wrong that you may be suffering from some insomnia plus dreams about being awake. Does this seem possible to you?

yeh maybe but uhm, im 99% sure that im awake, cuz i sometimes have it right before i get woken up, im in that “state” and watch the clock, its around 7am, and parents soon is going to wake me up, and they do >_> why would a dream be exactly right about the time?(this also happend many times)

they can be… dreams can mimic reality very well. also your subconscious could have a good idea of the real time and transfer it to the dream.
you could test it next time… and try to get the time to alter (as is done in reality checks)