I got an Idear for a 'type' of dream

I was just thinking before,
Wouldnt it be cool to like have another life in a dream and continue it when you goto sleep.
for example: :sleep:
You talk to Yoda and he says somthing like I sence the force is strong with you, Then he asks you to go with him to Alderan (this is in past) because he sences a corrpution in the force, but you must complete your training young Zed (example remember :content: ) :wake up:
:night time just about to goto bed:
Yoda: Ahh, your back now we shall continue your training.

I thought it would be cool if you could (some how) have dreams like this that last for a few days, you coud actually have a beginning and end to your dream (as most of the time its just random stuff)

well , if you think its a dumb idear, I dont. It would rock :grin:

I practice lds just for that!!!:slight_smile:
There was plenty ppl saying how they spent days,weeks even years in an ld so i believe it is possibile.One comes from Zwitter-veteran lder who i trust.He gets lds lasting a week.Hehe its frustrating and good news at the same time…
But if u ask me-if i could…id jump into ld right away and never wake up:)

I’m a bit sceptical about LDs lasting that long. I mean it is easy to ‘simulate’ time passing… like in a movie: the storyline can spawn weeks but the movie is 2 hrs. Cutting out parts like eating breakfast and showering can´like I said simulate but I doubt the human mind can work fast enough to get a week into an hour.

About the ‘continued’ dream I would just like to say that it is something to pursue. I am an X-man a Jedi and a Super Hero so anytime I choose to return to the danger room, tatooine or Gotham I can.

Once again LDs are king.

Hehe sure Ureon…but it actually matters not how long it is in “real time”.Even if its only our perception…good:)
having the choice between few seconds ld and few hours or days long…heh even if its only a mirage…i still want it:)

No no, the tech is great but it is still not a ‘real’ week, seriously, one would go mad,

It’s very possible to get a week in one hour. But in an hour you can get 1 year like Verek did from #ld4all chatroom. There’s people who do it all the time. I don’t think any of them are crazy. Maybe most of them probably can’t get a year but they can certainly do weeks.

That would be cool to have a dream or LD for that long. and back to the starting topic: I think that it too would be cool to continue the same dream on and on. Imagine if you had multiple personalities, you could split that into 4 personalities or more!

I chatted with a women who told me that she knows a family in the dream world.But not exactly the way Zed suggested.
She isn´t there anytime she´s dreaming,but sometimes she comes along and visits them.She knows this family for many years.When she was a child she played with their dog,but someday the dog died…

Hmm,this women told me a bit strange stuff sometimes,but i think this would be possible.But i don´t know if you can work towards it,or if it is just like you do it or you don´t do it.
Anyway,nice idea

I’ve thought about this concept… and I also that about this:

If you have dreams which seem to lask more than a day, every day, than you will be LDing MOST of your life (it will seem like that to you)…

So won’t then your LD life become MORE important than your real life?? Because what is reality anyways, we only live for experiences…

Hehe so what??Person should stay where feels better…and till we dont really know if reality is real nothing wrong in switching to ld life:)
heh…even if we knew…the other one is way funnier than this damn planet earth:)

I don’t know about you but I got this defense mechanism that prevents me from living in my dreams

How nice of you not to tell us how it works :smile: and just leave us in suspense

How can you not live in your dreams?
Do you get killed or are you just never in your dreams?

Your topic has triggered a responce in my brain, making me remember a dream like that well partially at least, I remember that it was so real that I was afraid that the life I live now is a dream, but that is a good idea :smile:

The human mind can work that fast, its our physical bodies which drag out a week to last a physical week, when you have no limits on how “fast” your “body” can travel, your perception and other parts of your brain are used to the max. While waking your brain is using only 10% of your true power. Dreaming unlocks the potential of the human mind.

There was a master of LD 's not anyone particularly famous, but I did research on this a couple of weeks ago, and he had a theory that if normal dreams can last a lifetime, why couldn’t LD 's?

He practised with techniques, and finally he came up with one that worked very effectively for him.

He’d wake up in the middle of the night, do MILD , look what time it was before he fell asleep. He’d look at a clock in the dream, with the time he last saw, watch it ticking for a bit and tell it to stop, he’d see it stop ticking and then just sit and wait to wake up, keeping himself in the lucid dream for as long as he could…he’d see how long it felt like he’d been in the dream for, and see how long he’d actually been asleep. Over the years, he got very good, and can now live for years in an hour long period of sleep. He doesn’t miss out anything like eating breakfast or anything, unless he doesn’t want to, as theres no point in living in an LD if you are going to do EVERYTHING exactly the same as IRL .

He lives his ‘dream life’ get it? Even living with his really dead child, as she died very young, and he wanted to see her. (I personally don’t think this is a good thing to do) When you’re lucid, the DC 's think really whatever you want them to think at times, and so, when you go to bed the next day and you see a DC , they should say “hi again” and all that…

this is my aim…I WILL do this!

I’ve very rarely been able to go back into a dream (ND). It’s something I’d like to do, just wouldn’t know where to begin.
I don’t completely understand the time difference in dreams. How does the brain do that?

I also would completely live in my LD’s if I could choose. Or I will spend a seeming time frame of a week in my dreams to a day in physical reality.
Wow! What a dream, a life long dream. That is one of my number one goals; to have a clearly seperate reality.

Well, I’ve had an ND that felt like it lasted more then one day, and I do have reacuring dreams that carry on when I go back to sleep. So I don’t see why the same can’t be done with LDs with a bit of practice.

I’ve DEFINATELY been able to go back to a dream after I’ve woken up from it…as long as I don’t move and DON’T open my eyes, and still think about what IS happening in the dream, I can go back to it as if I’d not woken up. I thought this was something normal, but I was talking to my mum and she’s been trying to do it ever since!