I have very messed up/violent lucid dreams..=(

Hey everyone, im new to this site, ive been interested in LD’ing for a long time, but only have been able to do it for the past month or so. Anyway, almost every time I lucid dream…I always end up killing and raping women =(

Like today I took a nap, and lucid dreamed in it for a while, I was at a party across the street from my old house, and when I started walking up the stairs there slowly, I started to become lucid, and I knew it too. The first thing I did after I became lucid, was imagine a big knife in my hand, and when I looked down sure enough there was one. Im not going to get into detail about what I was going to do, but my phone rang in my room and woke me up.

Should I be worried? because this happens in almost all my lucid dreams.

Well, it’s YOUR lucid dream, so it’s your wish to kill an rape :happy: If you feel bad about it, just take over the control of your dream. If you don’t want to kill, don’t kill :happy:

Sigmund Freud set forth a theory of the personality, and in this theory he splitted the personality in three ways, the ego, the super-ego, and the id.

You get born with the id which is your stimuli.
For example, you cry and cry for more food, but with discipline, you build up the ego which is basically your main-station who decides what to do and learns what rules obtains.
But still your stimuli are there but the super-ego tries to warns the ego that you cannot just rape a person and/or hit a person in the face when you want to.
We learn that, that’s either wrong or just forbidden according to the laws.
This means that there is a tug between the super-ego and the id.

A person needs to fulfil his/her needs to become comfortable.
Orgasms etc. :whistle:

In short, I’d say it’s a good thing what your doing in your dreams but you gotta be sure to keep it down IRL. :sly:
Just do what ever you want when you’re dreaming.
Fulfil your needs and you will feel wellness. :cloud9:
It’s your dream, enjoy it.

Yeah and welcome to the forum! :welcome:

P.S. The theory doesn’t have to be true either completely correct (some time ago since I read the article), I just find it very interesting and most psycology stuff.
Please correct me if you find something wrong.

In English, it’s the ego, the super-ego, and the id. Just in case anybody cares. And I, too, think you should just not do those things. If it’s a lucid dream, you can choose to stop. That is unless you feel posessed. If that’s the case, then I think that you should do something maybe like say out loud, “I will be able to control my own body.”

If you do have control, just don’t do it.

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All in all, do as you will, as long as you feel confortable with it and you don’t do anything that could be forbidden or bad IRL.

I agree with Fiver here. If you have control, you shouldn’t do it. In my opininion lucid dreaming is not an opportunity to do immoral things without getting punished. But the fact that you find it disturbing is of course good. Maybe you should focus now on trying to control your lucid dreams.

I found a topic about dream control exercises:

IF you dont have anny urges to hurt people in real life than i shold not worry.

I don’t think you should be worried too much but if it continues and you feel you lose your lucid time in doing this, you should find a solution. As for me, I suppose that your lucidity level is rather low. You should try to enhance it as soon as you enter a LD.

Now I think you should ask yourself why you have such LD’s. It’s not so common… Are you stressed? Are you watching violent movies too much? Sometimes, it happens that your first LD gives you a bad habit which you reproduce again and again in your next LD’s. If it’s the case, you should plan while awake something interesting to do in your next LD’s and try to do this as much as you can, so it will give you better habits.

Anyways, I don’t think it’s a great thing, especially if you feel guilty or on the other hand, if you begin to feel obsessed with this.

yay killing and raping, sounds fun!

It’s probably a good thing that you’re acting it all out in your dream. Maybe it’ll get it out of your system. I’ve had plenty of Lucid Dreams where I’ve done thing that I wasn’t supposed to that I found completely hillarious. Like throwing a girl out of a car. I would never do that in real life but it was fun as anything in my Lucid Dream. However, whenever I LD things are just so AWESOME that it doesn’t matter WHAT it is that I’m doing. >D

Well if it doesn’t adversely affect how you treat people in real life, don’t worry about it. Or if you’re still worried about it, you can ask your dream about it (yell it at the sky, maybe) and see what answers you get.

Well it kinda like depends on wath kind of rape it is. A loot of times in my dreams and rather often while lucid. i might se a really hot girl and just have sex with her and dont really care if she wanths it or not. But then its more like “Hey, I wanna have sex” more than i want to hurt someone

I like dreams where i get to kill people. But at least they’re usually evil bastards :razz:

Unfortunately, it’s me that gets killed usually, in really horrid ways.

One night i had to dreams in wich i took my life and both containd diffrents types of afterlife… It was realy scary. I thin k im gonna do a post about it. It was sop über emotionall… But in one of these dreams i acidentaly killed a inocent man… and the i just shot myself…