I jump off buildings but can't even hover

I had another lucid dream last night, where, actually, it was very vivid. I stabilized it as needed, and for the first time, didnt have the desire to see any girls haha. Well, I decided this time i would solely focus on flying. Now, this isn’t my first time. I have tried before, and failed, which I always thought to be a result of not really caring about flying. This time, I climbed onto rooftops, and would tell myself that its a dream, and that I could do anything, and genuinely believed it. As I ran, I had that feeling you get when you know something awesome is about to happen. I jumped off and fell to the ground. I tried several more times and failed. Any tips?

First of all,

good job! that’s so hard for me when I’m a low lucid zombie… :shy:

I’m not that great at flying either, and it does vary between dreams. I can usually fly a bit, but it gets hard the higher I go. The whole “believe it and it will work” is tricky for me, because even believing all you can, when you step off the building you’ll the what’s under you and all the belief will vanish as you very likely expect in your guts to just fall straight down :lol: But I’m sure it’s just a matter of practice and getting used to the experience!

I suggest trying to fly from the ground first and work your way up. :razz: or hold onto the edge of the building and try to float out, as if you were in a swimming pool. I did that once and it worked great until I let go :rofl:

An idea came to me today that I should board a plane or use a jet pack to get high in the air, then jump. That’ll give me some time in the air before I hit the ground. Anyone have any other tips?

I think belief isn’t really enough here. Maybe you think “Yeah, I can totally do this”, but then when it comes to fly, it’s more about what you expect to happen than what you believe you can do.

When you make that jump off the building, do you look down? Well, I think you would probably have done it automatically, but next time, even when you start to fall, just look up. I doubt you’d fall if it wasn’t in your head at all.

Gravity doesn’t exist in dreams. Orientation can change. The mere act of falling is ‘flying’. but the control of your expectation was a little off. I bet you can tweak this just fine, so if you can become lucid, it’s something you can definitely do!

There are also a lot of other ways to fly, which might be worth trying if you think you need to do something else.

Next time when lucid. Get back to rooftops. Jump off don’t try to fly. Swan drive off roof head first straight down. This is to build up speed. Right before you hit the ground pull up. With the speed you will fly up in the air. You wont go to high but you’ll be flying. For best results jump off 2 store house.
Now for hovering off the ground. Imagine being a little kid in the classroom. In between two chairs one to your right and the other to your left. Chairs facing away from you.
Useing your hands and arms to hold your self up feet off the ground between the chairs. That’s what it feels like to hover in dreams. My other example is Ironman. In his movies when he hovers off the ground his his hands are down it his sides. Stabilizing himself just like the kid stabilizing himself between the chairs.

I don’t think rooftops is the answer to his flying problem. When i first flew i just took off from the ground and it has always worked.

Just try spreading your arms out and “feel” how your body gets lighter as it slowly begins to hover further and further up in the air.

These are good tips I’ll be sure to try each one the next time i get lucid!