I luuuuuuv this forum!!

This the best forum ive ever been at. People here are just so calm and polite! Its interesesting topics everywhere, and those who need help with LDs gets that with no hestitation. I was kind of suprised to see how good people are to each other here, after witnessing forums with rude and bad people, such as some forums on the IMDB.

Anyone agrees? LEMME HEAR YA! :tongue:

Yeah, I’ve never once seen a real fight around here. This is the calmest forum I go to.

Totally agree !

thats because we have truits to fight for us :razz:

when i fight its mostly in dreams lol :tongue:

IMDB is horrible! :eek:

But LD4All…:uh:


What’s IMDB? Forget that, I don’t want to know. But yes, I love this forum! :love: It may just be the best forum in the World Wide Web.

^^Please exuse that post, I’m not in my right mind.
/me gives pasQuale a rig cracking hug. :hugs:
Huggies :happy:

I’ve only been here a few days, but I completely agree! Best forum i’ve ever been to!!!

I can’t tell a lie. This forum is indeed addictive and wonderful to visit. :yes:

Imdb = internet movie database, with millions of assholes complaining about bad films and worshipping the good ones.

YAY FOR LD4ALL!! :woot: :yay: :woot:

:tongue: Sorry, had to get that out :tongue:

i must say…LD4ALL ROCKS MY SOCKS :cool:

Agreed. I’ve actually POSTED in this forum. THAT’S shocking.

Yeah, we have an interesting bunch here…


I should be watching the “Hi Im new here topic” !

But I agreee , off course .

So many new avvies (to me)

yer this forum is pretty great i keep commin back to it :smile:

havent seen any fights? lol guess i have been away too long :wink:

I have seen fights here :confused:

But not many

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv this topic :aww:

thank you guys, you rock. You are the ones that make LD4all into the place it is :content:

:peek: that, and the cookies :grin:

Peaceful? That`s because I was away for such a long time. grin

thinks back to ye olde days

I love LD4all too :love:


One of the best places I’ve found on the web. (I do remember people say that on other websites too, but then I disagree with them. I guess I’m more into LD4all than those forums)

gets another cookie :cookiemon: