I luuuuuuv this forum!!

Indeed, LD4All is definitely the best forum I’ve ever been to :love:

I LUVIT! :happy:

i agree black angel, but there is a differnt feeling to the other web sites, i guess that each web site matchs different people, but it is clear that this web site attracts the most and the best :smile:

I love you guys so much, I could never leave! :love: We’re all a family here, a really diverse family with members from all over the world. If you ever have any troubles, you can feel secure in knowing that we all feel for you and will help the best we can. :grouphug:

lol WOLF! so now ld4all is the new gang, a mob, mess with one of us and we will fly from all parts of the world to give the person that is messing what they deserve lol nice!

I was going for more of the emotional approach, but…

YEAH! If anybody picks on my forumers, I’ll fly over to whatever-place-they-live and beat them to a bloody pulp! :grrr:

I mean…

Talk it out in a mature and calm manner. :yes:


lol! ill bring a 2x4 just in case we need… leverage :wink:

I’m so well known here! :hurray:

Yes… My dear son, heir to the thrown when I run out in the street and get run over by a bus. (or something equally idiotic that I’m prone to do :tongue: )


Who’re you? :huh:


ok now edit: where is that 2x4 thats attacking within the clan!

omg i should be attacked for my terrible grammer not to mention spelling

So am I, simply because I’m posing as a well - known member. :tongue:


No…because you’re BB and no one can ignore the name “BlissfulBlues” or Gunslingin’ BB :good:

I think that’s obvious, given you have Dark Matter as your unofficial stalker… :lol:


To be honest, I think the reason why I love this forum so much is because Huey’s here. :yay:

:yay: I’m am influence!

Positive, I hope! :grin:

I love that I can do my comedy and get people laughing here. :mrgreen:



The same goes for me. :grin:

Meh, I like the atmosphere here. people mocking eachother, but merely in the name of good fun. No, wait… That`s just me wicked grin

hehe im known too cuz im the night! and everyone knows the night…right? hark! -backs up timeless soul with another 2x4- huzaa!