i need advise about this

well when im trying the WILD tecnique of lding i sometimes feel like im rising out ob bed in short jerky motions or o am spinning on a carnival ride in shord slight jereky motions is this one of the signs that i am going to reach lucidiy and also when i try WILD do i need to keep my eyes closed i do and i never see images or colored dots or whatever it never works. can someone help me?

I’ve merge your two topics because there were quite the same questions in them, so that the answers won’t be sparsed through the forum.

when i was trying a WILD ld, i had the feeling i was kinda moving but it was VERY slight and is it normal to feel like my arms are not attached to my body? i also felt a tingle run all the way through my body? is this normal
ALSO:when i try wild i never see an image before me how can i get that image Do i need to keep my eyes closed when trying WILD and one more thing can someone explain this STEPPING into my dream how do i know if it is my imagination im seeing and not my dream

I can’t say. I’ve never WILD-ed at all. But i guess that what you felt at first could be normal.

And you felt your arms not being attached, that can’t be SP. You haven’t been lying on both of your arms, have you?

well i think the floating feelings you have is the sign you’re very near to a WILD you need to keep your eyes closed some people never see the hypnagogic imagery that’s not really important the main thing in your case is that you have those spinning floating feelings you can use them to enter a LD try to feel you roll out of your bed ah and yes sentences are easier to read with punctuation :tongue:

I hope you’ll reach lucidity very soon. Tell us your progress ! :smile:

but how am i to use the motions to become lucid? i mean they say to grab an image but how does the motion help? to i just stay cautious of the movement? please help me i want this so badly

That’s absolutely normal. When you practice WILD, you are in a state which is called the hypnagogic state, between wake and sleep. During this state, you may experience visual, auditive or tactile hallucinations, because you’re near of a dream.

As I said above, some people don’t have all the different kind of hallucinations. Some haven’t the auditive one, some haven’t the visual one, some haven’t the kinesthetics one (feeling you’re floating or falling, etc.) The main thing is that you have one of them (in your case, the floating feeling and the sensations that your limbs are in the wrong place).

It seems that you’re rather gifted if you get this feeling easily. You should go on with WILD. :smile:

As you don’t have HI, it’s not very important. I’ll explain it though. Hypnagogic imagery is like a movie in front of your eyes. In a dream, you feel you’'re surrounded by images like in a landscape. But if you feel your limbs to be not in the real place, it means you’re quite dreaming.

I’m sorry, I can’t explain accurately the stepping into a dream from the sensations you have. I’m not skilled in WILD at all. If I were in such a state, I would try to move mentally my dream body or try to increase my floating feeling by spinning, rolling or something like that.

I hope some other people will explain it to you better.

Hi singerguy410
I’ve never actually WILDed properly but I think when you start to have the strange hypnagogic sensations you should try to imagine a dreamscene in your head in lots of detail, pretend you are there. This is the difficult part - If you concentrate too hard on that alone you might fall asleep with no lucidity so you need to also stay alert (keep your mind awake) but not so much that you wake up. I hope that made sense.

thanks for your help the things about my limbs though, i know im not dreaming when that happens so is it a nbormal part of WILD?

i dont feel like im floating i feel like my bed is moving

I developped a technique for this which seems to be highly efficient for many people. You can read it here.
Also, the non-feeling of limbs is normal. When you WILD, you slowly withdraw your “outside” awareness. Not feeling your limbs can be part of this. An extreme case could be that you dont feel any part of your body anymore. So dont worry about it, it is actually a sign that you have some talent for WILD-ing!