I need help from someone that is experienced

For a while in my life I had actually accepted the fact that I didn’t dream. I have learned different in the past few months and have become very interested in lucid dreaming. I have a dream journal and have developed a good dream recall(at least two dreams per night.) The problem is, I notice my dreamsigns and do reality checks all the time, but whenever I realize I’m dreaming, before I have time to even think about spinning or rubbing my hands together or anchoring myself in the dream, everything around me explodes and I wake up. I have written this down several times and I was wondering if anyone knew anything that I could do to stop this, or if there are any new techniques I could try. Please Help! :eek:

Yup. common newbie problem… it fixes itself over time. The thing to remember is that each time that happens you are gettin more and mor experience. You’ll be having vivid LDs in no time…

NWS (Newbiw Waking Syndrome :wink:).

This happens to everyone when they first start LD’ing ans dgoes way by itself.

But it sounds to me like you’re very close to your first (proper) LD, so don’t give up :smile:.

hey… wait… since when are you a mod??

Since yesterday :wink:.
I have shiny new stars :cool:.

congrats to sureal :smile:

I don’t really have much to add other than to say what everyone else has said. It just takes time. Becoming lucid is something new and you are not used to it yet. Like when you first started riding a bike, what happened? If you are like everyone else you fell down, right. The same is true with lucid dreaming. As you experience that state more you will become used to it and you will stay lucid longer.

Try to plan a head of time what you will do when you become lucid. This is important as it might help you stay engaged in the dream thus staying in the dream longer.

Anyway do not feel discouraged or distressed. As you can see everyone has the same problem at first and we all overcame it.

Good luck and happy dreaming.

thank you for the advice