I need help with lucid food!

hey guys! how are you doing???

The thing i wana know this time is something that most newbies like me have looked for too. I need to know which lucid foods do you recomend me??

I know this is already posted, but this time is different, the thing is that i don’t eat meat of any kind…so i wana know what can u recomend me.

Thanks dudes!!! :happy:

I recommend Galantamine. Its not a food but a supplement. You can purchase it via Internet. Also Ginko Biloba is said to be helpful in promoting and inducing lucidity.

Things like fresh fruit/juice have been shown to help. If you’re just vegetarian and not vegan, I as well as others have noticed milk can really make a difference for recall.

Ice cream, banana, orange, chocolate. That’s often what i eat before sleeping.

thanks to all of you dudes :happy:
and rhewin you are right, i’m not a vegan one, i even love milk and all product made from milk :razz:

I’m pretty new to this stuff too, but after reading online and talking to some fellow enthusiasts, I’ve heard a lot about vitamin b, but more specifically Tryptophan. I read somewhere that this was what made a lot of people have more vivid dreams, and you can find it in (mind these results are highly reliant on google) Eggs, soybeans, cheese, milk, bananas, and potatoes to name a few. Hopefully that works for you, because it’s definitely helping me!