i need to get this off my chest... (game dreams)

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i don’t know if this is the write place to put this topic…but i just needed to get this off my mind…
about September/August i was really addicted to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and about a week after i started playing i started having really vivid dreams about it. every night i had dreams about the main charcter, Link, and going through the temples all over again like i was playing the game in reality. and i could remember the dreams as clear as a terrible nightmare. however it stopped after i got to the last boss… i’ve never had this sort of experience before and it’s sort of like something amazing to me but probably not so much for all you people out there.
well, i feel like i’m making a fool of myself now so…uh…bye!

:welcome: hello video_gamer welcome to LD4all

you would be amazed at how many members would enjoy a series of vivid dreams based on their favourite game :yay:

if you wish you could post some of those dreams in this topic, so we can all enjoy reading them :smile:

Hey videogamer :cool:

Don’t worry, girl! :smile: It’s normal to get your vices, so to speak, into your dreams. I’m not much of a gamer myself, although I’ve had a couple of Zelda dreams (that game is too good not to get into dreams), but with books I have that all the time: characters, situations, places—

And I’m pretty sure you can have that from anything. Right now I can think of other members who dream on a constant basis of certain TV show cast members & hosts, and a flourist who dreams about flowers. I also noticed the people in school who are dedicated to studies the most dream a lot about classroom situations or the teachers.

So don’t worry: it’s normal, happens with everyone. One could even say, “tell me what you dream about and I’ll tell you what you love.” :wink:

… or what you are into most of the recent time.

Games I have dreamt about by now:
GunZ (my favourite game)
Starcraft, but it had elements of Diablo and Warcraft 3 in it. Strange, they are all by Blizzard and I have played all of them^^
Diablo itself
Revolt (the place looked like a course in the game)
Pokémon (heya^^)
Majesty (only very little)
Bidforpower (very little too)

That’s all I can think of now, I was too lazy to read in my DJ. However, these only relate to dreams I had since I write in my DJ (10th July this summer).

Most were on GunZ of course. That dreams are so fun. But I do not only play in my freetime. I often watch whole seasons of TV series and in that episodes I often dream about this particular show I was watching at that time.

I recently had 3 dreams for 3 days in a row about me playing a game. Except they were games that i never played, and they dont even exist ! Like i dreamt i was playing a totally new 2D Castlevania game, it was incredible…i would pay hundreds to play something like that, unlike those new 3D Castlevanias on PS2.

Next day it was something…i dont quite know what it was, i played some kinda creature, and was running through series of rugged landscapes. Fields, then some steep hills, after that was forest, in the middle of which was some kinda castle. The Landscapes were incredibly realistic and beautiful, but i knew it was just a game. The game was titled “The Bend”.

Then was another game, something like Resident Evil, there was this old mansion, rainy thundery sort of night, evil spirits and monsters, and i knew four women were inside, waiting for me to rescue them.

I’ve been playing good ole Jagged Alliance 2 and a couple days ago I was trying to visualize a first person scene during a WILD and I couldn’t do it. My sight kept changing to isometric view (like in the game) and all images I saw were about shooting people. It was quite annoying…


(I miss my Monkey Island dreams… :cry:)

By the way—you fellows might be interested in this experiment in the Lab about “The Effects of Video Games on Subconscious.” It hasn’t been started yet, but the proposal was submited and might or might not have gotten clearance yesterday, so if you watch the Lab, the experiment might or might not be started any moment now. :tongue:

And meanwhile you can discuss how to make the experiment better in the link I just gave you. :smile:

Another interesting link: Study Suggests Gaming Promotes Lucid Dreaming in the Theory of Lucidity board.

I used to have video game related dreams all the time when I first started LDing. I haved dreamed about


In order from greatest amount of dreams to smallest. As you can tell I play to many shooting games. I think the reason i dreamed about FEAR so much was because the game scared me a lot. So much that I worried I would be killed by a ghost or something in the middle of the night. Yes, I slept with the light on. /embarass.

Well, recently I haven’t had a lot of game dreams. I have, however, had a couple dreams about a game system, so I guess that would count. :tongue:

I used to have a lot of dreams about Morrowind and Oblivion… If you check old entries of my DJ you’ll some stuff. Also, I usually have dreams with “Life” bars and such, like in games.

Well, during one week when I had an obsession with Minesweeper, I suffered Minesweeper dreams for the whole week, exactly like the real game, except neverending and mindnumbingly dull. I quickly learnt not to play Minesweeper anymore after that. :razz:

While I get game-like dreams quite often, they’re very rarely based on an actual video game. The only exception I can remember is one that was obviously based on Shadows of Amn, but that was the only time. Oh, and I seem to recall the orange spiky creatures from Final Fantasy 8 once made a brief appearance, too, though the rest of that dream had nothing to do with games.

If anyone else got addicted to World of Warcraft at anytime of their life… it completely overpowers your dreams, hah. I’m a fully recovered addict from this overwhelmingly addicting game… at least until the expansion comes out haha, keep me away!

I use to see Infantry (the only good online game Sony ever made, so good people actually still play it!) whenever I closed my eyes, likely from a two year addiction though :razz:

I get video game dreams such as Final Fantasy, or eh, Grand Theft Auto >_> But playing as you in a world where you are actually in the game is pretty thrilling. I wish I had them more often :content:

All I ever dream about is games and TV shows. It’s like the core of my dreamworld…

I just had a WoW dream last night! I was at a city with all these dragon things out front. They were extremely high level elites and I was only level 14. I was on a quest to find all these missing people. The dragons walk outside and I follow them and find out these two people kidnapped everone! Dun-dun-duun. Then I had to duel them with guns. They were both hunters and one was level 12 and the other was level 60. I knew I would die but I fought anyway. Then just near the end, I was saved by alevel 60 night elf with an owl who killed everyone (except me)! :happy: How lucky am I?

You and me both mate. You and me both.

My girlfriend called me at 4 in the morning once when I was asleep. She was worried about some noises she was hearing outside her house. My reply? “……don’t worry, I’m a warlock, i’ll just summon you…”, then I hung up and went back to sleep.

You can imagine how pleased she was in the morning :smile:

I just had an Elder Scrolls Oblivion dream tonight.

I have had Unreal Tourney and Quake 2 dreams, and Descent dreams. (I had a weapon selection hud from UT:GOTY edition in one dream, and was holding a rocket launcher in another, with the gun on the “screen”)

I dont enjoy game dreams at all. I also very rarely seem to get lucid in these dreams and they seem less realistic than normal dreams. Is like i am still playing the game, but being inside it. It does not hurt if i get hit and if i die i just respawn just like a normal game…

I never have game dreams where there is an HP gauge ect., but the characters from the video games are all there. I remember this final fantasy dream and it had all the main characters and we were searching for Sephiroth.
It was weird, nobody acted like themselves.