I never thought I would actualy see gas go to $3.00 a gallon

Whats the highest youve seen gas in your area?

319 cheap stuff

349 premium

And it’s supposed to be getting higher. How is it people are allowed to profit during crisis?

2.28 euro a liter :razz:
you americans have no right to complain :tongue:

It’s about $1.06 - $1.08 per litre on average, although over east it’s gotten up to $1.30. I always thought it was really expensive, but looking at 2.28 euro it looks rather cheap now. I can still remember the days when it would be around 60c per litre. Aaah, times long gone.
The reason it’s expensive in Australia though, is because the half the cost of petrol is in government excises. They get so mush money from tax off petrol that they’re unwilling to reduce the excises to bring down the cost of petrol.
People in America: you have it lucky. $3.00 a gallon is a lot cheaper then here. A gallon is a lot more then a litre (about 4.5 litres I think), which means that, in Australia, the average price would be about $4.73 a gallon (up to $5.85). :sad:

Usually about $2.65, but I’m in CA. (I expect to pay more soon)

also DePerc there is the cost in transporting it all the way to australia.

$3.40 here. I heard its like five bucks in Atlanta though.

you americans dont know how damn spoiled you are! is nearly 8$ a gallon here! That is the double of your price, and the case is similar in rest of europe too. I cant even recall when it was as cheap as over there in the US now…

It pisses me off how you complain about such little… seems like your gasoline price is more important than both the iraq war and the latest hurricane situation.

isnt the european gallon like 4.5 litres and the american gallon 3.8 litres? I think I heard that somewhere and would like confirmation.

Gas for me right now is 1.30 a litre

someone did a conversion to USD and told me it comes to about 4.84 a gallon.

the country’s high was at 5.48 :eek:

There is no European Gallon, only an English one…

/me slaps US and UK for not using the SI


1 US Gallon = 3,78541 litres
1 UK Gallon = 4,54609 litres

Europe does not use gallon, but use litre instead. Only UK use gallon, but they do indeed use a different version than usa. I converted the price to US gallon.

https://www.aftenposten.no/english/local/article1107477.ece <— article about norwegian prices… “In Tromsø in northern Norway the cost of gasoline has passed the NOK 13 per liter (USD 7.85 per gallon) mark and experts expect more hikes.”

it’s 3.09 where i live right now… but i’ve seen it up to 3.39 or so. not fun filling up a tank for 35 bucks!!!

$3 for a gallon, that’s incredibly cheap :lol: It’s much more expensive here, and I don’t here so many people complaining about it. People are more worried about the oil prices.

HA! Trying filling up a tank for $65. And thats just an average sized tank.

The gas prize got raised to 10 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) only because of an oil plant(?) got destroyed/disabled. So now they raised the prises here in Norway, and as you would expect, people complain.

Strangely, they say that in Troms someplace, it wasn’t raised…

10 NOK? been ages i have seen the price anywhere close to that, except for some gas stations during limited hours on a weekend. Some gas stations around the biggest cities lower the prices to 10 NOK for a few hours on weekends, but then raise them back up later in the day. Is around 12 NOK where i live, and that is the 3th largest city here in norway.

Shit! Prices just nudged $1.40 here. Ugh…

Will the price of gas ever go back down?

Not unless they can restore the oil production… :sad: