I think I am about one step away. Help needed.

Ok, well I have been trying to master WILDs, and I have had several tiny LDs, (None of the which have come from a WILD.) but I think I almost have WILDing down.

First, I will explain my technique, and how far it can get me:

  1. I lay down flat on my back, and get comfortable.
  2. I relax my entire body, and focus on deep breathing.
  3. When my mind starts to wonder and produce strange thoughts, I quickly pull my wits back together, which gives my a HUGE adrenaline rush I can feel over my entire body.
  4. I then take quick, fast breathes. (This seems to increase my rush.)
  5. It builds up to a certain point, and then I feel as if I have been sucked into something.
  6. My body feels very fuzzy and warm, but all I see is black…

I have been able to achieve this state very easily over the last 3 nights, but can’t seem to get any further…

I feel as if I am one step away to achieving full LDing/WILDing.

If you can help, it would be greatly appreiciated!

I called this “adrenaline rush” as “dipping” in my earlier post… It doesn´t have anything to with adrenaline. It´s when you´re getting to SP and your brains cant send anymore electricity to your body. When the electricity goes to a diffirent place, it crosses some ear organs (whats the word…). When it crosses them, it creates the feeling. I read that in a lucid dreaming page, but i cant remember the address. It´s a good sing when you´re about to go SP.

I can personally control this, and if i make it deep enough, i go to SP…

Just wait for the paralysis…

Cool, I hadn’t heard of that.

I had this dipping thing this morning. So I tried to do what I do when I try chaining: imagine I’m touching something with my hands. And it worked, I started actually feeling it. From there it’s a tiny step to get into the LD, for me at least… but the stupid dog was barking so I couldn’t go any further… :sad:

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