I think my house is haunted..

The other night I was in bed, and I heard my Alarm clock going the volume was low. When I turned around it was unpluged, I had set it, to wake me up at 5:30am. Theres allso this one room, that gives me chills when im in it, and I start getting depressed. Its a old house, it was built back in the 40s. So it could be haunted.

Is the house built near any powerplant or something? They can cause magnetic fields and such. Or are there objects (hm, guess this one is hard to figure out) such as a fan, which resonate @ 18 Hz?

Get an exorcist/bless the house…

I wonder if I can bless water myself? Couldnt I just pray over it or something? Do you have to be a preacher to make holy water, I could start maketing holy water, and make some money. :eek:

You can always demand that the bad spirits go away.

After all, you own the house, you are the living creature, and you are the one who has a soul and are faithful in something. Spirits should respect you.

(Or so says my friend, I don’t know what to believe in when it comes to spirits interefering with the real world)

It would be dishonest to sell your own holy water, as most people have expectations that “holy water” means blessed by a Catholic priest. However, for your own use there are many ways of “blessing” water and if you are not particular about the RC connection, knock yourself out.

The easiest way is to use purified or spring water and “charge” it with some sort of energy. This can be using reiki or reiki-like practices, or by using prayers or both. One can also add a little salt which is traditional in many societies for cleansing and blessing.

Equally useful is lighting a white candle and saying prayers. The caveate should be noted that you should never leave lit candles unsupervised and be careful to keep them well away from any sort of potentially flamable material.

Some traditions use house washes for the same purpose with the added advantage that you end up having cleaned the place physically as well. Lucky Mojo Curio Company sells a really lovely smelling product called Chinese Wash. It has a very pleasant Lemongrass fragrance and when mixed with liberal quantities of water, it does a fabulous job of cleaning a house.

I would not let the materialists and skeptics influence you. The overwhelming majority of humankind, past and present were and remain convinced of the reality of spiritual realms. Their reasoning is as empirically solid as those who disbelieve.

Additionally, none of the materialists and skeptics can prove you are wrong. Their conclusions are, technically speaking, as firmly based upon belief as those who feel that spiritual entities exist. They may not like being reminded of that, but it’s true. Ultimately, the decision is yours.


I think you have an overactive imagination. :tongue:

You might be right, Its funny about the alarm clock, because I have had FA like that, I would wake up, and find my alarm clock unplugged, but Im pretty sure this wasnt a dream.

Does your alarm clock have a battery back up? Maybe the alarm clock was semi unplugged and gave that sound as it was falling out.

Holy Water is Holy Water… if you want to do as Quimbisero said and charge the water do it. But like Bruno, that’s your space now and you can just walk into the room and say something to effect of “this is my space now, I reside in the here and now. If you are good than we can share but if you are not than you need to leave. In the name of…”

Something along those lines. But all in all, you could very well have put the thought into your head and then creeped yourself out.

What’s wrong with ghosts? We have one in this very house I’m in right now, even my mom (who is sceptical to anything supernatural) says so! Call me crazy, but my house is haunted! :scared:

Nothing to be afraid of, though. My great grandmother, she died in this house…

The first thing that should be mentioned is that you cannot make a spirit do anything it doesn’t want to.

It is a being with conscious thought.

Demanding it leave is as rude as me coming into your home and demand you stop doing something I don’t like.

A spirit will haunt a place for one of several reasons, it lived there and just returns from time to time to that place in a comforting sort of way.

The spirit is grounded and hasn’t moved on because it’s scared, unsure or may not even know it’s passed on.

Never use “religious” means if you want to help something pass into the light, if the spirit is grounded and has never been into the light then it may still hold onto it’s physical life’s religious or spiritual beliefs and you may upset or offend.

A spirit in the average house is very rarely malevolent, evil or otherwise “bad”.

As far as feelings and “sounds” go, no spirit entity may be making those, it could simply be spiritual engery carrying sounds and feelings and an entity making you hear or feel them.

I’ve often heard my alarm go off even though it isn’t and I know my house is not haunted at all. For things like that it may just because you are intune with the energies, blessing the house may or may not work.

But if it is an entity blessing may not work as it depends why it’s there and if it wants to leave. If that spirit is just a good spirit visiting briefly where it lived it will come and go as it pleases, most of the time you won’t even know it’s there.

My dead grandmothers house is hunted.
3 defrent piople hwo newer hered of the hunting before have seen a man with a whit dog.
When my aunt sleeped there ones she found lots of white dog here on here bed.
Anothere night she hered animal sounds in wery strange places.

If it’s truly haunted, you could always try cleansing the hado of the house, to get rid of any unwanted vibrational residue.

Of course, this won’t help if your spirit is the result of an existing electromagnetic phenomenon, which is usually the case. Telephones are a big culprit. The biggest culprit is radio systems, if anybody near you uses one. My old neighbor had a radio (similar to a police radio) and some STRANGE stuff would happen in our house. We thought it was funny. If you put a stereo on the far side of my old room, and turned on the CD player, but took out the CD, you could actually hear him talking through the stereo!

Of course, we never told him that we eavesdropped on his conversations…

The apartment we lived in when I was in second grade had a ghost. Nothing scary, really, it just liked to move little things around, mainly little toy cupcakes and stuff. (I didn’t call it a ghost though, I called it the Haunted Cupcake.) I kind of got attached to it, and we made up a game where I would sit the cupcake somewhere then turn around and count, and when I turned back around it would be somewhere else. :content: My parents swear it wasn’t them, and at one point the ghost actually threw a button at me. I’d say if it’s not bothering you you might as well just leave it there. :smile:


Were your parents or anyone else for that matter nearby when these things happened? Did it ever happen when you were alone in a room?? I ask this because even parents cannot be trusted 100% when it comes to such cases.

Several people have died in the house I currently live at but I haven’t noticed anything too strange (temperature differences, etc but then again this house has no ventilation or heating/cooling). My grandmother’s house on the otherhand everyone always saw this ‘phantom’ figure at 3AM every night and stuff would float around beforehand. :confused: My grandmother had a religious figure come and take care of the phantom, I haven’t stayed overnight (IDk) but she says she thinks it’s gone.

I’ve visited this one haunted house many times. It was made back in the 50’s I believe. Many times being in there, strange things have happened. Part of the ceiling collapsed in, noises of people walking on broken glass in a closet, scrating behind doors. All of our friends get way scared going into the house so we always get a kick out of it

I lived in a 100 year old wodden house during most of my childhood, and nothing strange happened other than things that could be explained by my active child imagination.

a large area taking up about 3 or 4 streets is built on where a coal mine once collapsed.
my friend said he has a ghost in his house…obviosly i didnt believe him…then we saw it and the moron (reffering to the ghost) gave ME one as well…allthough i havnt seen it since a couple days after that.
he has a ragged black dude (were black people allowed to do that in those days?)
and now i have…or rather had…a small girl.
thankfully we havnt seen them since then.

and no we weren’t scared…eyes dart fearfully

I still don’t know if I believe in ghosts…My sister is dead-set on the notion that they do exist. She reports that they have moved her while she was sitting on her bed, talked to her, oh and she claimed to wake up every night at the same time and see our dead grandfather in the reflection of the mirror in her room. I it’s happened in the two places we have lived in the past 7-8 years but one of the houses was built in the 30’s and the other is brand new so either she is imagining things (she’s turning 21 BTW) or ghosts are following her. I have yet to see one or witness any physical proof/encounters. :neutral: