I think my subconciouss dislikes me...

I’m serious. I have come to the conclusion that my subconciouss dislikes me. I find it to be quite a solid conclusion.

Every time I have ld, maybe 95-98% of them end as soon as I say “hah! I’m dreaming!”. It just happened last night to. And then, I go into sleep paralysis, or have a false awakening in which I am in my room and a creepy little tiny puppet person was walking on my bed and I couldn’t move (which was last nights case). Everytime I WILD, I can feel myself TRYING to put myself in a bad situation. I try to picture things before going to sleep, or incubate a dream, and it randomly inserts images that I would rather dislike to meet up with in my dreams. I hear bad sounds and when incubating, I will have a great thought for what I want to do, but outside of a small area of thought, everything is dark and scary and has things that could almost ALWAYS go wrong if I enter the dream I have made.

Why is this? I feel as though my subconcioussness doesn’t want me messing with it. It’s like theres actually something I’m not supposed to do in my dreams! I just suddenly lost all dream recall about a week ago.

why are these things happening? My conclusion is my subconciouss hates me. Why did I post this? I want to hear what you have to say about my childish rant. I swear. I ask for help more then anyone else on these boards.-.-

Anyway, thanks in advance.

Your only doing this all to yourself, you’ve got it locked in your head now that things wont go right, so your stuck in a psychological mindset.
You should just wake up one day, forget everything that has gone awry with your dreaming and start over.

I think you just need a bit more experiance with LDing, and a lot more confidence in your LDing skills. When this happened to me, before I went to bed I would picture myself becoming lucid, and then looking @ my hands (or whatever stabilising method you use). After doing this every night, my next LD I did it, and became stable. Don’t give yourself a hard time, your subconcious just needs a bit of encouraging :grin: good luck!

hmmm… easy for you to say. Thanks though. I’ll try it. ^.^
I’ll post more later. ^.^

SP with a creepy puppet… what I’m most scared of is that rotten (literally) little girl from The Ring to crawl out of my computer monitor and get my desk all wet! Maybe you can try some hypnosis to get your LDs to last longer.

never saw Ring, do not plan on. ^.^

In my quest for lds, I’m limited to only my natural abilities and what I can read on the internet. No hypnosis, no audio tapes or dream devices, so I can’t really do that unfortunately. I didn’t post more earlier because I’m sick and wanted to sleep. But unfortunately, I didn’t. -.- ugh

oh yes, and charlotte dreamer? I don’t seem to know a good stabilization technique. I usually don’t have time to stabalize because I am thrown from the dream to quickly. And when I do, spinning works best, but sometimes I wake up from spinning. -.-

Just be happy you get to say “Hah! I’m dreaming!” Some of us arent as lucky :cry:

Another nite another chance to LD. This nites the nite I can feel it. . . . Good luck stabilizing your dreams BTW.

Quote—>oh yes, and charlotte dreamer? I don’t seem to know a good stabilization technique. I usually don’t have time to stabalize because I am thrown from the dream to quickly. And when I do, spinning works best, but sometimes I wake up from spinning. -.-

Well, I usually use looking at my hands and counting my fingers. You will find that if you picture yourself doing stabilising techniques you will be able to do them before your dream fades. Another way is to scream ‘this is a dream! I am lucid!’ although I would make sure that you do a few RCs before doing this as it would be really embarising if it wasn’t a dream :grin: other than that theres spinning (I don’t find this one works for me, but if it works for you KEEP USING IT!) Remember, If you’re using the visualisation thing, keep it to one stabilising technique, don’t switch ever night you visualise it, and it will be easier and more effective.
Good luck Trung!

A pupet?! Next time a problem occurs tell it to show itself, beat it up and it won’t come back, problem solved.

HaHa, this really made me laugh. Last night, I was watching tv with my roomate, and I looked at the clock, and thought it said 10:17 (it’s digital on my vcr, very small, I was 15 feet awat from it, and I’m half blind!) then 3 minutes later my roomate said “OMG look at the time, it’s 10:30 already” I looked over at him and smiled and said “I’m dreaming aren’t I?” He looked back at me, and said “no silly, you’re not”

lol, it was really 10:27, I just couldn’t see it!

umm… maybe you had to be there, it was very funny at the time! :content:

Was the puppet Chucky? :gni:

If you beat the puppet you might have lots more next time - dream avenger puppets… much worse.

Better to change it into something innocuous.

I don’t understand why you can’t try some of the ‘shortcut’ methods like tapes, CD’s etc… I use for example a cd player (which plays mp3’s) with earphones. It’s great to sleep with…

It seems to me, that perhaps you might need to practice relaxing yourself a bit more… Take it easy. Don’t be so displeased when you don’t get an LD or when it’s horribly short. Don’t feel anxiety because it’s worse.
Just read a lot about LD’s, think about them, perform RC’s a lot… chances are you will have one and more…

I have been told I’m very paranoid. I can’t listen to tapes and such because My parents don’t want me to choke on the head phone wires or to waste electricity. As for the puppet, was not chucky. But it move sooo creepy I wanted to scream and cry. I couldn’t beat it up because there was SP(which btw I cannot enter Lds from)

and also, to the stabilization techniques, when I rub my hands together, I find that everything starts going dark and I have to rub so fast and nearly feel like I die of exhaustion. -.-

^.^ thanks all

a thought just sparked in my head. Coud my troubles be caused by a neurological disease? I have MS. Could the actual disease or the treatment have anything to do with my LDing?

I don’t think it could affect your dreaming. I happen to know my very dear friends with MS… or was it MD? I can’t remember, but they were very sweet and positive. I find that amazing in them. The treatments weren’t enough for them though. :sad: They died… but they did leave a great memory with me. They changed my life. :smile: I just had to comment about that.

And yes, I understand how you feel when your subconscious seem to be running against you. What I’ve learned is that in a long run, it is actually helping you. Just be very patient okay? :wink: Good luck!

I’m so sorry DM7. And it is MS.

You could try wireless headphones, then…

wireless headphones? I’ve never hear of such a thing. Although it does make much sense for such a thing to be made. I don’t know.

You could draw a picture of the nightmare and then stare at it until it means nothing. Like repeating a word over and over again until it looses all meaning.
Or you could draw it and then cross it out as if it can’t do a thing to you.