I tried Galantamine for the first time last night

I tred Galantamine for the first time last night and I had the most
vivid lucid dream I’ve ever had. I went to bed at 9:00 pm
woke up about 3:00 am and took 8mg of Galantamine. It was way better
than I expected. If you can have vivid lucid dreams without supplements
thats great. As for me I’m trying supplements.
Has anybody else tried Glalntamine.

What is Galantamine? Are they pills? Or something you drink ?

I have found galantamine to work extremely well in increasing the vividness of my dreams as well as increasing my dream recall. I actually had my most vivid and long LD ever last night after having taking galantamine. I don’t like to take this supplement more than 3 times in a row because I have read on other forums that this can get you feeling nauseous. I actually recently just bought another supplement that is supposed to work with galantamine very well that is called choline, but I am still waiting for it to arrive in the mail, so I will let you know how it works. If you want some more information regarding the combination of galantamine and choline, in case you might be interested in buying some choline, check out this linke. no commercial links please

And FretDancer- Galantamine is a supplement that you take as a pill, well at least the ones i have are in pill form. The thing that galantamine is most commonly used for is the treatment of alzheimers disease, which might be the reason that I tend to remember my dreams much more. From what I have read and understand about galantamine, it results in an increase in REM sleep, which in turn will result in more vivid dreams, and if you become lucid, more vivid lucid dreams.

Galantamine comes from the red spider-lily flower, and it is used by people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s. It helps to regain memory and increase focus.
It’s for sale online in capsule form. The pharmacies carry it, but you need a prescription (at least here in Hawaii).
I have indeed heard it to be used frequently by Lucid Dreamers.
What no one tells you through that a lot of capsules, caplets (depends from which company) also have nicotine in it, so it is rather addictive if you ask me.
It’s about $30 for a jar (2 months worth). There is a red tiger lily abstract available, that would be a cleaner source, but I’m not sure about the effectiveness or price.

If you look up the supplement with the brand name Galantamind online you will be able to find a bunch of places online that sell it. Also, I just checked the ingredients on the bottle that i have of Galantamind, and there is no nicotine used, so no need to worry about any addictive qualities. Hope that helps KauaiDreamer :colgate:

I am rather stubborn though!
I have to see if I can achieve lucidity regularly the natural way first. If I get to a point that I can’t seem to get lucid anymore, the I might try the Galantamind.

Haha I felt a little stuborn to try it at first as well. The way I look at it now is an aid to help me get more vivid dreams. I don’t really see it as something that dramatically increases my chances of becoming lucid, but as something that will help me be in a crazy and vivid dream. I don’t take it all the time either. I usually take it about 1 to 2 times a week. Another thing that I feel it dramatically helps is my dream recall. If i haven’t remember any dreams for a couple of days I will wake up about 6 hours after falling asleep and take a galantamine pill, and usually have about a page and a half or more to write down about my dream. Not that I’m looking to change your perspective on it, but I don’t see it as something to be stubborn about as long as you take it in a responsible amount and don’t become dependent on it.

So if its purposed is to treat Alzheimer’s, then I shouldn’t give it a try I guess?

@matt8690 and Topic Starter:

Do you take Galantamine specifically to have better dreams or achieve better lucidity? Should i try that?

Sorry for the bunch of questions xD

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Sorry about that Silw, I didn’t know that rule.

Well that is one of its purposes, but it is also very helpful for increasing the vividness of dreams. You should definitely give it a try, it has done wonders for me when I am having a dry streak with either remembering my dreams or having very vivid dreams.

Ive recently ordered brilliantdreams; I havent gotten it yet.
I expect them to work great for me, ill see once it gets here :razz:

I purchased some Ginkgo Biloba at a vitamin shop, it’s supposed to help with memory and blood flow etc.The only thing is that it takes 4-6 weeks to take effect, but after that memory improvement etc, increases as time goes by. Sounds good to me, plus it is natural, no funny chemicals.

I got my galantamine from advanced dream nutrition. Great product and
they ship fast. I bought a book from amazon called
Advanced Lucid Dreaming The power of supplements.
I’ve been into lucid dreaming for over 10 years, But this book has changed my life.
I love lucid dreaming and hope others can use this infomation. :wink:

I had recieved the bottles of brilliantdreams, which contain 4mg of galantamine, Im gonna try them after 5 hours of sleep to see what happens…

Oh wow, Definite dream recall improvement!

I had an issue going back to sleep and ended up tossing and turning for 2 hours or so before getting back on the PC, I got tired and went back to bed(It was around 7-8 at this time) I figured it would be perfect since my alarm was going to go off at 9:45, I had 2 lengthy dreams before getting up.

Unsure what caused me not being able to go back to bed, probably too long of a wbtb, and my brain thought it was time to get up for school, because normally I get up at 5AM for school :meh: . Ill see tomorrow if getting up earlier helps…

I have the same book. But I’m trying to get back to where i was LD-wise before I step things up.

What other ingredients are in the brilliant dreams pill.
Please let us know how its works for you.

50mg vitamin B
4mg lycoris radiata extract (as galanatamine HBr)
100MG Choline
I wanna take it again tomorrow morning because I kinda botched going back to sleep.
But i’m afraid of becoming immune to the galantamine; Probably wont happen unless i take large amounts all the time…

Alright, I got up at 3:30 without my alarm, I figured i got enough sleep and would be entering REM soon so I decided to shutter my 5AM alarm and take 2 doses; I was able to sleep easier this time.

[sidenote] I got to sleep in 15 minutes when all the sudden (CRASH) I heard something fall in my room, I did an RC to be sure but for some reason one of my stereo speakers for my TV was knocked over [/sidenote]

I had an LD in the first REM cycle, It was lengthly as I remember around 15 mins? I woke up after but I sat there recollecting the whole dream before going to sleep, I didn’t write it down because that would make me move, I figured it would still be remembered in the morning.
I got up around 8:30, I remembered a tiny fragment of a few dreams totally forgot the LD, Except the knowledge that i had one, So i’m left high and dry.

I’m Gonna give brilliant dreams a break for a few days, then try again…