nope not really , i hope atleast
But imagine , you were told by your doctor you had only live a few weeks , how would you react ? what would you do ? Be more serious about religion ? Visit far relatives ?

State what you would do , and why

I would say that i would do all these crazy things but that would probobly be a lie.
I would probobly just try to get closer to my inner self, maybe meditate, visit loved ones. Go in peace you know

Reaction - “About time…Let’s just hope theres something interesting on the other side.”

What I would do - Read the Bible and take note of everything in it(Christianity is my religion) Do good deeds to strangers, walk into danger without a care. LUCID DREAM! :smile:

dude ? you really wanna shorten the time you have left by dieing in accident ???

Tell my honors lit teacher how much I hate her. Then tell my brother how much I hate him. I mean, I’m going to die anyway…

Oh, and, Sos? LOVE your avatar!

I would probably think positively, do lots of autosuggestion, imagining myself get better. I would also, in case that fails, hehehe, spend lots of time with loved ones and tell them how much they mean to me, which really should be something we should do anyways, regardless. I would do charitable things to get in the good books with the Old Man above me (he’d probably know this, oh well, he HAS to love me!!!), and basically try to enjoy life to it’s fullest. I would also like to spend a night at a Buddhist temple. I’ve always wanted to do that. Make peace with myself and my loved ones, basically.

It’s a good question Sakoda. Thought provoking. I’ve done a type of meditation before, that I learned from a Buddhist book. Anyways, it entails imagining that you would die an hour from the period of meditation, and basically just go through your life currently, to find out what really matters to you. It’s very interesting.

Cheery thread.

I think that I would try to finish as many of my currently unfinished stories, poems and paintings and sketches as possible. That would be the most important thing for me I think.

I’ll probably try and evaluate what I’ve done in my life, and try and sort out some loose ends if possible (should there be any).

I wouldn’t get more serious about religion, as I don’t believe in eternal damnation (any conversion attempts will be ignored, so don’t even bother, thank you), and also because I don’t think there would be any reason to delve into it at that specific time, as I’d be soon getting all the afterlife, answers, and enlightenment about it I could possibly want having to experience it directly (should there be an afterlife).

I would stop procrastinating and being shy and find some lovin’. After that, I would take my newfound love-of-my-forty-day-life, and travel to the South American wilderness. Before I left, I would take all of my beautiful teacher plants; my cactus, my brugmansia, my calea, everything, and boil it down into a brew to drink hours my lights go out. What better place to die than in the rainforest with someone you love while seeing visions and dwelling within the heart of consciousness?

Well I’ve already been told I would die by an MD before. Conventional medicine is only really great in the trauma department. If you want to be healthy and get healed, go with alternative medicine. I know it’s a little off topic but, the best thing you can do initially is drink some kombucha, and get yourself a 1-3 intestine/liver cleanse kit. You won’t be disappointed! :grin:

And btw, I would probably do the same thing as DayLight. :tongue:

“Damn, I’ll be more careful next time! I hope there’s enough time to replay all my favorite games… Maybe I’ll time it just right…”

i do see myself doing more dangerous things if i were told i’d die soon,

because then i would think “i’ll die soon, so it doesn’t matter if i die a little earlier than that, at least then it’ll probably be faster”

i don’t know what i’d do really, probably just go on with my life, maybe make preparations, arrange the funeral and stuff, because then it’s sure to be the way “you would have wanted it”

but no, i wouldn’t revert to religion or annything

hahaha, i’d probably do that kind of things too,

i’d also try to make sure no one grieves too much, i’d hate it if people would be devestaded of me dying, that’s also something i’d probably tell people when i am old, don’t grieve me, it’ll only hold you back, and it won’t help one bit

So, why you cant do that right now? Why does the knowledge that you will die soon, relieve you of your shyness?

haha, i know very well why the knowledge you would die would end your shyness: there’s no consequence for being a complete ass, so you don’t need to worry people will think badly of you if you’re very open, so you stop being shy, because shyness is often caused by a fear of being thought badly of

Come on do you really think that people will have BAD THOUGHTS about you if you ask a girl out?

I have bad thoughts about people who ask girls out, especially if the girl says yes! curse them! :razz:

I would probably give ALL people around me enough reasons not to grieve!

Hey, I’m a nasty person on a regular day, even I can’t imagine what hell I’ll raise. But on a more serious note, I’ll probably get really into the science of psychonautica. I come from a very conservative background when it comes to different “substances”. Most stuff except coffee and alcohol (we are from Russian origin after all, hehe) are shunned upon.
But on a MORE then serious note, I would probably try to really LIVE by engaging different activities that involve all of my 5 (possibly 5 and a quarter) senses. Bungee(sp?) and stuff like that. Hell, it makes me think: how do I know that I will be alive in forty days? There are more than enough bio-stuff out there that can kill you in days, and I didn’t even get into the more natural accidents like being aquashed by a semi-trailer.

I can honestly say, the hardest thing I ever did was the first time I asked a girl out. After that it became easy :smile:

If my death was imminent and I knew it, I would tell everybody I know exactly what I think of them.

Well, since I have spent my entire life doing what I wanted and bettering my own existence, I would devote some of the time I had left to a worthy cause. Like… raise global climate destablisation awareness (global warming is the wrong name), try to take down some big corporations through arson and the likes, go out with a bang, really. Make sure I’m remembered. Try to change the world. It’s a lot easier to do with nothing to lose.

Finally, on my last two days, I would do small edit any drug I could find. I don’t want to die still wondering what all the fuss was about.