if stopping time in your dream world were to stop time IWL?

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I know that everyone is going to tell me it’s impossible… but what if stopping time in your dream world were to stop time IWL?

How would we ever know, maybe time has been stopped many times and we havent noticed as we are part of the time being stopped. But if time did stop IWL, would all the aeroplanes fall to the ground or would they just stand still in mid air.

IWL i think that none would really notice because time is just a perception.(and becouse everyone is too busy to think about time) Life could feel like it never happened, or could feel like it went on forever. But freezing time would only change our perception of time (and the clocks.) :content:

They would stop as well as everything else :smile: Picture if as if you took a photo. If time stops, everything happening inside the domain of time stops.

I find it boring if everything stood still, I dont know if every single atom is frosen when time stood still.
But there are advantages with time freesing too, you can stop accidents.
I want to control the time if Im ever gonna experience time stop IRL.

I think theyre gonna stay in air, because everything is frosen (except you :razz: )

If time stopped but you could still move, would you age?
Like if time stopped for 10 years but you could still move would you suddenly age 10 years in a second from other peoples point of view?

The concept of time is an organizational system invented by man. No “time” is “passing”.

Several people have claimed to have spent days, months, even years within a single lucid dream, I personally am unsure if this is possible. People have however prolonged there lucid dreams to make it seem several hours longers, but when they wake up only minutes, or considerably less hours have passed. I believe you are adjusting your mind’s concept of time, kind of like when you’ve smoked a lot of Ganja and if feels hours has passed when you looked at the clock 20 minutes before. Or when your doing something you hate, like work, and it feels like time goes by really slowly.

Time itself is an unquantifiable entity, so technically it can’t “stop”. Your perception of the idea can only be altered.

I was thinking: if time COULD stop completely, everything would stop, right? Theoretically, would we be able to breath? Wouldn’t the oxygen atoms be “frozen” and unmoving?

haha, why was this made into an entirely new topic?

whatever… anyways, when i posted this, i’m not sure if i literally meant “time.” whose to say that time even exists anyways? time is just created by people to show how many times the earth has orbited the sun or whatever. whose to say that one minute isn’t really a year? so i think that if time itself were to stop, then it wouldn’t make a difference. we just wouldn’t have anything to lable our important dates with :tongue:

Maybe our conception of time would be stopped, but other than that, it’s impossible to stop time unless moving at or above the speed of light. Or you’re very close to a black hole, but… the chance of both of those happening, is so small (maybe the first one will be possible one day…) it’s basically impossible to do it right now.

you can’t move faster than the speed of light. (in this physical universe)

the speed of light is the speed limit for this particular physical universe.

It defines the rule-set here,
it defines this space-time.

If you could stop time in a dream and both in reality, and if you woke up, it would still be the same time you started dreaming, so you might be kinda weirded out…
Thats kinda like Narnia, they go into the wardrobe and then time stops IRL.

The question of time-stopping is really quite trivial, because it wouldn’t be noticed.

That’s right, you can’t move faster than the speed of light. The limit is, of course, not just speed through space, but speed through time. The limit is a vector of sorts, and so the faster you travel through space, the less you travel through time, which of course means that if you are in the spaceship then you will seem to be traveling faster than c, simply because you are aging far slower. Anyway, that’s not really of much help, because you can’t ever get to a speed where time in your ship is 0 compared to other frames of reference. You must be massless to do that.

There wouldn’t be enough time to breathe. :wink:

I can’t say I like the first/last paragraphs, but the main one is dead on. In a lucid dream, it must surely be possible to change perception of time by even a little bit, just as one can feel the time go by quickly or slowly if they’re excited or bored.

But really, time is most certainly a fundamental quantity. Relativity says clocks can record different things and still be correct as long as they’re at relative velocity. This is governed by a precise equation. So how could time be slowing down and speeding up according to different time-keeping devices, where both devices are working perfectly and are recording each second as a normal second, and yet not exist? It must exist for this to happen! Relativity needs time to exist fundamentally…and if it didn’t exist, well, our GPS systems wouldn’t work.

No, I mean - considering the time stopped, but someone didn’t stop along with it. Since the air’s “frozen”, would the person die?

Maybe you could wear a spacesuit

If everything was unmoving, I don’t think the person would need air because the heart and blood wouldn’t be moving.

It’s sorta like pause. Your heart wouldn’t need to pump. And you wouldn’t need the breathe because your blood wouldn’t need oxygen.
Atleast untill time moved again.

We dont know when timestops happen, since our minds are standing still we cant say that the time doesnt stop, maybe it stops constantly, we just dont feel them :cool:

I dont know if he/she dies or not, if he/she survived you should less likely believe it, if he/she is dead you cant tell the reason, Im sorry, the only way is to stop the time for yourself :tongue:

“Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so.” - Ford Prefect

But on a more serious note, if time truly stopped, if everything that exists just stopped, would you even know about it if you were asleep? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. If it does, then you wouldn’t know because you would be asleep.

If the air was frozen, how could that person move?

I believe time is only a concept that man had cerated only to help put things in order. If we didn’t think about time in the first place, we would just, be. The earth would still be spinning, which makes me think, does time really exist? or do we just think it does because we need something to base our lives on. What if everyhing was already here and had no start off. We only think there was a beginning to it all because we think back through time. It’s strange to think that therer was no beginning and will be no end. Time is just a restriction we place on ourselves.

but dont listen to me, I’m just a big TRIP CASE.
I tend to think about the “what if’s”, “how’s” and “if there were never’s”
If none of what i say seems to make sense, I apologize. It’s just extremely hard to put certain thoughts into words when it seems like such an impossible event that I’m trying to explain…