If you speak any wierd european languages...

English does not count as a wierd european language :razz: Neither does french or spanish.

Anyway, I listen to some songs that are in languages I don’t understand, and it seems very diffucult to find online translators that translate croatian, hungarian etc.

So, any LDers who can help out?
The lyrics I would like to know what they mean:
Vukovi Umiro Sami (I already know that the songs title is something about wolves dying alone)
Ébredj fel!
Lane Moje
Árny és fény

And, then there is this song that I don’t know the name of, or what language it is sung in. I think it had been in eurovision song contest… Sounds like they sing “Kuko Kuko Daguzite”? It would be good just to know what language it is in.

I would be grateful if I just got help with any of these. :content:

I don’t know any of these languages,but i could help you if you had a greek song :tongue: (spammer !!! :razz:).

Hm… Thanks anyway. :razz:

Vukovi Umiro Sami: onlylyrics.com/song.php?id=28081 (it is croatian)

Ébredj fel!: lirama.net/song/52387?setlang=en it is hungarian, i don’t know the language, are there hungarian people here?

Lane Moje: forumi.parajsa.com/t1459-eurovision-2005-a.html (Serbian)

Árny és fény: Hungarian again, i have no idea.

Good luck hunting :cool:

In truth I would say that English IS the wierdest language in europe, it’s also the most difficult to learn.

Vukovi Umiru Sami - wolves die alone

Silence chains darkness like an anchor
The fear inside me slowly dies away
This love was just an apparition
This is not my time

A few more hours before the dawn
Anxiety outside as if there is a war
I put on my coat and go away
So as to forget everything

Ships drift away down the Danube
You worry no more about me

I am like leaves carried by the wind
Wolves die alone

Silence chains darkness like an anchor
The fear I feel slowly dies away
I put on my coat and go away
So as to forget everything

Of course it depends on your native language and also on personal preference, but English certainly isn’t the most difficult european language. Actually it’s the easiest language I know. Writing is a bit difficult since you can’t know from the pronounciation (unlike spanish or french), and there are also quite a lot of synonymous words, but your easy grammar easily outweighs these disadvantages. You don’t even have to adapt the verbs to the object!

Uhm sorry, bit off topic. And yes, I am back again, kinda.
greets tapir

Oh shoosh Traumgänger :tongue:


hey dark

Just got back from Bolivia and, feeling a bit jetlagged, thought I might pay a visit to “good old LD4all”. Of course languages have been quite an important topic to me over the last few months, so I had to contribute here.

Welcome back, Tapir! :cool_laugh:

Did Lanina just call ‘german’ a weird european language?^^

I don’t know if English is your first language, but if it isn’t then you might be mistaken about some synonyms. English has borrowed words from both Germanic and Romance languages that look like they should be synonymous (and actually their dictionary entries might be identical), but will give very different meanings in context.

Haha, sorry. I actually think that english is wierd (at least the spelling) while german isn’t very wierd. But, if I would have called english a wierd language in the first post, then all the english speakers would be here and say “I do!” :razz:

And thank you, Dark Matter. :content:

Lane Moje (Half English, Half Serbian) (Dj Suzi)
by Zeljko Joksimovic


Your name is on my lips.
Tonight is tender full of memories.
It´s all I have now.
But for the last time I´m feelin hold you in my arms
Say goodbye, Now I´m leaving.
I can´t stay another day.
I can´t share another feeling.
Love will tear us anyway.
Say goodbye, Now I´m leaving.
Save your tears oh don´t you cry.
All I take with me is greeting.
In the name of love goodbye.


(nek’ neko drugi kose ti ljubi, da tebe lakse prebolim)
Lane moje ovih dana (lane moje)
Vise i ne tugujem (lane moje)
Pitam samo da l’ si sama
Ljude koje ne cujem
Lane moje nocas kreni (lane moje)
Nije vazno bilo s kim
Nadji nekog nalik meni
Da te barem ne volim
Da te vise ne volim


Say goodbye, Now I´m leaving. (Say goodbye)
I can´t stay another day. (Say goodbye)
I can´t share another feeling. (I Can´t share another feeling)
Love will tear us anyway. (Love will tear us)

Say goodbye, Now I´m leaving.(Say goodbye)
Save your tears oh don´t you cry. (Don´t you cry)
All I take with me is greeting.(All I take with me is greeting)
In the name of love goodbye.(In the name of)
In the name of love goodbye.(In the name of)
In the name of love goodbye.(in the name of love)

Volim srpski :smile:

Well, to me, since i’m english, most european languages are strange to me, but i know a little dutch…

I’d have to say that English is a weird language, even though it’s my first language. Ever since I started to learn french I’ve noticed how odd it is. For example, all the inter-changeable words, synonyms, etc. Like bass (the fish) and bass (the musical instrument) are spelled the same but pronounced differently, so if you didn’t know what context the word was in, you might not know how to pronounce it.

Sorry for the off topic rant :content:

English is the weirdest language of all. Nah, ok, Hungarian is weirder. (And that’s exactly why it’s one of the languages I want to learn the most. :razz:)

I want to learn a gaelic or Celtic language.

Anyone speak catalan? Or even heard of it? :boogie:

It’s a language spoken in the north east of spain, kinda like a mix between spanish and french. I’ve known how to speak and write it all my life but… holy bejeesus, the grammar is tough!

My uncle does, he’s part Catalan or something. I’m looking forward to learn it, more than Castelian if you ask me.