if you've read The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda

i have a question. i had a series of 8 dreams i can recall from last night. one was lucid but uneventful. the last one i remember i was walking toward vatican city across a bridge, i told my two companions to not look like tourists by staring at all the golden crosses. a shrouded women with a very dark face, i could not well see came up to my side from the left and handed me a scepter with a gold cross on it. i follwed her to a chapel . i stood among others. i heard someone say that a mass by a nagul is performed in the nude. she rose and revealed herself to be a something i could only describe as a naked prehistoric shaman woman, very muscular with large breasts, long arms, skin like black ash. she had a head like a horse, but with human lips and large human eyes. her hair was wild nappy long, dirty stuff that wavered in an updraft that came off of her body… she looked at me and spoke as if we ere the only two things in the universe, i don’t remember what she said. i want to think of her as my sorceror guide in my dreaming practices, but i wonder if she amy be a trap set by the inorganic beings, and of course maybe she’s just some part of my wild imagination. for the time being i’m calling her my “spirit monster.” what do you think?

In all honesty I dont think it matters, because in my opinion: the goal of lucid dreaming is to increase awareness, not make dream meaning important. The overall raised awareness is what’s important.