I'm in sleep paralysis, now what?

I woke up earlier than I was supposed to and decided to try WILD
after som time i try to focus on one of many images that popped up. Its a big bright blue square with a tachometer in the middle. As I concentrate and try to enter the image, I suddenly feel like im falling and beeing sucked into the image. I gasp for air and find myself in SP. Its hard to breathe and i can hear sounds like there are lots of people talking. I want to lie there and observe the sounds, but it feels to uncomfortable so I try to wake up by breathing faster (I think I read about it somwhere) and the sp gives up.

its the first time i try WILD so is this how its suppose to work? I have read about becoming Lucid trough SP, so what do i have to do to becom lucid when in SP?
Experienceing SP was scary, but i would gladly do it agin since I know its not dangerous and it was an intresting experience!

First time is weird :tongue: Cool to know the breathing thing does work with other people. A few more times and you’ll learn to relax more and enjoy it. One thing to note is, while in SP, it only feels hard to breathe because you try to control it. Trust that you are breathing without trying (your SC is controlling it) and just don’t think about it.

I’ve had SP many times and I’m not able to enter a LD every time :sad: If you try to move your body… you won’t :lol: so you have to imagine it moving. Visualize how it would feel for your body to move and soon you should start feeling it. You can touch surfaces and start rubbing them and then try to introduce other senses… or you could just roll out of bed! (again, not physicaly, but with imagination. it’s a bit hard to explain how it works…)

Another thing I recommend, specially if you can’t enter a LD and are about to give up, is to try to listen to music! It’s so much fun lol

Good luck!

controlled breathing can also be a way to stop the feelings of SP. rather than “breathing yourself awake” try slow, rhythmic breathing to center yourself. If you’re feeling a weight or a push in a particular direction, try going in the direction you’re being pushed. For me this is often into the bed, but others may tend to float upwards.

Mattias’s suggestion of “Rolling out of bed” also works for me.

It was hard to relax and i could haer my self gasping for air, kinda freaky :tongue: But hopefully its easyer after a few more times. I think i get the meaning of roling out of bed, an I will definatly try it out. Listen to music? Imaginary music? what else… Sound fun :confused:

But when doing WILD. Do you allways go into SP or is it just occasionally?

yeah, no doubt about it, sleep paralysis is freaky. I’ve had it hundred of times and it still is tricky for me.

Fear is the biggest killer, so if you can figure out how to calm yourself down (by breathing, or by reciting an affirmation for example) you will quickly be able to use SP as a portal to the other states.

Listening to music is great! Set an intention to hear a certain kind of music and see what happens!

I read somewhere on the net that when you have SP you are near to OOBE state, and that you can do it easily. Now how to do it, and does SP make WILD easier? How to enter the state?

And another thing, can you die or end up in hospital because of SP?
EDIT: Another thing. Today before my afternoon nap I felt like really strong vibrations. Like energy is going trough my body. Can someone explain this? I was tired and drowsy before sleeping. During next few minutes 4 half LD’s hit me. I mean LD’s in HI stage. I was feeling my dream body and I was talking to a classmate. She asked me to explain her something. I started explaining, but then it hit me. Why am I explaining this to you, your just a dream chara…BAM! wakes up

What firghtend me most was the idea of having frightening hallucinations. I dident have any though, except sounds. Listeing to music sounds great! hope to try it out som time :smile:

From what i know SP is totally harmless and happens every night when your dreaming: https://community.ld4all.com/t/what-is-sleep-paralysis-and-its-causes/7497

I have felt simular vibrations. But I dont know what they are. Kinda simular to what happend this morning when i got SP. There where moments when I could feel both my dream body and real body at the same time. I moved my dream body and was aware that my real body didnt. Wierd

Well I guess that was some kind of stage between HI stage and REM dream stage. Happens to me most these days.

You can also try log rolling to the side when you’re in Sleep Paralysis… I do it just like I’m rolling my normal body, except it’s my dream body that rolls. It’s hard, and feels like you’re rolling through molasses – but you can keep on rolling and rolling and rolling like that. Not sure it’s good for anything… :neutral:

Make sure you don’t roll off your bed (put it next to a wall or something – just in case).

I thought that the meaning by roling your dream body, was to roll it of the bed (not your real body, but dream body). And since you cant move in SP, why roll agianst a wall? :eh:

But anyway, thanks for tips and advice everybody. Your very helpfull:)

Yes, you want to roll your dream body – but it feels just like rolling your real body. If you roll towards a wall, you don’t have to worry about your real body falling onto the floor (if you’re not really in sleep paralysis). Somebody did that before, and I felt kinda bad… :cry:

…then I laughed! :lol:

In any case, the wall won’t interfere with your rolling.