Intriguing Beliefs

Does anyone here have any original beliefs that others may see fit to incorporate into their own Belief Systems? Share them here.

Bearing in mind, of course, that truth is relative and that non consequential beliefs are harmless. In other words, try to stay respectful of each other.

At the end of this topic, we will (hopefully) have a nice pool of ideas to draw upon.

Mine is pretty original. I believe that we are in a dream. That is to say that what we call reality is just another dream being carried out by an insubstantial conscious mind, that being us, which perceives itself as being all these different things and characters in a kind of multiverse, when in actuality it is nothing but a constant stream of thought.

Whether or not we can become lucid in this dream is up for debate…

I believ that all we see and register as reality is actually man made ( Time, Space, ETC.) and that by realizing this we can be set free and control almost anything. I also believe in almost all kinds of Kinesis’ as long as it has a strong syentific base or I have experienced it. ( So far I have experienced Chrono, Bio, Tele, and Cryokinesis. And no im not crazy!!!)

I believe that all of life as we know it, space, the planets, the stars, are all a wonderful accident.

Time is man made.

Perhaps EVERYTHING is some crazy joke, all is illusion, but that is just a conspiracy theory i suppose.

I can’t even begin to say all the questions i have, no one has the answers. I guess we’ll have to just wait. My head hurts…

Oh yeah, what does everybody believe in “How WE, the human race as we know it got here.” I personally believe in the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

My belief, something I’d love to believe was true but have no proof (as is with all religon) is that when we die, we become God. We don’t merge with god, but rather gain an entire new realm of creation to ourselves. In this, there are only three things that we cannot do and can never do:

  1. Destroy a Soul
  2. Change a Soul by tampering (it has to be changed via experiance)
  3. Prevent a Soul from leaving and creating their own world.

(I’ve been wanting to document my beliefs for a long time now)
So basically, God in our universe was once a soul in another universe. Then he (or she, or it, or something entirely diffrent) died or moved on to this universe, then created stuff. (This can factor in anything, like evolution.) 4.3 billion years later, and here we are. Anything that has a soul gets to one day leave and create their own universe (a broader term may be neccesary, like multiverse or creation, because a universe is one single thing). Anything is possible, even a universe with no souls (but that would be boring). This however, raises a few questions.

  1. If this is the way things are, then how did the first universe come into exsistence?
  2. What exactly is a soul?

My answers:

  1. It either always exsisted with no god, or with a god, or was caused by some sort of big bang. It boggles my mind. Maybe there even was no “first universe”
  2. A soul as I define it is who a person is. Basically, it’s their emotions, their beliefs and what they would do in a situation.

#2 raises another question, which is: If someone is brain-damaged, and does not act like themselves, then what happened?
What I think happened is that their perception is changed, or they no longer have full control over their bodies and minds. Or something I haven’t thought of yet.

Wow, that’s pretty much everything I believe in, right there. Can’t believe it was that short.

That is a very interesting belief, I like it.
From what you say there would be a lot of “universes”.

Yeah, and if you figure on how chain-letters go, make the chain letter out to a few billion people (not even inlcuding animals and other such things) you’ve got more universes then the human mind can comprehend.

This place has some awesome ideas.

There is a theory that i have read where there is not only one universe but many “balloon universes”.

What is a balloon universe? Please elaborate.

I read something like that. It’s the “String Theory” I think.

String Theory is basically (as much as I can understand it) where everything is made up of a ton of very tiny vibrating strings.

oh right, then I remember something else that said that there are multiple other universes, but I don’t remember it being the balloon universes.

What if… you are the only person with your own individual thought and everyone else is just a drone there to react to you…

I seriously doubt it, seeing as how everyone would think that.

I’ve considered this before. Sometimes people seem to act in ways that completely defy logic and their own experience. It’s almost like they were put there just to screw up my parade.

Then again, those people may just be idiots.

Also, forgot to add a very important belief…

The demon scream. If a soul has had it up to here with a universe, they leave, taking any or all perphrieals (body, mind) they want with them into their next universe. This is the only way my belief would be proved, unfortunatley.

Yeah I thought about that a lot. Are you asking this question so I could answer it to be part of my life? lol

I read through all of that, and it seems possible.
It is out there, but worth considering.
Then again, everything is.
If you don’t challenge your own beliefs, you are an idiot.

Thanks for not discarding my opinion :happy: I love that theory, its so fascinating.

I agree.
Right now, I have no idea what I believe.
I used to think I know.
Now I am just trying to see every theory out there, and then decide for myself.