Introducing myself

Hello there!

I just registered on this forum, and I thought it might be nice to introduce myself so at least you know who I am and maybe I get to know something about the members here!

So i’ll start with myself, i’m 18 years old, living in Holland in the city of The Hague.
I’m quite used to internet communities like this one, i’ve been registered on some dutch forums, but then I thought it’s nice to see a bit more of the world :wink: so I regged here!

Also i’ve been interested in Lucid Dreaming for some time now. The only problem is I never put enough effort in it to get myself lucid, or writing down my dreams.
About a year and a half ago I read about LD for the first time, and i couldn’t belive all that was true! sounds too good :tongue: So I started to read more about it and I know some of the basics, I believe I had a LD once or twice for like 5 minutes (just before waking up) and i could jump in the air and float a bit.

Anyway, I think it will help if I spend some time here, reading other peoples experiences and just chill out a bit. I’m also trying to get a dreaming journal started, got the pen and paper laying next to my bed :smile:
But the problem is I hardly remember my dreams. Only in the weekends when i’m sleeping till 12 o’clock and turn over again and again…

Well thats about it for me I guess, hope to have a good time here :content:

I kinda missed the big ‘hello i’m new here’ topic :help: should have posted this there I guess.