The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic VIII

Welcome to the forum Bahamut-.

Hello to spazm, natethepunk2003 and Bahamut.
Have fun! :smile:

Welcome spazm and bahamut-

:smile: All I have to say is… HAVE FUN! :biggrin:


Kia Ora (Hello)

I’m New Here!

This forum is really helpful and full of information, its great!
I’m 17 and its school holidays at the moment, I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming on and off for the last couple of years. Anyway nice to find a forum FULL of people who are interested in lucid dreaming and lots of good advice! :smile:

hey Fruitburst cool im also 17 and live in newzealand what part you from?

Missed this topic… so I kinda misplaced my ‘hello there’ topic, oops…

:happy: Hi Julian welcome aboard!

Hope you feel home at this forum about dreaming and lucid dreams!
You got some experience so far?

Ok…happy 2004 and happy dreams to you!


thanks :smile:

Had some small experiences, more than a year ago. I’ve been interested in LD’s for a while, but never put much effort in getting them.
Now I am gonna start writing down my dreams, and just hanging around on this forum a bit :wink: I dunno if I can keep it up maybe it loses my interest again in a few weeks… but well i can try :happy:

Hehe Yes you sure can…well writing your dreams in a diary is a good thing!
Means that even when your not busy with this after sometime u always can restart fresh as a daisy :smile:


Yes, hello and welcome to the forum.

Hey tracer

I’m from the West Coast South Island

Where r u from?

lucky youve got some great scenery where u live :sad:

well hello :content:
Hope you like the forum and I hope it helps you much with your lucid dreaming.

Hello :smile:

I ‘love’ to lucid dream, and i will surely ‘love’ you all here :wiske: …lol. I’ll make sure it’s unconditional too… :wink:


Hi Tracer :wink:
Hi Fruitburst…i love your Avatar, like the colours and style!
Hi Onagar :smile:

Welcome all!
Some of you are allso known at sealife and know the way of lucid dreaming already i think!

Have a nice stay here with all other dreamers and dream along with us!


hello everybody
just like to say hello again after not being on for quite a number of months, but i’ve got a renued interest in Ld’ing (how could you not?).
so hi :grin:

:peek: Just popped by inorder to say hello to
Fruitburst, Julian, Onager and Deev.
and anyone else I may have missed. :wiske:

Hello friends,
I have had 1 LD in my life when I was 11 years old, I am now 15. It was a very short dream. All day I was thinking about flying, and then during a dream I decided that I wanted to try it, so i went ahead and jumped, and I didn’t come down. As I’ve read somewhere else on here, I didn’t actually fly to say, i was going at it the swimming in air way, and i was floating no more then 10 feet off the ground, although i was able to move around it took quite some time. I have been trying to figure a way for me to enter another LD. If i succeed I might have an idea for an experiment/project for the lucid laboratory. It involves the control of time during an LD, and a sort of jump/overlap in time, during which you could view/interact with yourself from another time.[/code]

I love that ‘time’ idea you have there!.. :smile: a friend of mine had mentioned a similiar project where you visit yourself in your past dreams, to change your past…everybody should have a chance to do that…lol

Hi there Time of Eclipse!