moved from pathways to lounge (felt more philosophy than dream related) :moogle:

It’s sort of Ironical

The desire to spend all one’s time in the subconscious realms, dealing with this world, but the dream world comes from the waking world, right?

I am afraid I fail to see the irony. You want to spend our time in a world that is derived from this world - just like you want to spend your time IRL having fun with your friends and family. Eventually, we all prefer the worlds in which we feel best - be it dreams, family, career…

good point

i saw that the dream world can only exist because this one does, for it is composed of the forgotten echoes of this one, that most people only vaguely recall upon departure

however i stopped to muse, perhaps there is more to it than that, a community of dreamers who decided to STAY lucid without going back, and now have their own societies that are very fluid, yet stable
always changing but, fun enough to always have a sense of familiarity.

How do you know that is isn’t the other way around?
We can never know for certain…perhaps this world was born from a creation in our dreams?
That’s one of the beliefs the aboriginals have, everything came from ‘dreamtime’, maybe it has even more truth in it than first anticipated.