Is it possible to repeat a dream I had last night?

I had a dream last night which i really enjoyed, and want to repeat. I’m wondering if it’s possible. Thanks in advance.

It is possible to repeat a dream to a certain extent by dream incubation … setting the intention of dreaming it before going to sleep (by autosuggestion) just telling yourself you will dream it and visualising it while falling asleep.
If you can LD you can also transform the lucid dream into a similar dream to the one that you liked.

Yes, and not even with incubation. Just…yes. The mind is a powerful thing that remembers easily, even if you don’t consciously do so yourself.

Hmm, I don’t know. I’ve never had a repeat dream, though I’ve certainly wanted to! I’ve heard of people having the same dream twice, but I’ve never heard of it happening intentionally.

I could tell you how, but I often have repeat dreams. Usually they are dreams I had a few years ago, but I always remember them when I wake up.

It’s quite useful to me as I can use them to DILD.

Now its bit too late but remember you can try to re-enter the dream you have just woke up from.This is the only way to have “same” dream.Else is what Moogle said- to some extend you can incubate particular dream but it will differ a lot from what was before, at least emotionwise

I have dream repeats from dreams that happened years ago and occasional dream deja vu–but I can’t seem to incubate a dream I’ve already had and have it again intentionally. Then again, I love the spontaneity of what my subconscious gives me every night! :content:

Read the VILD technique, I think some of it may help you understand how to incubate a dream.