Is it possible to "stretch" time in a lucid dream?

Ive heard of people who have only been asleep for a few seconds, minutes, or hours, and people have felt like they’ve been in the dream for days, weeks, months, even years. For example, a man has claimed to have been in a dream for 100 years in one night. Have any of you been able to accomplish this, and how? I’ve been thinking of maybe manifesting a machine in the dream that can stretch time. Share your thoughts and experiences!

I would look at Writers Cube DJ, he has a reputation for this hehe. He has a “dream clock” that he puts in how long he wants to sleep for and how long he wants the LD to be for and it works.

100 years? That sounds offley long… but who knows. I’ve heard of 2 years.

I think that your mind just takes what seems like something long, e.x. walking down a path, and fast fowards it so you have a memory of doing it, but you never actually did it.

I had read topics about this and tried experiments with it when I was still lucid dreaming, this is a bit of a controversial topic believe it or not.
I remember reading the story of a man who spent an entire lifetime in a dream, being none the wiser. He ended up dying of a car crash, but then, he woke up. After all those years, he ended up realizing he just lived in a facade, he was back with his wife in the same house he had lived in beforehand, same everything, but years and years had passed before he “died”.
I forget what the actual theory is called, if I remember it I’ll post it here, but this is definitely a topic that needs study.

To be honest, that sounds like a really phony story. Would you mind checking up that story again? :tongue:


Was probably happened is that the man dreamed he was 3 years in the future. The mind can do some amazing things. He probably had several memories from this period that stayed with him when he woke up. However while he may have lived in the dream for an hour and experienced the crash he didn’t actually live those 3 years.

This kind of illusion can persist for days if the dream was powerful enough. But for whatever reason those false memories fade faster than real memories. I’ve experienced similar things myself. My mind has played crazy tricks on me.

Since WritersCube’s tech was brought up, here is a link to how it works in his own words: clicky.

If you guys want more info on time stretching in dreams, there are a few other discussions on this topic that can be found
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I was able to pull all those up by going to the forum search (not the google search in the top corner), selecting Lucid Adventures and General Lucid and searching for “stretching time” and “extending time” :content:

Those threads are full of more and more claims that just make me think again that some people just make things up.

Still, some good actual info in there too.

I know the story due to the fact that I tried testing it, but never went anywhere with it. I also remembered what he called it, it was “speedsolving”, given my memory hasn’t slipped since then.
I don’t know whether or not it was true, it’s a claim. I wanted to try it, but since then I had read scientific claims saying that dreams could only physically last as long as your asleep.
Not sure how true either of these are, but I want to say the scientific study holds more claim to truth than one mans’ tale.

I also remember that name “Writers Cube” from somewhere, probably when I was active in this forum last, but I think his name has something to do with the story I was talking about. Maybe I saw some of his material close to the same time I read that story?