is it possible to talk to people who are dead in ur LD???

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is this possible? and if so how is it done. has anyone ever done it and what were their results…

Yep. I had a short conversation with my deceased Nana. It was just by chance though, I’m not sure how to do it on purpose. I only became lucid at the end of it though and woke up.

Maybe I should extend.
You can do anything imaginable in your lucid dream.

Talking to the dead is an option. But, I’m not sure if this was your actual question, it’s not like you would actually talk with someone from another world or something.
The locateur would respond with whatever your subconscious mind comes up with.

(Just to make clearer what the above poster said)

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You can talk to Mona Lisa in your dreams. When you wake up, you didn’t do it. You can’t talk to dead people in your LDs, unless you believe in spiritual stuff. But that’s another topic, it has got nothing directly to do with the scientific phenomenon lucid dreaming.

OK, Robin, that might be one of the most bizarre and questionable examples of LD omnipotence I’ve ever seen.
This refered to the deleted sentence, IMO.

But yeah, you can talk with dead people in your dreams, but it’s not the actual dead person. It’s a DC.

It is possible to talk to someone resembling a dead person, which means that they will also most likely behave the same way that you remember them. But i sadly doubt that it is possible to talk to a dead person for real, as my belief is that when you are dead, you have also ceased to exist completly.
It sure as hell has never been proven scientifically.

So in my opinon you will talk to some DC that emulates the looks and behaviour of this person you knew and it is all based on your memories of this person.

Some people believe it’s possible to talk to “real” dead people in lucid dreams (if dead people can be considered as real).

Just have a look at this thread.

In many cases, I think they are just dream characters, unless this dead people could give you information that you hadn’t IRL. Now, such accounts are very rare and they could be “explained” by other paranormal means, like remote viewing. Thus I feel it’s a matter of beliefs.

Now I think that not everybody in this thread agrees on how your question should be understood. Do you mean: share information with “real” dead people ? Or see again in your dreams people you liked, even if they are just dreams?

i have done this several times.

By the way, frederik van Eeden, the dutch poet and writer, who coined the phrase lucid dreams, was an avid lucid dreamer himself. I have read his dream journal, which is published.

He did experiments along this way. He succeeded in talking with a little deceased girl who gave him information which was later confirmed by a spriritual medium, who could see her too and speak with her.


One night i dreamt of a lady who i had never met, i was invited into a restaurant and she told me to tell my (then) mother in law some things, how grateful she was, that she wasn’t in any pain anymore etc.

The next morning i called my mother in law telling her my dream. Turns out her best friend died of cancer and she had helped her in her final hours, and she died of cancer. I described the person i saw in my dreams and according to my mother in law that was her friend.

i have never met this friend. At this point i cant remember if i knew she died before i had the dream or after, but i do know i have never seen this person and i couldn’t know the things she told me.

Now, I know people are sceptic about life-after-dead and such. but i believe and know you can talk to the deceased. wether in dreams or IRL. After all, the reality we perceive with our eyes and ears is not the ultimate reality. There is more you can’t see/hear with your senses.

Just because something isn’t proved scientifically doesn’t mean it can’t exist. It can also mean science isn’t as progressed yet to measure these things.

edit: now to answer your question. I wouldn’t go and call any dead to talk to in your dreams. Also it can very well be a DC your subconscious makes up. If you have talked to a real person you somehow feel it.

i have on occassions called my dead grandfather to talk with him. But my experience is that if they want to talk to you they will appear in your dreams.

By the way, just think a little and you’ll understand that this cannot be proven scientifically. Even if you get true information, what proves that it has been given by a dead person? You cannot interview the dead person to know if it was a shared dream (or if you do it, it’s just by the same way then it proves nothing).

And logically, if something cannot be proved true, then then the opposite cannot be proved false too. Thus absence of scientific proof in this case means nothing, that why I said it was just a matter of belief.

I personally believe that in LDs you can speak to the dead. I’ve never done this myself though. In many cases, I think people are probably talking to DCs and not people who have actually passed away.

I also believe that from LDs you can AP/OBE easier and through them I believe you can contact spirits and spirit guides. These are merely my own beliefs though as I have ever experienced either of these.

I recommend reading a very fine book by Robert Moss, “The Dreamers Book of the Dead”, for a very reassuring view on this subject. Having read this book, together with other works by the same author, including “Conscious Dreaming” and “Dreaming True”, along with other books supporting the notion of a life after death, I have a profound belief that there’s more to this existence than present-day scientist would want us to believe.
I may have no personal experiences to back up my beliefs with, but the sheer amount of anectodes from people around the world suggesting that we can look into the future and the past, receive information from the Dead, but to name a few things, is enough to convince me.

Of course, you could argue that that we’re connected to some kind of universal “network” or something, and that’s where we receive all the information from, and we do not continue living after death, but, that explanation seems kinda contrived to me.

I tried to contact Freddie Mercury…he appeared in my dream and I felt a hug and kiss on my head, I hope it was him.

Surely it’s possible…You can scan all over the dead’s world and try to navigate until you get your granny bf or mother…But I wouldn’t try it there’s some danger in it…If the dead want to contact you they will… (very true)

i wouldnt mess around with that stuff, u ever seen the movie white noise?

Since I don’t believe in the dead being able to communicate with us at all, I consider it completely safe. Actually, I visited a deceased friend of mine in my last lucid dream. Finding her was quite easy, I saw a girl with blonde hair, and just wanted/expected it to be her, and so she was :smile:

When I asked her how she was doing, she smiled a bit, and just said “I’m fine”, and then she walked off.

While, as said before, it’s only my subconscious that’s making up her in my dream, and what she’s saying/doing/etc., I do believe it can help you deal with the loss of a person. You can properly say goodbye to them e.g., if you hadn’t had the chance before.

That might have worked if it was proved that mediums does infact exist. All scientific studies so far have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as mediums. So this does not sound very confirmed to me…

The skeptics don’t believe it (you have to wonder how skeptics believe in their own existance) but have a read of “The Afterlife Experiments” by Dr. Schwartz. Dr. Schwartz has a position as professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona. He sounds like a scientist to me.

Anyway, a scientist I am not but I have been conducting my own experiments and the results are interesting to say the least. I have been given unexpected information from my deceased mother in a lucid dream which appears to be coming true.

On another occasion I received information while wide awake. For this and other experiences I am swayed in favour of survival of death.

Do an internet search on scientific papers on the subject that various people have done. They are there. It’s not considered “proof” at this stage, more work has to be done but you really have to shut an eye to some of the things that are going on to deny the possibility of life after death.

It is also true that our mind makes DC’s look, act and sound like those that have died when they are creations of our mind. However I do think on occasion that we may get visits from those that have died - for real.

shamans talk to spirits, there in bewteen the real world and the spirit world

My belief is that if they had just died and were not very spiritual then yes. This is becuase their spirits are still close to earth and they want to hang on here and they need to untill they can learn more about the spirit life/world. I also think the dreamworld/astral planes/place where you go when you die, are the same place but there are different levels and the few amount of people who truley belive this and either “AP” or LD will skip levels and go straight to the high ones when they die because they already have that knowledge

so thats my theory :content:

That was a really really bad movie. Like, really bad haha.

Anywho - a couple of years ago, my mother and I kept having similar dreams. I dreamt of my deceased grandfather (my dads dad) and she kept dreaming of her deceased mother (my grandma). A few months later she went to a psychic (its been years since both grandparents died).

Now my mother has been to many mediums and readers over the last 10 years, so she know what to say, what not to say and to never give anything away, shes very good at hiding body language. This medium told her that there are two very strong spirits in our house, one male, one female, connected to our family but not to each other. The male spirit was looking out for the eldest son (me) and the female spirit was watching over her (my mother). My mum hadnt even mentioned the dreams or who was and wasnt still alive in our family.

I spent a lot of time with my grandfather when he was alive, and his death hit me very hard. I don’t believe in the classical idea of heaven, but I know he’s around, looking out for me. He was a strong spirited man with a heart of gold. Not even death can put down a guy like him.

Ive conjured him up in LDs a couple times, and although its been a convincing illusion, it hasnt felt like he’s contacted me yet. I won’t stop trying however.