Do you think spirit guides are dead people?

I’ve recently read on this subforum that some people believed that spirit guides were people who have died IRL. As for me, I considered this as a belief - an interesting belief yet a belief.

I have to add that we don’t even have any belief concerning SG’s in France (this belief was introduced very recently by people who read LD4all - that is mainly me! :wink: ) I think we even haven’t a translation for this term! I translated it by something which means “dream guide”.

On the english wikipedia, SG’s are related with North American beliefs about totems and animals, thus it’s not related to dead people. :eh:

So I’m very curious to hear the opinion of those who believe that spirit guides are dead. Where do they think this belief came from? Where did they hear or read about that? What are their beliefs about spirit guides?

The way that I think of it, is that my SG is a “guardian angel” :angel_fly: I’ve talked to him a few times about this, and he says that he was once living, died, and is now my guardian angle. So, yes, he was a normal person like you and I at some point in time.
Then he died.

Of course, I can’t completely dismiss the idea that it could just be a placebo effect, and he’s really just a part of my subconcious. Either way, he’s very good for emotional support :colgate:

My spirit guide is very alive, thank you. :shock:

well, both my deceased grandmothers and grandfather are around me now as spirit guides, so yes. (my other grandfather might be too although i have only encountered him once or twice in dreams)

My other spirit guide, annette (wave BB) was related to me in a previous life.

spirit guides aren’t necesarily dream related, they are with you always to help you. Like friends you can always call upon.

In different periods of your life you attract different kinds of friends, it is the same with spirit guides. You can have one that helps you in a specific period of your life, and when you have traveled that road, he/she will say goodbye.

You also have main guides, they stay with you all your life.

I’m sure there is french esoteric literature on this subject as well basilus, i would be very surprised if there isn’t.

Then we have bruno’s SG. And i still find that very intriguing. I never heard of someone having a SG they know IRL as well before bruno joined LD4all.

I am still doing personal research on this, also between angels, guardian angels, spirit guides, totems, and such. For now i’ll just use the term ‘spirit guide’.

OK. I’ve found the correct translation for “spirit guide” in french. It’s “esprit protecteur”. This came from Allan Kardec’s “Book of Spirits” and it’s translated by “spirit-protector” in english. So that “esprit guide” is quite not used in french esoteric litterature and if it is, it’s between quotation marks, cause it comes from english texts.

According to Allan Kardec, guardians angels and spirit protectors are the same : they are dead people who reached a high state of perfection. But according to the church fathers, spirits who help and guide people are guardians angels. St. Basil states, “Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life.” Yet they don’t consider angels as dead people, but as pure spirits created by God. That’s the reason why most of french believers think they have a guardian angel but they consider him as an angel - as the term implies :wink: - thus as a divine and not human creature; and that’s probably the reason why they don’t use the term “spirit guide”.

Yet it’s a rather common belief to feel protected by deceased relatives (generally a grand mother or a grand father). Now I think that spirit guides - if we consider they are “real” people - don’t have to be deceased people. I’m quite sure that tibetan monks say they receive training from their teachers in dreams.

You know, that’s really ineresting. I never thought of a SG who could be dead. I’ve met one veeery briefly, she was a little girl. Next time I see her, I"ll ask her what kind of position she’s in.

Who better to guide you than someone who has been here and experienced it. Wisdom comes with experience and age. :wink:

While I don’t think every single SG has lived as we do, I do believe the majority have. I’m sure that comes to no surprise to anyone who has read other similar threads or my “Meeting your Spirit Guide - while awake.” topic. which I can’t believe has over 1100views!!

Strange thing is, I’m not even sure where my belief of this came from exactly. As strange as it may sound, I sometimes feel like I have always known this is true rather than something I just picked up. I’m not sure when I first came across “Spirit Guide” but I know it was before I knew anything about Lucid Dreaming. The earliest I remember is reading something either in a book or online and just agreeing with it and “knowing” it was accurate.

It’s an interesting connection, spirit guides and our loved ones that is. I have never met a spirit guide in any of my dreams so I can’t really offer a real opinion of what they may truly be, though I tend to think that when we meet a SG in a dream, it’s a part of ourselves that is there to help us. I guess the idea that spirit guides may be deceased loved ones comes from the idea that when we die, our spirit goes somewhere else. Once it’s no longer limited by time and space, it can come back and help others as a guide or protector…I’d like to meet my SG in a dream :yes:

:wave: /me thinks that the two Annettes should be introduced to each other. :razz:

That seems as if it could make for a sad moment. When I read that, I was also reminded of one of Bruno’s dreams; Layla.

What makes you think they aren’t the same Guide?


I apologize in advance for this spam, but are you implying that my sister is Q’s spirit guide? :lol:

in my opinion, it’s a spirit. Sure, you can call it a dead person as well, but it’s a spirit like in kardecism. An angel, by that logic, would be appliable, as a “high level” spirit.

However, I think there’s a slight possiblity that some people have only met things made by their minds, while others really met spirits.

(Bruno’s SG is Wolb, right?)
Well, there’s two possibilities about this:
1- The SG has taken Wolb’s form so he can interact in a easier way with Bruno.
2- Ooooor the SG IS Wolb. Among other things related to Kardecism, they say that when you dream you leave your body to help people, learn, etc. Maybe Wolb’s spirit goes to Bruno to help him.

I believe it’s possible. Remember, Q said she knew annette in a former life. Bruno spirit guide is currently alive. I could go into this deeper about why I at least believe the possibility, but it’s really not for this thread.

well, for the sake of this thread, i just asked Annette if she was also BB’s sister and she shaked her head smiling. “You know better than that”.

There are more ppl with the same name you know :wink:

Bruno dreamt of wolb being his SG before he had even met him, so i think that would leave out possibility 1.
I think 2 can very well be true. But it’s up to wolb and bruno to verify that.

About 1 again, did Wolb look like the WL Wolb? It could be just an image created by Bruno’s head, and the SG used Wolb’s identity…

As hard as I try, I really find it difficult to swallow the whole SG thing. Maybe it’s out of lack of experiencing what others who claim to have one or if I just see things as Josh mentioned. Could be a little of both.

I personally don’t believe that SG’s are any one person in particular. By that I mean whether they were from a past life or from someone who just passed. I do believe that those that have passed can be there for you as an emotional support but not for guidance. There are things that one has to do for themselves.

I tend to lean on more for the original meaning of SG’s, the one mentioned earlier by Basilus where Natives used totems and animals. And at the same time I do believe in Guardian Angels. I don’t believe they are the same though.

When natives contacted their SG’s it was through using different types of intensive meditative and various herbs. As they practiced these states they received guidance for what they sought. I know that they also received guidance through their dreams but it was never a person. So, I don’t think they are people.

Gosh, I felt like I was all over the place on that one.

I’d say there’s a good chance that everything works in a similar way that things work in the movie “What Dreams May Come”. People die, they can choose to be reincarnated, or stay in Heaven/the dream world for a while, so perhaps there are spirits in Heaven/dream world who guide us in our dreams.

This reminds me of the movie Donnie Darko… Ack. Nevermind, I can’t go on or I’d spoil a lot of stuff for everyone :happy:

I’ll use tiny letters…

Frank’s like a SG! If you consider the logic of the movie, he’s the Manipulated Dead. He was killed in the tangent universe and came back to “protect” Donnie and ensure he’d do the right stuff. That’s like a guardian or a SG. And he’s dead…

Yea, except, Donnie Darko sucked, and What Dreams May Come Didn’t. lol, kidding. (sorry 4 the spam)

I agree with you Iluminada. I find it hard to swallow too. :grin: IMO, SG’s are related to a part of us which “knows” and I prefer psychological or shamanistic theories. I met twice in LD’s a very young girl who gave me some tips and I never had the feeling she was a dead person. Yet I just open this thread cause I realized some people believed that SG’s were dead people. It surprised me and I wanted to know where this idea came from.