Is lucid a sin?

is lucid a sin for the christianity?I really want to do lucid, it sounds like the best thing ever :smile: but if its a sin i dont want to risk it. The idea of doing whatever you want sounds great. but is there a price you have to pay for it?

I don’t how it could possibly be a sin. Most of the commandments (and by inheritance, laws) all revolve around doing harmful things to others - and sometimes yourself. Lucid dreaming allows you ‘practice’ if you will, without actually harming anyone or yourself.

What do you want to do. You don’t have to break any of the commandments in your dreams if you don’t want to. Or you could ask your priest or whatever and see what he says.

Jesus had lucid dreams.

(I base that on absolutely nothing, but I like to think he did. :wink: )

Im not an expert here but I say that if you commit a sin in your lucid dream it counts as a sin. Say you want to gun down a schoolyard full of children. The intention is there, your the one that came up with the idea, and your the one who actually carried it out. Whether you want to kill someone in LD or waking life shouldnt matter. But like dreamwalker said, you dont have to do anything bad in your LD’s.

It all depends on why certain things are considered a sin.

If it’s due to the negative effects on other people then gunning down those schoolkids in an LD is fine, since no-one gets hurt and no-one dies.

But if it’s also to do with the pleasure you take in that particular action, then yes it’s probably considered sinful, or at least undesirable since I presume God wants people to be pure in thought as well as deed.

Ultimately you’d have to ask your priest as someone suggested, or better still read the Bible cover to cover and draw your own conclusions.

Or ask God in your next LD.

hm… i guess that makes me a sinner. I’ve had alsorts or dreams i enjoy them all (even the ones that scare me half to death) i have had dreams with wasps/bees and IRL i hate these lil things. Wouldn’t say i fear them i just hate them witha passion. yet in dreams where they appear that hate turns to a deep phobia and these are really awful dream which i usually end up getting stung.

(i do have a fear of being stung, even since i was a child and my brother was attacked by a swarm and nearly died)

Yet deep down i even enjoy that too, some sick twisted part of me (we all have a twisted side - you a fool to think otehrwise) enjoys it.

– I do enjoy killing people in dreams i take pleasure in it, so i am a sinner. If that’s a sin.

that said someone told me masturbating was a sin (is that true?) if it is true then bad news, many people masturbate during their sleep. Particularly during wet dreams.

in closing all i can say is, we cannot be held responcible for our own Subconscious mind when in dreams. I wouldn’t dream of being stung or covered in spiders by choice, so therefore why should it be a sin if i unintentionally dream of maiming or killing?

What if you kill some who are out after you? some monster or some evil person?

Also… What if you kill someone in a non lucid dream?

In christianity, everything seems like a sin. Lets say you are a good person, you help people all your life, doing just good things, but you are not a christian, then accourding to the bible… you are a sinner and end up in hell. That means most of the earths population end up in hell :wink: Seems to me like this christian God is really evil…

Yeah, I see what you mean tomas.

If you have a non lucid dream about killing ppl then are you a sinner? Surely if you have no control over what you dream then it can’t be a sin. In a lucid dream however, I think it depends on whether you take pleasure in killing ppl.

I know for sure that i can be a totally different person in a non lucid dream. I can think totally different, be totally different person, different memories and so on. So i dont think you have control over everything you do in a dream where you are not lucid, since you arent really the same person.

Yes, taking pleasure in killing-
I think deliberately murdering someone in a LD could be considered a sin, just like in real life. The sin is not in the act of killing, but in the urge to kill and the choices we make.

God contacts people in their dreams in the Bible, and the way biblical characters act according to these dreams, they seem to take dreaming very seriously, then I guess dreaming- and conscious dreaming- cannot be sinful. But why harm people in your dreams if you wouldn’t do it in real life?

I’ve had a dream where I fought the Devil… he had a pitchfork and I had som strange lego-thing. unfair! My friend stood next to me whispering to me, “the devil is stronger than your beliefs”, and after a while I chose to fight back, after battling first with the pacifist inside me.
I didn’t kill the devil… but I fought him as hard as I could…

I think that LDing is not a sin. If you want to be sure, don’t sin in LDs, but I think that If you are a good person, God will forgive you even if you DO LD or even if you do sin once in a while. If he didn’t then I guess were all doomed to burn in Hell. What I don’t get is, if there is a person on the other side of the world and they don’t sin at all and they help others and they are a ‘perfect’ person when it comes to their attitude towards life, but they’ve never even heard of christianity before, are they going to go to hell? that seems stupid. I don’t believe in Hell myself, I do believe in heaven though, and God. Oh well, I don’t even know what I believe :eh:

:happy: According to one of the letters in New Testament… ah, can’t remember which one… people don’t go to hell if they’ve never heard of Christ, if they’ve lived a good life they are even “before” many christians.

I’ve read the NT various times, and I’ve never come across what you’re saying. :bored:

What if some monster or some maniac is after me? Shouldnt i defent myself?? And also the fact that dreamcaracthers is just images made up by your brain… And also the fact that you dont think normally during dreams, sometimes i have had dreams where i am a totally different person, different memories… I even was a little girl on 5 years or so once :open_mouth:

Though i cannot recall hurting someone without an reason… I recall one none lucid dream… where me and some other group of people was trapped inside some building, infected with some disease that made us agressive… I could feel how i lost control, and we all ended up attacking eachother :wink:
This was definitely not me :tongue:

Exactly! And this is actually what bible and christians say themself! It dosent sound to me like this so called christian God is friendly…

Found it!
I think… not exactly what I was talking about, but quite:
Romans 2:13.

"13 For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.
14 (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law,
15 since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them.)
16 This will take place on the day when God will judge men’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares. "

Now it’s true that the NT often seems to contradict itself when it comes to whether obeying the law or having the faith takes you to heaven, but according to this, those who have never heard of God, God’s law, or salvation through faith are under the same judgement as those who have heard it and claims they live by it.

(Gentiles: In the New Testament the Greek word Hellenes, meaning literally Greek (as in Acts 16:1,3; 18:17; Romans 1:14), generally denotes any non-Jewish nation. )

Mmm if killing a person in my dreams is a sin…is the consciousness changing of my dream scenery also a sin, because that will erase many folks in my dreams just like that…they just stop to exist lol hehe :happy:

What is a sin or is not is your own responcibility, you can only answer from your own heart…not from any book.


Whoa, whoa tomas. Do you think you could refrain from saying my God is cruel or evil or whatever it is you said? Not all christians think that non christians are going to hell. At the very least, i know that roman catholics do not believe that (or at least the ones who know enough about their faith…). Whoever lives a good life and lives according to the truth as they know it is considered to be a “subconscious christian” and is therefore able to receive God’s gift of salvation. God doesn’t want to send people to hell…that’s His last wish in the world. He’ll do anything He can to save you, short of infringing on the free will He lovingly bestowed upon us. There may be problems if your Truth includes killing people for no particular reason, but that’s between you and God, and He’s pretty amazing.

So please, I beg of you, learn a little bit about a religion before proclaiming that their God is evil. I am not angry, just sad.

Pinkster :lmao: