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Hey fellow members of LD4all! I am here with an ethical question that involves lucid dreaming. Do you think it is right for one to inact vialence in their lucid dreams? Why or why not?

note: sorry about typing it as vialence , had to so you knew what I was talking about. Parental controls would have erased it.

Parentel controls erase violence? I think it is as fine as violence in a video game. No difference really, noone gets hurt, and you have fun. :grin:

wtf? Violence is a banned word on your computer? that is really fuc*ed up.

But anyway… I usually aint a violent person in my dreams, but i see nothing wrong with being one, considering that the dreamcaracthers is all in your mind anyways.

I ask this because some CERTAIN individuals have told me it is WRONG to express in lucid dreams. They think doing anything that is a “sin” in real life is a “sin” in the dream world.

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