Is Lucid dreaming safe or can it mess you up?

OK, is lucid dreaming and OBE’s safe? Could it cause any mental problems, like not liking the real world anymore? I also heard demons can cut your silver cord in OBE. Im just scared im gonna mess up my life with lucid dreaming. How did it effect all of your lives?

Lucid dream is totally safe for a mentally sound mind.

I don’t quiet know about OOBE’s though.

  • LDing is completely safe. The only cases I’ve seen it cause any harm was for a person who was already schizophrenic, but that’s an exception. Addiction to LDing never happens to normal people either. Other cases might include sleeping less or such, but it’s not really a problem, if you know what you’re doing, and find a good technique that fits you.

  • About OOBEs, that’s a whole different matter.
    1- NO, demons can NOT cut your silver cord. There are tons of legends about this kind of stuff, but let’s get one thing clear: Forget the whole concept of “demons”, and think about the concept of “bad” spirits. Just like there are people who harm others, there are spirits who harm other people, etc. I only know names for them in portuguese, like “obcessores”, and such. But really, as long as you’re alive, you’ll have a silver cord.
    2- Despite what a lot of people say, I’ve found out that it’s not really safe to simply go around trying OOBE. Some say it’s better to have the guidance of a SG, and really get to know this kind of thing. As I mentioned, there ARE spirits with evil inclinations, and while they cannot kill you, they can make you feel awful/tired/etc on the next day.

But really, there aren’t cons to LDing if you really read about it and use a technique that’s healthy. You’ll have more fun, will recall your dreams much more often and will have a cooler life :smile:

LDing doesn’t mess anyone’s life. It makes them better :happy:

Me, I’m afraid to do an OBE period because I KNOW that there a ghosts in my house and if my astral body is wandering I think I might see them, wich is not something I’d like to do, I’d rather not see them, and I’d rather they not effect me in ANY way.

But LD’ing is completeley safe. And as far as I know OBE’s are completeley safe other than feeling wierd or seeing something.

I think one of my FA’s was actually an OBE though, because when somebody woke me out of it I felt like I just hit the ground… HARD, I didn’t feel the pain of it, but I know the feeling, and that’s what I felt

It made me more open minded, spiritual, and happy, lucid dreaming is also very therapudic.

but how can I tell a lucid dream from a OBE? I start buzzing and vibrating, then my dream body leaves my real body. I also hear loud noises and feel weird.

im just scared if im doing OBE a demon could jump in my body or change me as a person. I like who I am as a person as of today, and I dont wanna change that.

That can’t happen, because demons out of hell are nonsense. And the only thing a bad natured spirit can do is scare you, you have nothing to worry about. But since I don’t know all that much about OBE’s themselves I’m not going to suggest trying them.

a lot of scary things happen just because you expect them to, so you probably won’t meet your ghosts (and if you do, just tell em yo p*ss off)

Def, why are you double and (in Dreamer’s other topic) QUAD posting?

And these ghosts are more real than you’ll know, they threw my moniter off of my desk.

That means you’re on the verge of a WILD.

Beware portegist are among us.

lol. OBEs. Not a big believer in the spiritual world, seeing w/o eyes nonsense. demons, god, hell, ghosts, seeing the future and all that nonsense doesn’t exist in my world. same with spirits and souls. PK, mind reading, and psiballs are as far as I’ll believe, and those are just maybes. However I seem to have gotten off topic. LD’s are completely safe. As long as you keep aware of yourself, and are sane, you shouldn’t become addicted. Though you may just start looking more forward to sleeping :wink: as far as OBEs go it is probly just a lucid dream by people who believe in it, though you are entitled to your own opinions, and if you believe in any of those things then it is your choice, and you may have experienced something I haven’t that proves it for you.

Thanks everyone. OBE and LD sound so similar. I know my dream body rolled out of my real body, I had buzzing and noises plus a real intense feeling like I was gonna explode or something but it felt good in a weird way too. People tell me its a WILD, others say its OBE. Im so confused. Lucid dreaming wont make me a diffrent person will it? Like I wont become emotionless or anything? I dont wanna change my personality.

It is not just similar, it is the same!

Lucid dreaming is just realizing you’re dreaming while having a dream. Sometimes that happens even when you’re not ‘trying’ to lucid dream. You just realize that you’re having a dream. There is nothing mystical about it, they will do you no harm themselves.

In fact, you spend most of your day not being aware. We go through our daily routines kind of ‘automatically’. Rarely do we stop and just become aware of reality, and aware that we are aware.

There is no such thing as an out of body experience. You’re body is part of you. You’re arm, for example, is not some external object stuck to you, it is a vital part of you and who you are (assuming you have arms!)

You won’t lose any emotions, nor go through some vast, sudden personality change just because you had a dream where you are driving a car, and realize ‘hey! I dont have a car!/dont know how to drive!’ etc.

Lucid dreaming is something fun and interesting. You wake up from one, usually happy, excited, often feeling refreshed, and reflect on it. Enjoy!

thanks logicgate, time to go try to get that buzzing and go into a lucid dream,lol.

I wouldn’t say Lucid Dreaming CAN’T change your personality. But It’s not the lucid dream that changes it, It’s just YOU changing. Lucid dreaming is about becoming more aware and having positive experiences. And that could change you, into a happier person. You will change anyway like everything else so you might as well be happy.

Look around the forum…when people experience Lucid Dreams, what are their reactions? Excitement, happiness, amazement…the list goes on. Im sure that these reactions have a positive effect on them, much less likely than negative ones. No need to worry. :smile:

Lucidity/Lucid dreaming is just the awareness that your in a dream, how is knowing that you’re dreaming going to have an impact on your feelings, emotions etc. Normal dreams don’t do that and neither will being lucid.

Oh and btw an OBE is a lucid dream.

thanks all, yea I guess it all makes sense.

“Demons” won’t change you. LD won’t change you. If anything, they’ll make you more open minded :happy:

But really, where did you get those ideas from O_o;?

And about OBEs being LDs… I don’t agree with that. Mainly, in a OBE you actually leave your body for a while, which isn’t true in an LD. If it was the same, I’d have already done crazy things to people in other planes of reality.