Is lucid dreaming something people do for life?

Is lucid dreaming something people do for life? What I mean by that is, when people reach a level where they feel comfortable with their lucid dreaming skills or seem to have no further ambitions do they just stop? It seems to me like it would be something I’m going to want to do for the rest of my life if I can actually achieve lucidity in the first place.

Just wondering if any of the more seasoned veterans on this forum have noticed more people sticking with lucid dreaming once they’ve achieved their goals, or find that not as many people keep going once they’ve had their fun?

I’ve never heard of anyone just getting bored of it and stopping, but some people (like me) get too busy in real life and need to start all over again. Laziness also causes some people to quit, but even then, I think they just don’t have the motivation. But see what some more experienced people have to say about it.

Yes I would think that the time and effort that iv’e already put into becoming lucid would feel like it would be wasted if I ever stopped trying. Likely as much as if I never achieved lucidity at all.

But I have been perusing the forum for a while now and find that alot of the people that were extremely active ( close to 1000 posts ) haven’t logged on in years.
Maybe they just outgrew the forum? I’m not sure but I figured i’d ask the question :razz:

Thanks for the reply Clustafer :happy:

does it really matter what other people do?
sure, some leave it behind be it whatever reason they have, and some NEVER stop.
i myself used to lucid dream just for fun, taking it for granted, a little bit here and there and i stopped after a while. when i got back to it i could really realize the full potential of lucid dreaming!

is this something exciting for you? you want a job at it? youll find it!
you want something to do with this knowledge?
share it!
make a decisions, this is your life.
wake the people of the world into their dreams.

I think to a certain extent once the novelty has worn off, other things will interest us. When I had my first OBE, I thought I’d never tire of them. I did. I moved onto lucid dreaming which I enjoyed for around ten years. Whilst I never tired of them, my interest waned - and guess what - so did the lucid dreams.

Like anything, when it’s new, it’s very exciting. Just like a new boyfriend/girlfriend - you can’t get enough of them … but after a few years … it’s not quite as thrilling.

Think of the most amazing and beautiful sunsets we have the opportunity to gaze at. How many times do you gaze at them?

I’m now wanting to respark my interest in lucid dreaming (hence joining this forum and posting away like mad everywhere!!). I know it’s only a matter of time before I start having good, solid LDs once again. The more you want it, the more you’ll get it. :wink:

I believe if someone is struggling to have a single lucid dream than that person will probably get tired of trying every single day, RCs throughout the day, getting up in the middle iof the night etc. It also has alot to do with your daily life, if you have a very stressing life and got too many things on your mind than you will barely have time to even focus on lucid dreaming, I know this because it happened to me.

The thing about lucid dreaming is that if you are not a constant practicioner than you will soon forget about it, no matter how awesome your lucid dreams are, eventually your real life will take over completely.

But to answer your question, in my case I can have lucid dreams every night with a single technique I have mastered, yet I don¨t think I will ever get bored of lucid dreaming…

Hi! I’m new to this forum but just to offer my two cents on the matter. I have lucid dreamt my whole life. It’s not something I really control. I can’t turn it off. I am fully aware every night, it’s a one off thing when I’m not aware it is a dream. And to offer some context I’m 30. So it’s been well over 25 years. I just figured it would be like that forever.

I’m new to (besides the Dutch Ld4all forum) and I think now I continue for life. Why? Because aware/Iucid in daytime is the source of my happiness. And becoming aware while sleeping and dreaming is the next step. Besides that, the goals in Dream yoga (my practice) are very high: Enlightenment to ever greater depths needs lucidity in the night. HauteMess are you aware in the dreamless sleep also? And do you change your dreams?

I can relate with most of the replies on this thread.

I still remember the day I first learnt about lucid dreaming. I somehow came to ld4all that day itself, and someone mentioned there, that if I am excited enough, I’ll have a Lucid dreaming that night itself.

Which I did, and i cannot stress this enough, it was an AMAZING feeling the next morning. Sigh.

This was 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve always managed a dream journal (it kind of became a habit) but I never took Lucid dreaming as a serious pursuit consistently. It was always an on-off relationship.

I had a bunch of LDs yesterday (which is why I am back to this forum) and I want to take this up more seriously.

Generally speaking, whenever I get lucid I just try to have sex with any girl I can find (Please don’t judge me), but in my LDs this morning, I was asking my DCs for some nice plots, some nice characters, things like that(I like to write fiction). It didn’t help me, but I’m pretty sure that the urge I have (the desire) to find a nice plot/character, would lead to some useful lucid dreams and boost my creativity.

Unless you don’t have an end-goal like this, I guess it’s tough to stay put in this pursuit, because, well, it’s not real in the conventional sense.

(I am saying all the motivation I have built today, hope it stays for long this time :smile: )

You have the willingness to go deeper, that’s fantastic. Even in sex there are deeper goals like finding emotional oneness. Finding a nice plot? See my second sentence. :hugs:

Hi! In my dreamless sleep I assume it’s dreamless because I have no recollection of it. Perhaps it’s just that I don’t remember it. But to me I always woke up thinking I had no dream so no need to be cognitive. It was particularity favourable especially in my teens because it offered a break, and not much situational stress and thinking.

I can change my dreams if it becomes to stressful, however I’m better at changing the scenario . Mostly I had antagonistic dreams so I was good at creating escape situations, or remembering how I got out of it in a previous dream. (Ie. flying or being and expert martial artist) once I realized it wasn’t real I was no longer bound byy limitations in real life. Hope that helps!

I know I’ve phase out for ages at a time (life is busy as always) but I’ve been lucid dreaming every night as I have been forever. Given their nature, it’s hard to call them boring, lol. But really, I don’t think anyone can get bored of it. Even if you think it’s boring for a while, fact is–you’ll want it back. You’ll want all the possibility.
So even though half of my LDs involve saving worlds from going to Hell–I’m always motivated by the pretty things I see.

It’ll be subjective for everyone, but I don’t think you’ll need to worry about people stopping their dreaming. There would have be an overwhelming reason to, I think lol.

I think it’s common for everyone to have periods when life gets in the way, or motivation gets dry. What matters is that the experience is so powerful, that most, if not all people who’ve had a good experience from Lucid Dreaming strive to have either more LD’s, or higher quality LD’s.

Although, WritersCube may be an exception… :content: Hey WritersCube, heh.

Hi, could you speak of examples of how your lucidity during the day is your happiness? I would like this as well. Thank you.

Hello, I am so envious of you. Would you be so kind as to share your technique? Thank you.