Is my Dream Recall getting better?

I woke up this morning, not remembering a thing. After laying there for maybe 20 seconds, every dream just came back to me.
I clearly remember each of the 4 dreams I had. Each one was maybe around 3 - 5 minutes in length. I’ve never had more than 2 dreams. And what surprizes me is that I clearly remember every bit of detail in them. This was amazing. After writing the dreams down, I noticed a dream sign, which after reading through my DJ, is video games.
I’m no expert, but am I getting closer to achieving Lucid Dreaming? It’s almost 2 weeks without success, but seeing that I remember these 4 dreams so clearly, can it be that my DR is getting better? This motivates me a lot, which helps.

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Well done daniel, remembering 4 dreams is quite an achievement!

And yes your getting there, now that you have found your dream sign - video games, you should perform 2-3 reality checks everytime you see or hear about video games so that you will do that in your dreams.

Dont worry, youre almost there! dont give up :happy:

Having vivid dreams is definitely a sign that you’re getting close, with the right dream signs and enough motivation you could surely do it in a short time!
Always remember tough: have patience, don’t rush anything, and ask for help if you feel something is going wrong, the community is here to help ^^

Thank you for your answers.

I’m falling out of my practice of RCing. I remember it in the morning, but forget it most of the day, until something happens to make me remember.
I want to have lucid dreams, but I make sure I don’t want them too much, I just kinda want to experience it. I think the weekends are the best to try it, since I read popcorn is a “dream food”, which I usually consume every weekend. But my main concern is my RC checking, I need to remember. I did write RC on my hand, but I still didn’t notice it until I did something that made me look at my hands. Any tips I could use to make RCing a habit?

Progressive memory, that is remembering something because of a trigger event (ie. remembering to buy batteries at the store even if you didn’t write it on the list because you said “I have to buy batteries, too” on hour earlier), is indeed a trainable skill; all you have to do is set a number of things in the morning to RC to during the day (doesn’t need to be dreamsigns, just random stuff ie. seeing a bird or throwing something in the trash can) and saying “The next time i see X / Y happens, i will remember to do a RC”. You can start with one if you want, and build up every day. It helps to visualize the moment you will do it. With practice, it will become quite automatic, and you will be able to RC to your dreamsigns constantly ^^

I was very close last night. In fact, I think I semi-lucid dreamed.
I said this in the dream:
“I need to use the bathroom, but it will wake me up”. Also, I made some decisions that most people don’t do in dreams. I almost knew I was dreaming. However, I didn’t do an RC and thus, I didn’t lucid dream. But had I done it, I’m pretty sure I would’ve LD’d.
I said this before falling asleep last night:
“I’m going to dream now. I’m going to RC and remember it.”
Also, the dream was very realistic. I think it was the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. I defiantly feel I’ll have my first LD in a week or so.

Congratulations for the semi-lucid, you are indeed getting close!
Just remember, you gotta have motivation to LD, so put some meat over those bones!: what i mean is, LD in itself is an empty concept, and in order to get exited about it , when you daydream about getting lucid, think of something you could do after that! It can span from flying to just observing objects/sensation (it’s wonderful that way too), to visit another country or whatever, but feel the exitement! It’s really a marvelous way to tell your brain you really want those experiences.
One way to hard-wire it into the SC is, play with your previous dreams, change them in your mind so you become lucid at the sight of a dreamsign, and have fun imagining what you could do next!
Keep the practice going, and good luck ^^

maybe you just had a lot of vitamin b12?

I was so close!!!.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO I almost did it.
I went to bed on Saturday and had a dream which I couldn’t remember upon awakening. Following the dream I had a false awakening.
This was a very scary false awakening because it was so real. I “woke” up and heard my mom talking to my brother just outside my room which is nothing special. Our dog was supposedly also outside my room. My mom then said “Bono, I think you’re stupid”. A second after I heard that I thought “Wait, this can’t be right”.
So you might think I had a lucid dream, but no. I did not RC. That was it. Had I RC’d, I would’ve lucid dreamed. I was to tired to RC. How could I do this? I feel both angry and dumb after really waking up and pondering this. I knew I had been dreaming because I saw my mom and brother were fast asleep after I really woke up.
I think this is something to do with my lack of RC’s lately. It has taken my a month and I blew it. But I suppose I’m not the only one right?

Nope, you’re not the only one :wink: try not to get too mad, these things happen. and, hey! you got close, this is a good sign! No doubt you’ll get lucid soon :content:

wow-thats really close
But you know, the RC might have failed
When did you wake up after the FA?
Or did the dream just drift into a normal dream?

I think I woke up 2 hours after the dream. And no, I don’t recall any dreams after that.

If you’re so close (and you indeed are :wink:), then be happy for your achievement, getting angry at yourself will bring you nothing (even worse, you could link that dream with negative feelings). Be grateful, be optimist, be eager for each and every new dream to unfold, even if it doesn’t become lucid: get to experience the feeling, and learn to know them. Confidence and positive thinking are the key, remember that.

I think I am as close as you daniel ^^ . One thing i noticed too: I try to remember my dream - but i can’t. But in fact 10 sec later i know everything! That happened to me 4 times now.

Good work man!
Iv’e tried LD’ing for 2 days now, i had one dream 2 days ago, i found out that i was dreaming and so i woke up out of excitment, i will today try WBTB Method, i tried it yesterday but i was to tierd to get out and doing something else so i kept sleeping.

Well, good luck :content: .

hi Adderad and welcome to ld4all :wave:

congrats on your lucid dream :grin: It’s very common, as you may have read, to wake up out of excitement in your first LD’s, so don’t worry about that. Good luck with your WBTB!