Is OBE really safe?

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to the LD and OBE topic. I started about 2 weeks ago but I’ve already been able to have 3-4 LDs. Yesterday morning, I had a strange LD, which I think was a OBE. I felt paralyzed and felt the vibrations and noises and then I saw myself on the bed. I was out of my body and start flying in the house through the walls. Was a great experience!

But now I’m a little afraid that is it possible to die during OBE?

How do we know? If somebody has passed away during their OBE, they can not share their experince with us :wink:

Are there any scientific proof that OBEs are safe?

"But now I’m a little afraid that is it possible to die during OBE?

How do we know? If somebody has passed away during their OBE, they can not share their experince with us "

You have answered it yourself.
“Are there any scientific proof that OBEs are safe?”
There are no sciencific proves that Oobes take place at all:)Not mentioning it safety:)
If you ask me- yes,they are safe

OBE is the same as LD, they both occur during sleep paralysis.

Thanks Jack.

May I ask if you practice OBE so often? Is there anything that can go wrong? Shall I be aware of something during OBE? Is there any specific “do’s and don’ts” that one should really pay attention to?

It feels a little scary as it looks so real that I’m out of my body and all the time I’m thinking what will happen, if I can not get back to my physical body…

You may try not getting back to your body in all possibile ways.I can bet you, you will fail.
Actually this kind of attitude may end up in you having 1 sec long Oobes which is kinda annoying.
Ive had some Oobes and spoke to many others…including long time member(anyone remember?:slight_smile: Zwitter who used to cut all those silver strings said to be anchors with our bodies,moved towards light and opposite,not mentioning all the suicides and other activities.He lives!:)In his body:)
So worry not…or actually worry about the fear cuz as you may know what you fear is what you attract.Just chill out:)
I actually wasant sure if to add that because i know how closed circle fear can be,but i thought i will- nothing dangerous in Oobes themselves.What can be eventually dangerous is your reaction to fear- stress.In stress your heart rate goes up and all.If you have health problems…you know what i mean.
But again- you worry not,its pure fun!:slight_smile:

You could certainly die during an LD or OBE merely by coincidence, but you will never die because of an LD or OBE, from say, falling off a building or something, or getting electrocuted, 'cause it isn’t physically real :content:


If you cannot hide, what’s the use to fill yourself with love?

Actually I think Astral Projection means you’ve entered the astral. An OBE is an Out of Body Experience, so you’d just be out of your body…if this is all true I mean :content:


Defences,demons,energy steal?
No offence Haiscai but this way of seeing things reminds of Old Hag and her sisters and brothers.
Apart from its myth alike concept this is also risky way of “helping” others.
While it may be your belief it is not the way it is at all for everyone.
My first thought was “what books have done it to him”?Propably ones that authors based on heard stories and felt it will look good if they use a lot of weird sanscrit words.
It is very clear to see which are which.Books that are most often quoted on this forum base on authors DEEP experience and first thing you can see in them is “What you think is what you get”.In other words single thought has a creation power.Instant.
A person who asked for help here is unexperienced.This means that his future Oobes will be a mix of what he read about it, of how his day was, what other people told him…so on till he knows(knows by experience) the rule above.Once understood it will develop - mind will learn to divide between its creations and eventuall layers, waves and all that.
I dont discuss the possibility of such existing.Simply because first of all it is unprovable, secondly its not the point at the moment.
Point is the way you picture it- its a battlefield when unimaginable danger lurks but im giving you the weapon to defend yourself- love.
This way you create someones unpleasant experience which often is very hard to let go.
I personally dont care- because at the end all he will find out is that experience is what he makes it and nothing can hurt him even if he thought so for years.

“Love is a powerful defense in astral - has a high energetic frequency.”- what is high energetic frequency and how it works as a defense?Plz explain.
Also ,how one fills himself with love?

Before you misunderstand me- im not referring to people who have extraoridinary skills to explore what you call Astral for hours each time and what they believe it to be.Lets not talk about longitudes of areas that we know just as well as planets in other solar systems.
And whats more important- its not to argue with what you believe but to discuss it.
take care

Yes I agree, but then you can hide after all :smile:.

Isn’t saying that kind of closed minded :eh:?


Im still curious how is filling with love done.And if i do it in some particular frequency.

I think the “filling with love” that he means is like when you meditate and use your chakras you’re supposed to visualize a, hmmm…a protective divine energy…coming in through your third eye going up and down your spine and then out through your crown chakra, then surrounding you with a protective energy shield…HaiScai?


It’s not a particular frequency, that is merely a metaphor to describe that love is a “higher” (which is something subjective) emotion then hate, etc. Also you can imagine love/hate as a kind of energy. This way one speaks about love as though it has a “higher frequency”.

Anyway if you want to do this, you have to feel love, either for yourself, for other(s), for the entire universe, whatever. Weird question Jack, I thought you knew what love was? :happy:

Of course.
Also i know how to fill one with it:)But wasnt sure if one can do it to himself:)Energy you say…
/me goes to try it out

Oh and Jack, it has nothing to do with you-know-what. Or, not neccecarily anyway :smile: