Is this normal while trying to Lucid Dream?

I found out about Lucid dreams just recently and got really interested. I found this site and started to read how to do it and stuff. Well I used the “I am going to dream. I am dreaming. I am aware of my dream” thing I found at this site when something really wierd happened. When I close my eyes its usually just black. But when I tried it it turned white and I was hearing high pitched noises. It also felt like I couldnt move and that I was being pulled from my body. I immediatly got up because it felt so wierd and scary. Is this normal when you try to Lucid Dream for the first time?

Hi Frog2 welcome

It sounds like a trance…a transsition from waking to sleeping.
When was this, at night? or morning?
It could be u have a good talent for wilding :wink:

(Wild is a waking induced lucid dream)

This was right before I was about to go to sleep after finding out about lucid dreaming. I dont know if it would have worked because I was so shocked right when it happened. Oh and it was at night.

Yep sounds definitely as a trance: your body fell asleep while your mind remained conscious. The noises you’ve heard are pretty typical for this state of mind. Nothing to worry about :smile:
Like Jeff said, this sounds like you might be an excellent WILDer. Try this after you’ve slept for 6 hours. If you persist and don’t get scared from noises and vibrations, you will find yourself back in the dreamworld very quickly :smile:

Good luck!

Frog2 such experiences can be the first few times always a bit scary…that will pass as u get used to it! Read more about it all, like for example wild at the forum topics :smile:

Sounds to me like you experinced perfectly normal WILD feelings and SP.

U have bin member her in what 2 days? And I already start to hating u :smile: your
lucky basted :smile: Good job and welcome to the forum :partying_face:
I have tryd WILD in 2 month and still not come as far as u have :tongue:

is that exactly wut WILD’s are? ur conscious when u fall asleep??? wow suddenly im much more interested in WILDing. Can sum1 explain it in depth?

yeah it always pisses me off when newbies can semi-WILD so easy.


i’ve been using “i can fall asleep at will” as a mantra for a few days now, so, maybe pretty soon my mind will accept it and let me do it.

maybe not.

there isn’t much to explain to the guy above me, when you fall asleep you become paralyzed and you lose sensory information, so if you keep your mind awake while this goes on, you start hallucinating trying to make sense of your rapid loss of hearing, sight, and touch, and OBE like experiences or lucid dreams or trippy visuals are semi likely to follow.

Dream_Reacher: check out the BIG WILD Topic
There you will find lots of information and dream stories. But it’s A LOT to read, because it’s already part 12 :smile:

Happy WILDing :content:


Man you were so close. If you just let go a little more you would have been in a dream.

As everyone above said it is nothing to fear. Actually you should feel good about how close you came.

You will get used to these feeling in time and they won’t be scary.

Keep practicing !!!

Luccccccccky! Same thing happened to me when I was like, 5 or 6. Except I saw images AND heard noises. I was scared out of my bloody mind. The pictures were of a big scary green monster. Pity I didn’t know about Lucid Dreams then. A little farther and I would have done a WILD.

But my first ever Lucid Dream (without noticing it) was when I had an FA and saw an old hag on my bed. I let it go farther but I didn’t exactly realise that it was a dream. Oddly enough, I could still move. I told my parents about the women when I REALLY woke up and they called me crazy.

You got REALLY close. Next time realise it’s a dream (do an RC) and WELCOME TO DREAMWORLD! lol

Haha. The same exact thing happened to me. The night after I learned about lucid dreaming, I went into sleep paralysis then the next day found out that it was actually wake-induced lucid dreaming that I almost did. So it isn’t that strange that it happened even though you didn’t know about it. Good luck.

I wish i was a natural WILDer :cry: . i read up on it, seems VERY interesting. congrats tho

WHOA my GOD! That’s exactly what happened to me… well sorta.

I found out about this site in May of this year, decided I wanted to do a WILD.

I went into SP and heard things I never heard in all my other SP’s… super human things. It sounded like someone screaming with their mouth molded shut crying for help… I couldn’t handle it. I never attempted a WILD since then but I have had SP like 10 times since then.

When I was a kid I would allways induce SP by imagining in my head that aliens were going to abduct me. I could never get to sleep but in reality I was really going into a WILD. I’d awake 15 secounds after the SP


That sounds exactly like what happened to me one night when I tried a nicotine patch… people report insane dreams when trying to quit cigarettes using the nicotine patch.

I don’t smoke, but I figured I’d try it out because… well, I’m on this messageboard, so obviously I love some crazy dreams.

But that’s exactly what happened to me. I woke up in the middle of the night, but then when I closed my eyes again everything turned white instead of black and instead of things getting super quiet it was getting louder. I was freaked out.

Sure enough I opened my eyes scared and tried to go back to sleep again but the same thing happened. So I woke up to high conciousness before going back to sleep and it didn’t happen again.

I probably should have just went with it instead of waking myself. Oh well…