ive come to call it sleep limbo.

ever since i was little ive been doing what i now call sleep limbo.
when i was younger i was always aware of my dreams. always…
i could never fully control them. This caused me to learn to wake myself up at will ( which i can still do now. )

sometimes when i wasnt really tired. or when i would wake up well rested but would be lazy and try to continue sleeping i would not dream. yet i would be fully asleep but just in total darkness.
i can hear everything in real life, but im asleep.

its weird and i hate it. now that ive got more into lucid dreaming im wondering has this happened to anybody else. or can i become lucid through this.

or what is this at all.

I’m guessing its a sort of pre-dream state, body asleep, mind awake. But if that was the case a dream should follow after entering that state of mind.
Are there any visuals or any sounds when you are in that state of mind? (I assume you can’t move when you are in this kind of ‘sleep’.) If there are visuals/sounds (colors, shapes/random sounds not real in the real world) it’s most likely a form of HI combined with Sleep Paralysis, else its just SP.

Yes thats happened to me, I just relax and eventually I enter a dream

I’ve had this happen to me as well. I have no idea what causes it, but I’ve found it easy to enter an LD from it.
Like Kit, I usually just relax and I enter a dream. I’ve successfully had LD’s a few times as well, however it’s very easy to be “too focused” in this case.

So go ahead and try to WILD with it, make it useful :wink:

This sounds like what I have heard from several people, including my brother. He would sometimes stay conscious through the night, resulting in lucid dreams but also this state between the dreams. Apparently, this is what happens if we stay conscious in the deep sleep stages where we don’t dream as easily. I have experienced it once, in a bad insomnia period where my mind refused to shut down even while sleeping. When falling asleep, I got first the nothingness you describe, then bleak lucid dreams that were mostly like watching something, then later in the sleep period normal lucid dreams.